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The DarkClan, a Warrior Cats Fan-Fiktion

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2 Chapter - 591 Words - Developed by: - Updated on: - Developed on: - 1.067 taken-The story is currently being written

A Fanfiktion-with you!

The Hierarchy of the DarkClan

FEATHERSTAR-pretty, slender she-cat with black fur and big blue eyes

GREENHEART-strong, young warrior with green eyes and grey fur on the back and brown on his belly

Medicine Cat
CROWTAIL-old, wise cat with black pelt and brown eyes

(the youngest first, the oldest aaaall the way down)

SILVERHEART-blue eyed she-cat with white fur, Mentor of Berrypaw

SUNEYE-yellow-eyed tom with grey fur, Mentor of Greypaw

LEAFPELT-smart young tom with big green eyes


GREYPAW-naughty young tom with grey fur, teached by Suneye

BERRYPAW-pretty, small she-cat with grey fur, teached by Silverheart


TALLKIT-Plump black and white she-cat with big blue eyes

So, as you can see, the Clan isn´t completed now. If you want to join it-send me your profiles in the comments, they should look like this:

Character: (three words do not describe your character well^^)
Future: (This is just for the Fanfiction)

After that, I’ll write a Fanfiktion-of course with every new interested Cat ☺

Of course, you can be a Loner too^^

If you wish, you can write in your profile, who could be your mate.

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57 days ago
Sorry I forgot age and can I also have a mate later on
Age: 5M
Future mate: Ravenfeather
57 days ago
Name: Amberleaf
Rank: Kit (progresses to warrior)
Appearance: Amber she-cat with leaf green eyes
Character: Stubborn, loyal to littermates (basically like Squirrelflight) has loads of secrets
Strength: Really good hunter, jumps super high
Weakness: Family dying
Future: up to you
Littermates: Mistykit, Goldenkit (grows up into Mistywing and Goldenshine)
308 days ago
Name: Nightstorm
Rank: warrior (preferably senior warrior)
Appearance: black she-cat with a flash of white on chest, has ice blue eyes
Character: loyal, fierce, and can work tirelessly
Strength: fights like a whirlwind of claws and fangs
Weakness: stubborn, hates to be in high places
315 days ago
Name: SandWhisker
Rank: warrior
Appearance: Sandy colored, short-furred male with green eyes
Character: playful, naive, weak-willed, gullible, childish
Strength: good sense of smell
Weakness: easily distracted
753 days ago
Name: Skystripe
Rank: Queen
Appearance: dark blue-gray she-cat with dark blue eyes.
Character: strong-willed, stealthy, kind, gentle (with her own Clang, fierce in battle, great hunter
Strengths: hunting, fighting, caring for kits
Weaknesses: Water shy, can't hunt or fight in the dark
Mate: Treefall
Kits: Shockkit, Bluekit, Streamkit, Goldenkit
829 days ago
Appearance:g rey and white shecat with ice blue eyes
Character:fast, shy, nervous
Strengthen:being with cats she loves
Weakness:being put on the spot, hurting others
Future: you decide
908 days ago
You are signed in, now you are going to be part of the story as soon as I can get the time to write.
908 days ago
Hi, sorry for the late answer, of course, this works as a Role Play, so we are like writing what we are doing in the camp, while we are hunting an fighting for our territory and stuff!
921 days ago
Name: Tallkit
Rank: Kit
Appearance: Plump black and white she-cat with big blue eyes
Character: Social, Swift, Talks-a-lot, Doesn't like to be lonely
Age: 3M
Strengthen: Being with others
Weaknesses: Being put down, and alone.
Future: A strong warrior who conceives kits by a tom from another clan.
929 days ago
so we can just like join?
975 days ago
Guess, there are no interested guys here...?