Am I asexual?

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    Have you ever had a crush on someone?

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461 days ago
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685 days ago
As an asexual person, I have a few things to say about the test. For the first question, almost everyone knows what a crush is. It is the act of wanting to be in a relationship with someone, it can be sexual or not, and asexual people can have crushes. Some people do, some people don't. For the second, no one in my life has called me a late bloomer. So I picked no, but since I've only had one crush before that question wouldn't apply to me. You should've had more options, and also being asexual has nothing to do with being a late bloomer. For the 3rd question, I personally don't think it's disgusting. But some asexual might think otherwise, so try to add more options. For the next one, add more options or take away "I am the appeal of it". If someone understands the appeal, they can still not appeal to it at all. For the 6th question, asexuals can still dress in "sexy" clothes, they just don't feel sexual attraction, and again add more options instead of putting a few specific ones, Not all "sexual" clothing is uncomfortable and cold. For the next two, how can people pretend to have sex/watch 💗if they don't do it, again put more options. I don't think this test was very accurate.
750 days ago
Ima just say, I absolutely love the fact that you guys are putting emojis to replace those words lol.
858 days ago
A couple of the questions ask things about p*rn and things (implying that I have watched it consistently before). Some of the questions were accurate enough, but ace ppl can have crushes and are not always💗repulsed.
880 days ago
I think im ace but aces just have no interest in💋they can still like people
1035 days ago
I'm 100% ace and I am a gray aro so I get crushes.. wth
1143 days ago
I got 70% asexual 😎😎😎
1500 days ago
What why did you say that we’re unlikely to be in a abusive relationship? I’m ace and I still want a partner romantically I’m just not interested in a physical relationship. I could still be in a abusive relationship. I don’t understand why you would say that’s it’s untrue and every asexual person is slightly different in how they express their asexuality.
1625 days ago
I am asexual but I have a crush on a guy I know
1699 days ago
I've never watched 🕊(except for 3 seconds) so I seriously didn't know how answer some of the questinos.Also, asexauls can have crushes?They can also enjoy sex?So srsly this test wasn't really accurate
1702 days ago
70% ace sexual well then 🖤
1752 days ago
Crushes don't matter. You can have crushes and be ace
2028 days ago
hehe that’s definitely ‘cause am gray ace
2133 days ago
Heyy. I'll be your friend if you like :3
2437 days ago
It is so sad to know that no one comment for this quiz..But I think,I know why..It is just because this is the sexual quiz..Am I right?? But I just want to say that now,I'm looking for a new friends..If there's anyone that would like to be my friends,just ask me whatever questions that you like..Thanks