Lesbian Scenario Quiz

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Girls, have you been thinking about other girls in a warm way lately? Find out if you're REALLY a lesbian, or if you'd never actually act upon your fantasies in real life. Check out this lesbian quiz and consider its scenarios.

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    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is home, and spend the night. What do you say?
    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is h

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Sinless girl (79296)
9 days ago
110% straight. I took this quiz just for fun. Good to be sure I'm not a sinner 😊🛐
Maggie (79296)
9 days ago
So today I took this quiz and I don’t know what to do so I my girl crush was in the room so I just imagined doing it theses things with her and I got really turned on.
Liza (79296)
9 days ago
hahahahaha, fun to imagine me and my girlfriend (kristen) in these scenarios.
Big d%uFFFDck (79296)
9 days ago
Tits ...................
Richy (79296)
9 days ago
T I DD I ES !!!!!!!!!
Unknown girl (13574)
9 days ago
I’m 80% bi! Happy pride month!
Colby (56434)
10 days ago
90% and I’m proud!!
Ria (63306)
10 days ago
95% lesbian❤YES!
Ava (31621)
11 days ago
Happy Pride month!!! 100% and proud. It’s summer break so I’m still confused but this helped me out!
Ava (31621)
11 days ago
95% lesbian! I’m only young but I hope to stay this way and it’s not a phase. (I’m a teen)
Vanilla gurl (09595)
11 days ago
70% bisexual
15% lesbian
10% asexual
5% straight
WTH am I?!
♡♡♡ (43125)
11 days ago
75% lesbian & ??????25% bi??????umm ok I mean I'm only out to 2 family members so may alter that..
Angelina (70009)
11 days ago
Well, lately I’ve been having sexual fantasies in my head with women. Now when I go to school I find women attractive.
hi (94525)
12 days ago
i'm really gay but i dont know how to come out to anyone i'm still going to high school and i'm just scared
Swan (57848)
12 days ago
I’m a child i hope to stick with my gay true self
Swan (57848)
12 days ago
This turned me on so much I just want to do it but in not going to
I’m going to identify as a lesbian from now on
Straight (24615)
12 days ago
70% straight 25% asexual and 5% bisexual
small gay (93186)
13 days ago
i'm gay asf but my mom and my sister are homophobic😤😤 i kinda think my dad knows though lmao rip

no one believes i have no intrest in guys and full intrest in girls because 'i'm just a child' and i'm 'too young to make a decision like that'.

but uhh happy pride month I've been in the closet for two years buuuut yea i'm a pvssy when it comes to these types of things lmao❤️🌈🍒🏳
fallout 76 yayay (93186)
13 days ago
i wouldn't want to have a threesome with some random girl if im in a good/serious relationship smh
Sally (85870)
15 days ago
The problem with me is that I LOVE boys in reality but this quiz got me turn on. I don’t know what to do!!