When will you get your first period?

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Your first period - the welcoming to womanhood. You're either really excited for it, or really nervous. Take this quiz to find the approximate time of your first period!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    How much have you grown this year?
  • 4
    How would you describe your boobs?
    How would you describe your boobs?
  • 5
    How much public hair do you have? (Hair in your vaginal area)
  • 6
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 7
    How much arm/leg hair do you have?
  • 8
    How much discharge have you had in your underwear? (White/yellow gloop)
  • 9
    Have you been having mood swings recently?
    Have you been having mood swings recently?
  • 10
    Has your hair been greasy, a day after you've washed it?
  • 11
    Have you been a bit more smelly recently?

Comments (198)


Soon (29256)
7 days ago
I agree with the result it gave me it said 1 month and I have gotten nearly all especially discharge
Idk what to put here (89493)
9 days ago
@CREEPP I think maybe 1to 3 months. It would help if you added when your mom's first period was? Its ok if u dont know, just asking if u do or not.
Idk what to put here (89493)
9 days ago
@halo it looks like you might have 4-6 months to go. I encourage you to buy pads and tampons and carry one or two with you, just in case.
CREEPP (27164)
9 days ago
gma got hers at 14
no discharge
little cramps
a cup
curly brown full hair down there
armpit hair starting to curl and darken
brown pokey leg hair
want junk food
mood swings
grown 3-4 inches in 2-3 mon
100+ lbs
4 foot 7 in
getting curvy
Halo (37732)
15 days ago
Pls estimate
Mom got hers at 15
Lots of discharge
Sometimes have cramps, kinda painful
Halfway full curly hair down there
Armpit hair starting to grow
Leg hair have to shave
Arm hair really noticeable
Crave junk food
Sometimes get mood swings
Grown about 3 inches these past months
Starting to get very curvy
About 4ft 7in
Help me!
And thanks
Me (26139)
16 days ago
1 MONTH YESSSSSS yay!!! I got over 50% YAY
Hello (88384)
16 days ago
Hey hi
I think you will get your period 1-6 months its you usually get it 6 months to 1 year after getting discharge but since you are quite developed I think 1-6 months
Hi (37786)
25 days ago
Pls estimate 
Don't know when mum got here
Spotting once (I think)
No discharge
Short but painful cramps
Over half full curly hair down there 
Full armpit hair
Full leg hair
Arm hair becoming defined 
Cravings for pretzels
Sore 💗 
Mood swing
Growth spurt of 5 cm in a month
100+ lb
Good curving
4 ft 6 in I think
Please help me!!!!!
thank you in advance
spongebob (08976)
41 days ago
@Jess SAME!!!! I feel it coming pn
Jess (08490)
41 days ago
I think my period is coming soon.. Like seriously.. I must've taken 50 tests about the matter today and they all have a similar answer.. My result was 2-3 months.
Taylor (98195)
44 days ago
Shelby, I think you probs have like under a year. It would help if you said when your ❤️ Started growing, or if they even have... Probs like 5-8months? I'm just trying to help.
Shelby (82110)
46 days ago
Plz estimate me

Turned ten a few months back
Have a lot of discharge need painty liners
Hair is very greasy
I've taken a lot of test the latest a year the soonest a month
Idk when my mom got hers or when sister did
Have a fee pimples
Please please estimate me
If u need help (35211)
52 days ago
This is if u need help this discord is for girls who need help and on girl topics like this one and there's different sections for different things doo join this discord

If u need help I'm here (35211)
52 days ago
@Lana u have about 1 month or more .... No one could tell u exactly tho ur .. It also matters when ur 💗 started to grow if u leave that it could help..... I don't need to me and some other people have discord for this and other girl things but Mostley this topic I could give it to u if u want .......just comment back
Lana (16525)
54 days ago
Please help I will estimate you if you estimate me I think you will get your soon in 1-3 monthe
Now please estimate me my comment is the one below
Lana (16525)
54 days ago
Please estimate me

11 and a half
Have discharge. Need panty liners
Weigh 83 pounds
Sports bra
Have my mood swings
Get cramps sometimes I think
Don't really have cravings
Have 3 quarters full of dark pubic hair
Leg hair and arm hair shave every couple months
No armpit hair
I sweat a bunch
A little but of pimples not a lot
Please estimate me
please help (36236)
59 days ago
Please estimate me
Just turned 13
Mum got hers when she was 12
I have had a lot of discharge everyday since 16 months ago
I weigh 42 kg
A cup
I’m always moody
I don’t really know if I’ve gotten cramps before
Always have cravings
I have a lot of pubic hair, armpit hair and leg hair
I sweat A LOT
I get pimples just not a lot
I also get headaches
please estimate me
sofia (41919)
62 days ago

You might get your period within the next couple of months
charlotte (75841)
76 days ago
I have taken a few of these and they have all said 1-4 months or around that .. I really would like some advice because I am one of the only people left without it out of my friendship group
Bra size = 32A been developings since I was 11
Age = 13
My mum got hers around the age of 13
Have had discharge for just over 1 year and it is really heavy flowing and annoying
Have never had spotting
Pubic hair: v hair is quite bushy dark and curled and I have a little amount of dark armpit hair
I have mood swings quite often: I was literally crying yesterday because I didn’t know what to write for my English homework :I
I have never experienced really bad cramps but have had very minor ones recently
And I have been getting bloated recently too
I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me because I really want to be prepared and it would mean so much Xx
Pls estimate if you want (58450)
80 days ago
Ok so I have been taking a few of these and they all say anytime now or 1-3 months so can someone pls estimate me so I can see if I should be prepared
Bra size= a going on b, 💗 have been growing since I was 9 1/2 to ten
Age= turning 13 in a week or two
Mom got hers at thirteen and grandma got hers at 12 and sister got hers 2 weeks after her 13 bday
Had discharge for about 7 to 8 months I had spotting once a while back then never had it again hair (down there) had been growing for over 2 years it’s long thick and curly I have mood swings quite a bit but not everyday also have had cramps for a while but not horrible just uncomfortable and annoying cause it feels like my inside is being squeezed and feels like bubbles are stuck in my stomach pls estimate I want to be prepared for it