The Walking Dead Fan Quiz for the ULTIMATE FANS.

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WARNING! May contain spoilers to you.

  • 1
    Let's start with Season 1. What was Rick before the outbreak?
  • 2
    S1: How did Amy die?
  • 3
    S1: Who shot Carl in the stomach?

  • 4
    S1: What does Moreles call Rick to come say hello?
  • 5
    S1: What were Shane and Carl hunting for in the lake?
  • 6
    Onto Season 2: What does Lori ask Glenn to get at the Pharmacy?

  • 7
    S2: What does Hershel ask when he seen Rick for the first time?
  • 8
    S2: What episode name do you see Sophia come out of the barn?
  • 9
    S2: Who walked in when Rick was about to kill Randal?
  • 10
    S2: Who kills Randal and how?

  • 11
    S2: What does Rick say when they are all beside the fire right at the end of the episode?
  • 12
    Onto Season 3: How many people were at the prison before the group came to the prison?
  • 13
    S3: What is the baby Lori gave birth to called?
  • 14
    S3: Who gets with the Governor?
  • 15
    S3: How does T-Dog die?
  • 16
    S3: What is The Governor's REAL name?

  • 17
    S3: What does Daryl name Judith?
  • 18
    Onto Season 4: What does Carl name the Pig?
  • 19
    S4: Who dies of the virus first?
  • 20
    S4: Who killed and burned Karen and David?

  • 21
    S4: The Governor executes who?
  • 22
    S4: Why does Lizzie kill Mika?
  • 23
    Onto Season 5: Who kills Beth?
  • 24
    S5: What does Rick put on the Terminus sign?
  • 25
    Onto Season 6: Who shoots Carl in the eye?
  • 26
    S6: Not a question who do you think Negan killed?

  • 27
    S6: Who does Carl protect in "JSS"?
  • 28
    S6: Who's the character that Tom Payne portrays?
  • 29
    S6: Why does Carl lock Enid in the closet?
  • 30
    I dunno why but I LOVE Negan. Do you?

Comments (16)


389 days ago
i love the walking dead soooo much💜rosita is my fav character!.
1446 days ago
I’m scared of Negan. Carl was my fave till he was bitten by that’s stupid walker
1447 days ago
Daryl will always be my fav hes cute
1503 days ago
I think Negan should become a whisperer or become one of the Alexandrians.
1511 days ago
I think Negan should call Lucille, Lucy Goosey.
1511 days ago
I think that negan is gorgeous, but the new Henry (older version) is much cuter than the negan with short hair and beard. But that is just me and my preferences.Plus carl was my favorite till he died. 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
1513 days ago
I love negan. i hate the things he has done but he is still one of my favorites i want him to be good so bad, Daryl will ALWAYS be my favorite. he is beautiful
1549 days ago
I dislike negan because he killed nearly all of my favourite people
1597 days ago
Do you get to come back; or are you too far gone?
How many Walkers have you killed?
How many people have you killed?
1736 days ago
1781 days ago
i want neg....................................
1804 days ago
Terminus is a good place mo truckers
1860 days ago
But he killed glenn and aberham
1872 days ago
Negan is funny. Like the time he said Spencer had no guts. He cut him open and looked and said well I guess I was wrong you do have guts after all. He is my favorite character.
1885 days ago
Thx m8 wish u were slaying walkers with me
1891 days ago
walking dead is awesome my favorite character is rick