Ultimate friends fan quiz!

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  • 1
    Who throws up in a coat closet?
  • 2
    What did Phoebe use as a bike when she was little?
  • 3
    What had the same weight as Joey when he was born?
  • 4
    What did Joey mistake for a log and throw it in a fire?
  • 5
    What s Monica allergic to?
  • 6
    Who does twice?
  • 7
    Fill in the gap: P for Phoebe, H for hoebe, O for oebe, E for eebe, B for boebe and E for...
  • 8
    Who 'LIVES IN A BOX'
  • 9
  • 10
    Finish this: Unagi...
  • 11
    Who played keyboard?
  • 12
    What did Monica have to do an one of her jobs?
  • 13
    Where did Joey get his clothes for Monica and Chandler's wedding?
  • 14
    What is the name of Ross' monkey?
  • 15
    Rock Paper Scissors...
  • 16
    What makes Joey want to pee?
  • 17
    What 'takes' Chandler's beef custard trifle thing?
  • 18
    What does Eddie do to Chandler?
  • 19
    In what colour does David write the word yes when Phoebe asks is he is going to kiss her?
  • 20
    What does Phoebe think is in her house when her fire alarm goes off?
  • 21
    What colour is the scarf that Gavin gives Rachel?
  • 22
    What does the number of, Episodes, Seasons, the Main Main Characters ( Ross Rachel Monica Joey Phoebe Chandler ) and babies add up to?
  • 23
    What did Monica say was unacceptable when cooking as a child?
  • 24
    Which two people ate cheesecake off the floor?
  • 25
    What was Joey interested in when they were waiting for the bapstine King comet?
  • 26
    What did Ross get a ticket for?
  • 27
    How many backups did Phoebe have?
  • 28
    What story does Rachel tell to make conversation with Joey after he admitted he loved her?
  • 29
    Who was the last to turn 30?
  • 30
    Fill in the gaps: Tiny little ___ swinging on a ____ ____

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Comments (5)


1152 days ago
Ben equals 7 babies not 6
1176 days ago
Nickii is wrong, 3 is the correct number of backups Phoebe had (Ross, Joey, and Chandler before he got engaged). It's "backups," not "breakups."

HOWEVER, number 22 is wrong. If you add 236 episodes + 10 seasons + 6 main characters + 6 babies (Phoebe's triplets, Emma, and Monica and Chandler's twins), you get 258, not 257.
1183 days ago
I GOT A 30 OUT OF 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1183 days ago
#27 does not have the correct choice.
David, health inspector guy, fireman and other guy (2 breakups same time) and Mike.
1200 days ago
On #6 you wrote "who does twice?" Instead of who dies twice?"