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Are you a pre-teen/early teen and want to know when you should start lugging pads and tampons around? Then you've come to the right place! Please remember that not all results are accurate as everyone is different and first periods are unpredictable!

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3 days ago
Age:12 turning 13 in 3 months
Mom got hers at 13
A lot of discharge to the point of wearing pantyliners
I wear the size of 36A
Cramps ? I think I had cramps this morning but I wasn’t sure it was a tummy ache instead
I crave some junk and then I feel insecure about my body and feel like to exercise so basically mixed feelings.
Mood swing ? Occasionally
My weight? Idk but when I checked it yesterday it said 116 pounds and I never gained like that ever cause usually I’m like 98 and less
Pubic hair down there and under armpits ? Loads Loads Loads down there but for armpits it’s get darker and a little curly
Also I have a question about what is the most best thing to increase your period to come???PLZ AWNSER ME🤓🤓🤓🌼
3 days ago
Ashley I wear a 38a bra discharge I wear pads I%u2019m always having cramps shaving everyday went from 4%u201911 to 5%u20191 can%u2019t leave the house without deodorant I crave sweet and salty all the time and also can%u2019t get to sleep theses last couple of days and 💗 hurts really bad when I tough them always go from happy to crying I weigh 92lb and so nauseated
4 days ago
Shortaf what is your name
6 days ago
Took so many quizzes all of the tests were about 6 months so AUGUST
10 days ago
@Lily I would recommend talking to a older female about it. I also recommend to make a emergency kit with some liners,pads,tampons, and a extra pair of undies :))
11 days ago
Ended up being spotting!!! Lol I was so worried
11 days ago
So the reason I’m on here is because I’m concerned... usually my discharge is whitish clear, but yesterday I started getting brown discharge. I can’t find anything online to tell me what this means, so I was hoping someone here could. (I got 1+ months on the quiz)
12 days ago
aah! It said 1 month or less and that’s what most of the quizzes say too! Any advice?
12 days ago
i’ve been expecting my period soonish since last august, and last night i saw lots of brown discharge in my panties!
12 days ago
Oh yeah and I have b cups and they are tender to touch
12 days ago
Estimate me:
I’m 11, 12 in two months
Get cramps two to three times a week
Get discharge a lot almost daily
8 stone ish
About 5’ 3”

I got 1+ months. What do you think?
12 days ago
Oh yeah, could someone also help calculate my period just to make sure?
So you already know that I’m 12 and will be turning 13 soon!! What else???
Um.. I frickin 4’9 unfortunately!!!! (It’s like God forgot to add tallness to me when I was born or something)
Weight: 88 and I just look small ( my friends can all lift me up like rlly easily)
My mommy got hers at 13 ( I want to beat her and get to 14, whoops that sounds wrong)
My breasts are slightly tender when touched and are rounds but not fully developed
Like, they’re smaller that others in my class, but still not that small (kinda proud, don’t judge me) Started maybe 2 years ago, idk
My armpit hair used to be thick curly and dark black, but I shaved so who knows??!
Same for arm and leg hair (my friend said I had some 💗 hairy legs, so yeah) I feel insecure when wearing shorts and no sleeves
I have these annoying throbbing headaches that hurt like hell- I get them everyday!!!
Discharge come sometimes and in drops
I don’t rlly pay attention!
I’m always sweating no matter what I do
(Gets up from couch and finds pounds of sweat dripping from armpits, jk)
Finally, I have no GROWTH SPURT, seriously
Like, there’s this 4th grader I know whose taller that me, I’m gonna be in 8th grade after this summer’s over, COME ON!!!
So plllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaasssse help me!!
Gurls I need u, you’re like the reason why I’m still living!!!!? (Don’t worry I’m not suicidal or anything)
13 days ago
So gurls, I haven’t gotten my first period yet! I’m 12 and it calculated 6 months. I be turning 13 two months away. However the thing that’s been bugging me is my height!!! I’m 4’ 9 and my friends keep teasing me! I know it’s a joke but stills annoys the heck out of me. I also get these crazy headaches 24/7! I mean they don’t understand my struggles and hard I’ve tried to grow taller, like EVERYTHING!!! What should I do and was this a good place to ask? Pleassse help! I’m short and scared for my period. What should I do????
14 days ago
Hi I had my discharge last year but still haven’t got my period and I did the period calculation and It says wait for an year please help
16 days ago
Hi. I got 6+ months fingers crossed it will be true I'm waiting for December
16 days ago
I have a regular cycle but no period. Been having this for almost a year now. Someone plz help x

Why do I have the feeling im gonna be like 16 when it starts??
18 days ago
Hi! I got 6+ months but need double check!

Im 10
mum got it at 13
Breasts are 36aa started about a year ago
A few dark curly armpit hairs
Pubic hair is A LOT for about 3 year (weird i know)
Loads of arm and leg hair but not allowed to shave
Headaches a lot
Don't really get cramps only sometimes
Mood swings a lot
Have grown 2+ inches not sure in how long
Had discharge AGES ago
weak and tired
A lot of sweat, used at least 6 roll ons this year
4 something
Very overweight, i'm SO FAT
Pls help
18 days ago
@Aliyah, 17 is a VERY high age for ur mum to have got it and though i'm 10 i know a lot. Because ur 14 you might need to got to the doctors to see if anything is wrong. Just trying to help!!
19 days ago
Hiii. I got 3+ months but I would really appreciate a human prediction! Estimate?]

-I'm 10
-Mum got it at 11 to 12
- I got breast buds about a year ago..
-I noticed blonde and whispy armpit hair about a month or 2 ago.
-Hair "Down there" is almost completely full, mostly dark brown/black but 1% blonde.
-I have a lot of leg hair, not enough to shave though.
-*Rolls on the floor with a heat pack on the uterus* AHHH IT HURTS (Everyday)
-Mood swings all the time, just ask my brain what mood it wants and you'll get it.
-I've grown 2+ inches in like 5 months or something.
-I'm so weak and I'm always tired.
-I sweat like too much. Never used so much deodorant.
-I am 146 cm tall.
-35-36 kg.
-I have a bit of acne here and there. Starting to get some on my chest and back.
-Tender breasts and mah "down there" is also quite sore and tender. (Is that normal?)
-So many leg aches.

Hope that helps. c:
19 days ago
hey, so i’m 13, haven’t gotten my period, even though my mom got hers at 12 so yeah that’s pretty great.
-i got breast buds around a year ago
-armpit hair is really starting to grow in
-hair down there is filling in a bit (both are dark brown)
- always have had super long leg hair (💗 genetics)
- headaches, mood swings
-cramps(?) i get them (i think) for like a few minutes and they’re not too bad. like they’re there and they hurt, but i’m not in agonizing pain and it’s only lasts a couple mins or so
-i think i’m going through a growth spurt (2 inches in like 4 months, not much but better since i’m now 5’1)
-feet def growing
-ow i have a headache rn
i can’t think of anything else like symptom wise, except for some tests say any day, others say 2+ months and one said 2 years akbeakfbsndn. but thanks if you see this 🤠