How Good Is My Singing Voice?

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This test will help you know how well you can sing. Remember, the more honest you are, the more accurate your result will be! P.S.: If you wouldn't mind, please tell me in the comments what you thought about my quiz. And if you didn't like your answer and really think you CAN sing, I think you should try. It's just one person's opinion, and all kinds of voices appeal to all kinds of people.

  • 1
    How well do YOU think you can sing?
  • 2
    How many people have complimented you on your voice?
  • 3
    Have you had any voice lessons/training?

  • 4
    Have you ever sung in front of an audience? (Both group singing and solos count.)
    Have you ever sung in front of an audience? (Both group singing and solos count.)
  • 5
    How often do you sing? (Singing alone in your room counts, too.)
  • 6
    Is singing your favorite hobby?

  • 7
    How well-known or even famous do you think you are for your voice?
  • 8
    Right now, go ask (or call) one of your friends/family and find out if they think you have a nice singing voice. What did they say?
  • 9
    Do you think you could be famous someday? Be honest.
  • 10
    Are you a better singer than your family or friends?

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15 hours ago
You know I do like music so love singing so I was bored so I took this test it was cool
it says pterry good and i think so as well btw im 10 years old jokes on you haha
3 days ago
it said I am a star... i am in middle school....
3 days ago
I absolutely LOVE to sing but I'm WAY WAY too shy to sing in front of anyone who is not 9 or under! I am trying to overcome my fear though..., by singing a SOLO!! I AM SO SO SO SCARED!!
5 days ago
12 days ago
I want to know if I got what it takes
14 days ago
I love this test !!!! it's really helpful !!
19 days ago
21 days ago
When I sing,I think I sound good . But when I record myself, I realize I sound terrible.
But that’s maybe because I try to sing like Taya Smith too much🤔 But I really love singing and hope to spread the good news one day with my voice
25 days ago
I got "Pretty talented..." The thing is, I think I sing good, and so does my mom and sister, but they're the only one's who've heard my actual voice and not just me singing and not trying. I wonder if I could ever be famous on youtube or anywhere like that. (eteal))
25 days ago
It says I'm pretty talented ☺
28 days ago
It says I am a professional. ooooh, I like that!!!
34 days ago
I really like Bob Ross. Hope your life is going good.
42 days ago
I got the good as professionals one. My friends and family say im amazing but i dont think i am. Anyone relate???
43 days ago
plz tell me if this is relatable: you don't think u can sing but others say you really can and u dont know what to believe...
43 days ago
you were beautifully made and all of you have amazing voices! Just have confidence in yourself and be yourself. Don't try to copy others voices but sing in your unique and beautiful voice. Hope ya'll are stying safe during COVID-19 and if nobody supporting you... I do! 😊 Have a great day!
45 days ago
I love singing ,and i think im pretty good but ive had a bad experience and ive completely lost my confidence. My family dont support me very much but my friends do:)
47 days ago
To everyone on here...

If you really really really want to sing then GO FOR IT. Take lessons. Sing in front of an audience. And most importantly, have faith in yourself! Don't let anyone tell you what you're doing is wrong or you can't do it. YOU are the ONLY PERSON who can make or break you.
47 days ago
I am so blessed to be a country singer I am still scared to be on stage but over all I have gotten close
50 days ago
I want to become famous