How Good Is My Singing Voice?

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This test will help you know how well you can sing. Remember, the more honest you are, the more accurate your result will be!
P.S.: If you wouldn't mind, please tell me in the comments what you thought about my quiz.

  • 1
    How well do YOU think you can sing?
  • 2
    How many people have complimented you on your voice?
  • 3
    Have you had any voice lessons/training?
  • 4
    Have you ever sung in front of an audience? (Both group singing and solos count.)
    Have you ever sung in front of an audience? (Both group singing and solos count.)
  • 5
    How often do you sing? (Singing alone in your room counts, too.)
  • 6
    Is singing your favorite hobby?
  • 7
    How well-known or even famous do you think you are for your voice?
  • 8
    Right now, go ask (or call) one of your friends/family and find out if they think you have a nice singing voice. What did they say?
  • 9
    Do you think you could be famous someday? Be honest.
  • 10
    Are you a better singer than your family or friends?

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15 days ago
I received, 'As Good As Professionals.' I hope this test is right, or everyone has been lying to me.
18 days ago
Okay, so I scroll through the comments and most of them are: "OMG YAS MY VOICE IS AMAZING!!!" I'm sitting here feeling t e r r i b l e because I got: "Your voice is good-ish" XD

It's okay though cuz I knew I wasn't anything special like ya'll are so... I just hope everyone who got better than me never doubts your voice! UWU

18 days ago
iam not satisfied
25 days ago
someday i will be famous! it is my dream!!
35 days ago
Okay so question. How is a test going to know if you're a good singer or not if it can't actually hear you?
36 days ago
cool...they said im good. I knew that . but it feels good when a quiz actually tells me that
42 days ago
Hi I am a MASSIVE SWIFTIE and this might sound dumb but I want to be like Taylor. Ive loved her since i was 8 (im now turning 13) and I have heaps of merchandise in my room and I went to the Rep tour as well. I learn piano, viola (which is like violin), guitar and thoery at high levels. Singing lesson was just too much to fit in because i also play a lot of sport. I am in lots of choirs tho. And since I was 8 or 9, ive loved songwriting too and im very good at it.

People always knew me for my singing until I was 10 and new girls came to my school. Two of them were really good, and got all the attention. But when we tried out for roles, the three of us competed and then everyone would remember I was good. I am💗at acting so they would always get the roles in plays but I was still worshipped during those times.

My dream is to become a singer-songwriter just like my idol and my life plan is to graduate high school with VCE music and songwrting as some of my subjects(ive been at a private school forver), go to an amazing uni and study Music and Songwriting, get a record deal, release a pop album, become famous and meet Taylor.

I know I sound like a million other 12-year-olds in the world but Ive had a love for music since I started piano at age 5 and was (and still am) easily the best at English in my year which bodes well for songwriting. I work very hard at my music and am getting a new guitar for Christmas. I am doing 4th grade theory, 5th grade piano, 4th grade viola and guitar i dont do lessons but i love it and am very good (i have my own one).

Please reply and tell me 'Do i have a chance at this?'

Swiftie xx
42 days ago
I got "As Good As Professionals!" OMGOMGOMGOMG
42 days ago
I'm so happy I got great!
49 days ago
Seemingly I am pretty talented
53 days ago
Maybe he says your pretty good or talented no matter what to boost your confidence
54 days ago
Not to be rude but, I think reading the comments some people lied a little...
54 days ago
56 days ago
This is what I got it said that I have a great voice! And that actually made my day.
56 days ago
I got your really talented :)
64 days ago
i am profechonal i will be famous one day
66 days ago
Omg thanks!!!! I got your pretty talented
69 days ago
((purple)OMG thank you so much do they actually think I sing like a pro ths mad ym day so much
69 days ago
And don't forget to dream and believe 😀
69 days ago
Allways remember you believe in yourself and not other people 😁