Lesbian Scenario Quiz

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Girls, have you been thinking about other girls in a warm way lately? Find out if you're REALLY a lesbian, or if you'd never actually act upon your fantasies in real life. Check out this lesbian quiz and consider its scenarios.

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    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is home, and spend the night. What do you say?
    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is h

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morgan (08253)
73 days ago
:”)once a gay always a gay
RB (82747)
75 days ago
I’m so nervous bc I keep having dreams about girls and now I have a crush on my best friend. I never like boys and I kissed one one and I didn’t like it. I think I’m certain that I’m a lesbian
Idk (51769)
75 days ago
For me, the only reason I’m really 25% bi is because it don’t like having sexual fantasies with girls, I would prefer it worth boys. I took this test cause I kinda have a crush on this girl I know but I don’t dream of having any sexual actions with her
Me (96997)
77 days ago
Abigail (52632)
78 days ago
I got Bi. I'm still not sure about my sexuality but thats ok
Kawaii llama (33316)
79 days ago
I like my best friend but she is straight and I like another friend who is bi but I'm not sure if she is taken or not and I'm afraid to ask her. Both of them have a sibling who I can talk to but I'm to scared. Help pls
Hello (08139)
79 days ago
No name i feel the same way maybe talk to your parents i got this result a few weeks ago and i started to realize some of my girl role models if they went up to me and kissed me I would be ok with that, if you feel the same way be open to the idea of maybe being bi more on the straight side, but if you truly believe your straight then I think you probably are no name.
lesbian bih (03395)
79 days ago
bruh i knew i was a whole lesbian but,, its out here saying im 44% bi. hell nah guys are mad ugly but. girls like. arent. ok im out
NoName (93190)
79 days ago
I got 60% bisexual but I know I’m straight! Does anybody know what to do?
Sophie (14579)
80 days ago
I'm gaaaaaaaaaaay
Chloe (72978)
81 days ago
Hey I need help I know I am a lesbian and I like my best friend IsaBelle and she is straight and no one knows I do not know what to do what should I do should I come out I told my mom and she no I am not this is just a phrase than I got so mad one day because I heard people think people who like each and other is sick and they should die WHAT SHOUKD I DO I NEED HELP
Hello (90422)
81 days ago
I think I'm bi but I am only twelve and I'm scared to come out
Don't care to share (70753)
82 days ago
I used to think I was bi, i'm soooo effing confused!! Ugh! Will someone tell be if im bi or lesbian???
A must see (32414)
82 days ago
Ella (47368)
82 days ago
I got 100% lesbian I’m so happy also I’m laughing because I got 0% straight XD
Rachel (84210)
83 days ago
100% Lesbian 💓
💗 why can't what happened in this quiz happen to me 😭
Hanah (03665)
85 days ago
Yup! I’m definitely a lesbian!
Riley (40222)
86 days ago
meow im a furry
Tuertle (51988)
87 days ago
Ally hills coming out song YouTube
girly (83404)
88 days ago
im glad i took this test. dang what am i doing with my life XD

i find it confusing sometimes but when i take these tests i feel so great about who i am! X3