What guys at school like you?

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Are you capturing the hearts of the athletic jocks or the hysterical class clowns?

  • 1
    What is your best trait?
  • 2
    Which club/team are you most likely to join?
  • 3
    Which Youtuber/Channel are you most likely to watch?

  • 4
    Which quote is your favorite?
  • 5
    What is most important in food?
  • 6
    Which TV channel speaks to you most?

  • 7
    What's your worst trait?
  • 8
    Have you/ Are you considering dropping out of school?
  • 9
    We're you/ are you popular at school?
  • 10
    What kind of guy do YOU think likes you?

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22 days ago
I like this quiz I like this guy I think he likes me to I just don't relly know what to do with myself I am going through the haerdest time of my life with my family the nose thing is that he sports me ☺
361 days ago
Okay so I need some advice on guys cuz I’m having Trouble with this one guy and he has a girlfriend and she’s white because he likes white girls and so I’m Spanish or Hispanic and hi trouble with this one guy and he has a girlfriend and she’s white because he likes white girls and so I’m Hispanic and I’m not sure if he likes me or he just acts all friendly with everyone else and so I’m unsure if I should tell him I like him even tho he has a girlfriend and all that but still I REALLY WANT ADVICE FROM SOMEONE LIKE AN EXPERT PLZ IM SO LONELYYYY RNNNNN 😭😭😭
499 days ago
the idgaf guys like me.f
551 days ago
Yay class clowns like me I like a class clown!!
554 days ago
The idgaf boys ........ Makes sense
707 days ago
Me: Ok let's see wat i got...

Quiz: Your results were not clear.. 30% class clowns

Me: ummm wat the actual fukk i literally thought yall just said my results were not clear... wth.. ok watevadying on the inside
752 days ago
i got 30% artsy boys
30% idgaf boys... mhm.
761 days ago
What the hell it telling me a nerd u r a nerd bye.
806 days ago
just got 3 XD Nerds, Class Clows, and artsy ones.... really? I'm dying right know XD
824 days ago
i got class clowns! i actually like a boy who is hilarious! :)
825 days ago
60% jocks??? What? I didn’t think the hot guys liked me
865 days ago
50% class clowns
30% artsy boys
20% ners
0% jocks
0% don't give a 💝
904 days ago
I love boys they are my favorite thing in the world
910 days ago
i got 40% artsy boys
914 days ago
Well i got 40% jocks very intresting ............................ not what i would have thought
992 days ago
I loved this quiz, it made me laugh LAMO
997 days ago
40% class clowns. Mak sense and @I AINT TELLING U MEH NAME I am sure you will get a chance and if h doesn’t except your feeling then he is not worth it
1029 days ago
😭😓😓😥😥 I a.m NO match for my crush becuz I Love art AND hes Not Good at art
1152 days ago
%100 Oh THATS why I'm still single. I gotcha. Well If it's the same on both ends for us then I don't see the point in dating. Sail away my heart, and go somewhere where I don't have to deal with your🦄anymore. SEE YA!
Lol I'm just kidding!
1360 days ago
50% class clowns😜💏😂😂😂