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Selection quiz

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The easiest selection quiz

  • 1
    Americas father dies
  • 2
    América marries Maxon
  • 3
    Elise is caste 6

  • 4
    King Clarkson survives the battle against the southern rebels
  • 5
    May dies
  • 6
    The name Of Americas father is shalom

  • 7
    35 girls enter the selection
  • 8
    América has 4 brothers and sisters
  • 9
    Maxon is a prince
  • 10
    There are 8 castes

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2014 days ago
On this quiz i got an... OK score!! I got 9/10! I mean some of them were way to easy but there was only one hard one! I THINK it was the second to last one! If you want to know what would be cool for a selection series quiz is which character are YOU! I triedto take one of those but it didn't work! :(