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Are you a pre-teen/early teen and want to know when you should start lugging pads and tampons around? Then you've come to the right place! Please remember that not all results are accurate as everyone is different and first periods are unpredictable!

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4 days ago
Hi can someone please estimate me?!???
Age: 11
Pubic hair: a medium sized U down there...
Armpit hair: like 1 string on each arm not a lot
PMS: every single symptom and bad...
Dischrge: I need to wear pantiliners and I’ve had for about 1 month
Spotting: I had it once but it could have been poop...
Breasts: they are pointy
I don’t know if I have had a growth spurt
4 days ago
Hi @Estimated or anyone else please estimate me
I am twelve turning thirteen in four months.
I have had a five inch growth spurt recently and am tall.
I weigh around 50kg or 100pounds .
My breasts are a small bra and I wear aaa-a cups.
My discharge has been for a few months and like a paste but a few days ago it was like thick slime and stringy. But that was jsut once or twice
I have had really bad lower stomach cramps in the past few days that have jsut started.
My lower backs always hurts for the last month.
My hair on legs I shave off every week or two and my arms are hairy. My armpits are brown or black hairs that are kinda curly.
I get kinda moody and pubic hair is quite bushy and balck
PLEASE ESTIMATE ME @Estimater thanks
4 days ago
Breast: 36A
Pubic hair:Everywere
Weight:92 lbs
4 days ago
I am 10 and I got 10+ months
6 days ago
Breasts:34A bralette
Pubic hair:Everywhere
Nausea:Quite often
Weight: 83 lbs
6 days ago
@Anonymouse glad you want my help! You will most likely get your period within 10 months to A year and a half! Don’t stress out it will happen soon :)
7 days ago
@EstimaterCan you plz estimate me?

I'm 10
Breasts: nipples are growing but no buds (what are those called!?)
Cramps: sometimes it feels like a pinch, other times it's like a hammer is hitting me
Nausea: 3-4 days a week
Pubes hair: black and curly, a little less than halfway
Armpit hair: blonde, wispy hairs starting to get curly and darker
Arm and leg hair: I NEED to shave. I look like a little man.
Interest: love at first sight with a boy I saw for 10 seconds
Height: 4'8
Weight: 63 lbs (that is NOT light)
Mom got hers between 12-13

I hope you can estimate me Estimater. Tysm.
7 days ago
@hey ya’ll you will most likely get your period within 1-6months! Prepare you are close now.
7 days ago
@Sister Carlinha you will most likely get your period within the next 2 weeks to 2 months! Prepare you are very very close now. Keep some sanitary towels in your bag!
7 days ago
@Evie you will most likely get your period within 6 months to a year! Enjoy your last time of freedom :)
7 days ago
@FFS that’s your period! All women periods look different, if you feel weird or want to now more go talk to a trusted person. Congratulations!
7 days ago
@Lilly you will most likely get your period within 1-4 months! Start preparing it can happen at any time now giirl
7 days ago
Age: 15
Height : 5'7
Weight : idk but im chubby
I've had cramps and discharge and my cup size is a c. I have hair in all the places so I'm pretty developed. But I've been having brown discharge since last year in October - for about 5 days around the same time. Last month there was red blood but then was just brown for the rest and wasn't alot and now its just brown and just like discharge but comes out quite alot and idk what it is- is my body broken? If it is my period why is it like That? Why isn't it red like it's supposed to be??
10 days ago
Help me! I don't know which I am:

2+ years, 1+ years, 6+ months, 3+ months, 1+ months

The 2+ years is 27% and the rest is 18%. Which am I? Please help.
10 days ago

The 2+ years was 27% and the rest was 18%. What will I be. Please help.
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10 days ago
@really old kid if you aren't joking then talk to your doctor although I am 11 I know that woman should get it by sixteen and if you don't you should talk to your doctor you actually should have talked to her like a year to two years ago
11 days ago
💗 im either getting it in two years or a month? idk im 18 now and im starting to get concerned
11 days ago
I am 9
I somehow got some discharge
the test said 3+ months
I have lots of pubic hair ;-;
i wear training bras since in too embarrassed to come to school in a bra ;-;
I have had a growth spurt
Acne(a bit only)
I dont know when my mum got her period...
I get mad at my friend Elliot alot from mood swings(don't ask why im besties with a boy)
Cramps not so much
Blonde hairs on my legs,getting darker
No armpit hair

Help a young 9 year old( almost 10)
11 days ago
Hii, please estimate me.

Turning 14 in Aug

discharge well... pantyliners are a part of me now

my b**bs are a 32A CUP🙈(SORRY)

they dont hurt much tho

my mood swings are like a horror movie last week i got mad (started to get angry af) cuz my phone died!

down there is like an afro!

a few black armpit hairs

shave 1-2 times a week

lately cramps are HELLLL!

mom started round same age

( i know my spelling is horible but idc)😀
14 days ago
Hi, please estimate me.
Turning 13 in August
Have clear discharge daily for around six months
Get mood swings
Tonssss of hair down there
Shave legs ever two weeks
Thanks x