What warrior cat are you?(For she-cats((girls)))

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What's your clan, pelt color, eye color, ranking and warrior name? Find out in this quiz if you're a warrior fan! I'm pretty sure all of you have good instincts if you pick this quiz!

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    What's your second favourite prey?

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Eagleflame (92404)
Silverbreeze. I guess it's ok.
silverbreeze (79744)
4 days ago
yeah... i except it although i wasn't expecting it at all :3 i kinda would rather be part of thunder clan over riverclan, but I'm going to become leader because I'm deputy rn. I'm only on the fourth book and i don't know who or if Silverbreeze is a real cat or not but if she is i like the name :)
IvyStar (34458)
16 days ago
Yay happy!!
Ivystar (73970)
40 days ago
Ivystar leader of thunderclan
Pinefall (68986)
70 days ago
You are Mintflight, a warrior of ShadowClan, the best huntress that ever lived. You were the one who convinced the clans ShadowClan was as loyal to the warrior code as them. You are patient but fierce and you are a great asset to any clan. You have a shimmering night-black pelt with bright yellow eyes which cheer everyone up.

I got Minflight, a ShadowClan warrior who is the best huntress that ever lived, convinced the clans that ShadowClan was just as loyal to the Warrior code as them, and are patient and fierce! I like it!
Suckie quiz (77128)
84 days ago
A two year old can do better
Silverbreeze (77128)
84 days ago
She is like Hollyleaf, obsessed with the warrior code. I wanted her to me like Silverstream.
Silverbreeze (29723)
89 days ago
I love my name! It’s so pretty! :3 and my name is famous in history, deputy, and later leader!
Icedapple (78543)
91 days ago
Icedapple is a silver-blue she -cat with dky blue eyes. I am Riverclans med cat
Feathertail (53645)
100 days ago
I got Silverbreeze what a beautiful name
Dark claw daugther of scrouge (56250)
103 days ago
I whould give this a 10/10
My oc is darkclaw
She is in shadow clan blood clan pretty much all the clans and she is a shecat that looks like scrouge
Silverstream (19833)
111 days ago
I'm super unlucky to be getting this.T_T
Icedapple (67690)
115 days ago
I'm Icedapple of RiverClan! I'm the medicine cat, known as the hero of battlefields!
featherstar (52851)
121 days ago
I got mintflight! Best huntress in Shadowclan. Convinced the clans that shadowclan was as close to the code as the other clans. Sounds like me!
Silverstream (19833)
125 days ago
Water plus cold weather is Icedapple!!!!!
Mia (52417)
126 days ago
I got Silverbreeze
Silverbreeze (23967)
134 days ago
I get to be Windclans deputy and later leader. I will be famous!!!
Lugia (65786)
138 days ago
I got silverbreeze of windclan deputy then leader
SilverStar (77897)
149 days ago
my name is silverbreeze of wind clan. deputy later to become leader
Goldenleaf (04196)
161 days ago
Ivystar!? Icedpple?! Say WUT!