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The DarkClan, a Warrior Cats Fan-Fiktion

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2 Chapter - 591 Words - Developed by: Werwolf 03 - Updated on: 2018-03-08 - Developed on: - 968 taken- Die Geschichte ist noch in Arbeit

A Fanfiktion-with you!

The Hierarchy of the DarkClan

FEATHERSTAR-pretty, slender she-cat with black fur and big blue eyes

GREENHEART-strong, young warrior with green eyes and grey fur on the back and brown on his belly

Medicine Cat
CROWTAIL-old, wise cat with black pelt and brown eyes

(the youngest first, the oldest aaaall the way down)

SILVERHEART-blue eyed she-cat with white fur, Mentor of Berrypaw

SUNEYE-yellow-eyed tom with grey fur, Mentor of Greypaw

LEAFPELT-smart young tom with big green eyes


GREYPAW-naughty young tom with grey fur, teached by Suneye

BERRYPAW-pretty, small she-cat with grey fur, teached by Silverheart


TALLKIT-Plump black and white she-cat with big blue eyes

So, as you can see, the Clan isn´t completed now. If you want to join it-send me your profiles in the comments, they should look like this:

Character: (three words do not describe your character well^^)
Future: (This is just for the Fanfiction)

After that, I’ll write a Fanfiktion-of course with every new interested Cat ☺

Of course, you can be a Loner too^^

If you wish, you can write in your profile, who could be your mate.

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Nightstorm (07947)
148 days ago
Name: Nightstorm
Rank: warrior (preferably senior warrior)
Appearance: black she-cat with a flash of white on chest, has ice blue eyes
Character: loyal, fierce, and can work tirelessly
Strength: fights like a whirlwind of claws and fangs
Weakness: stubborn, hates to be in high places
Someone (75336)
155 days ago
Name: SandWhisker
Rank: warrior
Appearance: Sandy colored, short-furred male with green eyes
Character: playful, naive, weak-willed, gullible, childish
Strength: good sense of smell
Weakness: easily distracted
Emma (28743)
592 days ago
Name: Skystripe
Rank: Queen
Appearance: dark blue-gray she-cat with dark blue eyes.
Character: strong-willed, stealthy, kind, gentle (with her own Clang, fierce in battle, great hunter
Strengths: hunting, fighting, caring for kits
Weaknesses: Water shy, can't hunt or fight in the dark
Mate: Treefall
Kits: Shockkit, Bluekit, Streamkit, Goldenkit
Horse123lover (26727)
669 days ago
Appearance:grey and white shecat with ice blue eyes
Character:fast, shy, nervous
Strengthen:being with cats she loves
Weakness:being put on the spot, hurting others
Future: you decide
Werwolf 03 (87453)
747 days ago
You are signed in, now you are going to be part of the story as soon as I can get the time to write.
Werwolf 03 (87453)
747 days ago
Hi, sorry for the late answer, of course, this works as a Role Play, so we are like writing what we are doing in the camp, while we are hunting an fighting for our territory and stuff!
Hailey (32813)
761 days ago
Name: Tallkit
Rank: Kit
Appearance: Plump black and white she-cat with big blue eyes
Character: Social, Swift, Talks-a-lot, Doesn't like to be lonely
Age: 3M
Strengthen: Being with others
Weaknesses: Being put down, and alone.
Future: A strong warrior who conceives kits by a tom from another clan.
DOb (24376)
769 days ago
so we can just like join?
Werwolf 03 (68823)
815 days ago
Guess, there are no interested guys here...?