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Are you a pre-teen/early teen and want to know when you should start lugging pads and tampons around? Then you've come to the right place! Please remember that not all results are accurate as everyone is different and first periods are unpredictable!

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3 hours ago
Is anyone else obsessed with these period tests #whenwilligetmyperiod #tests
3 days ago
I haven’t had mine yet but I learned how to put on a pad I got 1 month and I get some cramps
3 days ago
Can I plz get estimated?
So breasts: Stage 3
Discharge: White, sticky. Wears pantiliners. Had it for 1.3 years
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Awful cramps!
Very greasy hair and skin
Age 11
Mom got her's at 12
88 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair
Light wispy underarm hair
A mix of light and dark leg and arm hair but mostly dark
Blackheads all over nose and chin and occasional pimples
Headaches and constipation
Thx so much, if u need more info just ask.
3 days ago
I got 40% 1 month and my birthday is in three and I think it could end up being later QwQ because i've been also getting a lot of 3 months or less result so it might come on my birthday
6 days ago
Can you estimate me pls? Hiii I am 13 years old and my mom got hers at 12.I started getting discharge around 6 to 7 months ago and it slows down sometimes and then when it comes it's a lot. I had a growth spurt 4 months ago but now I'm having another one. I have headaches and one time I had them really bad for a week and a half straight. I have mood swings every day I be getting frustrated, angry, or crying over the littlest things , and I have been arguing with my sisters. I have cramps every day and its sharp pain and it hurts but its manageable for me. Also my side where my hips are have been hurting so badly it hurt to walk or stand up. I have armpit hair and pubic hair for 3 years and they are both long thick and curly, but my arm hair is long, curly but thin. And I am on stage 3 breast. I think if you you are a year younger or older than your mom your period will come soon. And I took this test yesterday and it says I got 2 or 3 weeks. And my face has been getting oily and I have been getting more pimples. Also my older sister says I'm getting close but that was 2 months ago now I'm closer
6 days ago
Hi I was wondering if I could have a estimate? I’m 11 years old (almost 12) my mom got hers at 12. I started discharge about 5 and 1 half months ago. I have lots of discharge but now it seems to be slowing down a bit. I had a few cramps when I started discharge but now I’m having them bad and a lot. I’m having lots of headaches too. I recently went through a growths spurt and might be in one now. I have mood swings all the time. I sweat a lot and smell. I have dark long and start hairs in my pubic area. I have some long brown hairs on my legs (same for my arms) and my arm put hair is getting long and curly. My breast have gotten much bigger in the past few days.
8 days ago
I got one month yay😊
10 days ago
Oven got one month
11 days ago
Mine said this:
First Period Calculator
For 45% you are: So how long before you start to menstruate? (That's the scientific term for starting your period, if you didn't already know.) The answer is, six+ months! You're almost there! You should start talking to your mother or a trusted older female about periods and how to deal with them.
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12 days ago
i am getting worried about when i will get my first period and i am 11 even my best friend Natalie she was 11 when she got hers and now she is 12 omg
12 days ago
My mom was 12 wen she got hers and i am olmost 11 so coud be soon
14 days ago
My cramps are the worst
14 days ago
Winking giraffe originazation agent #1212 if your mum got it a thirteen you should get it at twelve or fourteen cause you usually get it a your befor or a year after but it isn't always that way
14 days ago

My moms was at 13 I’m at 11 and I might have had it, anyone know what the cramps feel like???
16 days ago
Emily - Well, it kinda came back.
21 days ago
@Meh UvU%2022 Also discharge isn’t supposed to be Orange it could be a sign of infection! And it’s common for ppl to get there period 6months-1yr after they get discharge!
21 days ago
@Meh UvU%2022
I put all ur answers in the test and u got
So how long before you start to menstruate? (That's the scientific term for starting your period, if you didn't already know.) The answer is, more than two years still to go! You still are very young. Don't worry, you won't need to lug sanitary products around with you for a long time yet! These are the test results I will estimate in a minute!
21 days ago
@Emlily here (I know your not asking me but if u also wanted to estimate me!)or whoever estimates this and if you did thank uuuu!:
My age:10.8 about to be 10.9 in August 23!
Discharge:I don't know if I have it or no but in my underwear sometimes I found a little yellowish orange thing!
Mom's age when she had hers is 14 about to be 15 in 7 days
How much do I excercise: every wednesday,friday and sunday! But this week I excercise at Wednesday,Thursday and now,IDK if I'll excercise tomorrow (It depends if my dad said,lol!)
Body hair (underarm):it looks nothing but when I focus watching at it it has few blond small hairs! (It can't be seen unless you look at it closely) l also notice that it itch most of the time
Body hair (Pubic):Not yet!
Body hair (leg): starting to get more noticable
Body hair (arm):a few light hairs (my leg hair has many hair than my arm!)
Breast stage: I'm flat but I think my stage is 1 or 2! I took a quiz it says its 2 but I look at it its like 1!
Bra size: nah,I don't wear yet!
Mood swings: Yaaaaaah,most of the timeeee!
Anything else (growth spurt): my mom told me I got taller,I think I grew like 2-4 inches! But I think my height is somewhere at 4! (Not sure but I think mah height is somewhere at 4!)
Acne:Yaaaaa gurl but since I use a soap for acne its all gone now!
Cravings: yaas,I have it sometimes especially last sunday!
And yeah,that's it,thank u!,have a nice day/afternoon/night!
21 days ago
I said I'll have it on 6 months or more than 6 months!
In 4 months I'll be 11 so it better come in 11!
So I don't k ow If I wanted to start mah period or no!
24 days ago
@%uD83D%uDC9C%uD83D%uDC9C, I need more information to give you an estimate.

Discharge description
Mom/sister age
How much do you exercise
Body hair - Underarm, pubic, leg, arm
Breast stage & bra size
Mood swings
Anyting else