When will you get your first period?

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Your first period - the welcoming to womanhood. You're either really excited for it, or really nervous. Take this quiz to find the approximate time of your first period!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    How much have you grown this year?
  • 4
    How would you describe your boobs?
    How would you describe your boobs?
  • 5
    How much public hair do you have? (Hair in your vaginal area)
  • 6
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 7
    How much arm/leg hair do you have?
  • 8
    How much discharge have you had in your underwear? (White/yellow gloop)
  • 9
    Have you been having mood swings recently?
    Have you been having mood swings recently?
  • 10
    Has your hair been greasy, a day after you've washed it?
  • 11
    Have you been a bit more smelly recently?

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3 days ago
2-3 months holy crud I can't wait
52 days ago
2-3 monthes 😳! I’ll come here when I get it and tell you guys how accurate this is.
53 days ago
*dang really it is not a bad word come on
53 days ago
also why doesn’t it do 💗 every time you say 💗
53 days ago
can someone estimate
-💗 are round triangle and i can fit into a 32b size bra
-sooooooo much discharge it’s gross and i use pantylinners and hair down there is getting darker and curly
-have to shave legs
- sweating a lot
- cramps everyday but only last a second and don’t hurt that bad
-mood swings can happen but not often
-cravings every single day
-my mom got it around the same time
-12 years old
- 💗 are sore
-5 foot 5inches
-started puberty in around 4th grade
- all my friends have it
- blackheads zits and very few pimples
-not much armpit hair

I think that’s it
55 days ago
@LOL what was your question
57 days ago
Quick question wait never mind it makes no sense .😓😔
57 days ago
Just wow!!😱 that just wow 😓
58 days ago
mine said 2-3 and 1 month 😁😖
85 days ago
Omg SAME @Savvy
86 days ago
1 month... I’ve done tons of quizzes they all say that!
I just turned 11 and I’m so freaked out but also excited XD
88 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
Age=10(turned 10 in August)
Sister's age for period= 10
Mom's age:Unknown
Discharge:Heavy everyday
Getting curvy
A lot of hair down there
Dark, noticeable leg hair
Mood swings: Cried for 2 hours straight because I couldn't find my friend after I got in trouble::A lot
Large 💗 for my age, Maybe a 42A? But I wore a small bra from the women's section once.
Started puberty age 8 1/2
100-110 lbs.
Few cramps
Crave hot cheetos lmao
Very tender 💗
Real bras
No armpit hair
A lot of pimples and acne ;-;
88 days ago
Found the average of it and got 2 months. Woohoo.....!
88 days ago
2-3 or 1 month. All the tests say the same thing.
89 days ago
2-3 months. Other tests I took said 3-6 or 3-4... Oof. I’ll tell you guys if I do get it in 2-3 months.
98 days ago
Hi! I can't say exactly, but probably like 4 to 6 months maybe longer! Good luck!
101 days ago
Someone pls estimate.
9 turning ten in December
61 pounds
4 foot three or four inches
bloating like you can’t even imagine
Headaches legaches (I know weird) And CRAMPSSSSSSSSSS I’m having one as I type this
VERY tender 💗
Training bra
Puberty for 2 years approx
Like 1 pimple XD
PUBic hair blonde but quite a bit and it’s curly
Armpit hair like really little thin blonde ones
CLEAR DISCHarge that’s like water but thicker somehow
103 days ago
Has anyone actually gotten their period when the test said they would? I’ve taken a few tests and they all say 1-2 months. But I’ve taken them before a while ago and they said the same things pretty much. Some even said I would get my period the next day but I still haven’t gotten my period.
123 days ago
How many stones does 96 pounds weigh?
143 days ago
So I haven't gotten my period yet. But I'm close. Still I have some advice for DJ. I understand. Talking to parents about this stuff is weird and all. Buy of you got your period. She HAS to understand. She is your mum and she should listen if you just tell her straight up. She might not understand what you're saying