The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz Ever!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Riti Tandra - Developed on: - 9.073 taken - User Rating: 1 of 5.0 - 8 Votes

How much do you really know Harry Potter? Find out!

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    How did Ron become a really good Keeper?

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Lorraine (14229)
488 days ago
Ron only THOUGHT Harry had put Felix felicis in his drink. Harry was born July 31st 1980. Harrys vault number was 687
RandomPerson123 (39407)
683 days ago
These are all wrong!!!!
hi (37702)
707 days ago
there are at least 3 wrong questions
hi (37702)
707 days ago
you're right. there are heaps of things that are wrong in the quiz. i only got 6 but thats cause the information is wrong on the quiz.
Lunap810 (31288)
732 days ago
Isn't harry potter birth day july 31?
hinkypunk99 (89197)
738 days ago
Whoever made this CLEARLY has nonknowledge of Harry Potter AT ALL! The first question had no correct answer and the rest of the quiz was no better.This quiz doesn't deserve the one star it has.
sasa (89202)
741 days ago
this quiz is so bad!!!!!!!!
Ginny Weasley (39296)
764 days ago
Harry was 1 when his parents died. They were killed 31 October 31
1980. He was 11 on his birthday July 31.
HarryPotterGEEK (95365)
766 days ago
I'm only on the FIRST question and I'm done with this. Ron did not take advice, use a Polyjuice Potion, or Filix Felicis. He THOUGHT Harry had dashed his drink with the latter, when he had not, and that gave him the confidence to ACTUALLY PLAY QUIDDITCH INSTEAD OF SITTING ON HIS BROOMSTICK IN SHAME AND LETTING THE SLYTHERINS GET TO HIM. This quiz is not worth my time.
James Potter (92857)
773 days ago
ireland lane (58354)
793 days ago
I'm sorry harry's birthday is July 31 I got messed up by 💗ic answers
ireland lane (58354)
793 days ago
on number five none of those are his birthday he was born July 16, 1980, because he was 11 when his parents died and they died on July 16, 1981
R.J. Lupin (60534)
794 days ago
At least include the CORRECT answer in the options!
Bella (75115)
798 days ago
Have you read the books or seen the movies? This was the easiest quiz I have EVER taken. U r a moron!
Jesse (02892)
799 days ago
You're a moron. Half of these questions are completely wrong.
Sparkle (07840)
800 days ago
Did you even read the books before making this quiz? Half of the questions don't have the actual answer as one of the options. Big fail for you!
Sammy (61036)
802 days ago
Isn't Harry's vault number 687?
critic (71163)
803 days ago
His birthday is July 31st
hermione (15532)
804 days ago
and harry only pretended to give ron the potion
hermione (15532)
804 days ago
harrys birthday is July 30th