Does My Lesbian/Bi Friend Like Me? GIRLS ONLY

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Do you have a lesbian or bi friend you think might fancy you? Or, do you like a lesbian or bi friend and want to find out if she likes you back? It's not as uncommon as you might think! Take this totally accurate quiz now and find out what you need to know!

  • 1
    First off, how well does she know you?
    First off, how well does she know you?
  • 2
    Do you have a lot in common?
  • 3
    Does she go out of her way to talk to you?

  • 4
    Have you heard her friends say anything about her liking you?
  • 5
    Do you hang out together, just the two of you?
  • 6
    Halfway there! Does she dress differently when you hang out? E.g., makeup, hair done, etc?

  • 7
    Do you make physical contact with each other?
  • 8
    Is she in a relationship?
  • 9
    Do you know her sexual orientation?
  • 10
    Almost there! Has she spoken to you about her dream date or anything like that?

  • 11
    Do you want a serious relationship? Are you prepared to make a move?
  • 12
    You knew this question was coming: Do you think she likes you? (I saved the best for last, lol!)

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376 days ago
I have a friend who about 2 or 3 months ago said she was bisexual.
That made me super happy.
I told her and my friends I like her about a year and a half ago.
I was joking a bit then, but still had a little kind of...crush, idk.
Now, my feelings have got REALLY hard to handle.
My town recently had a parade, flags were flying from shop windows, etc.
Me and my parents would regularly chat about it.
I tried to come out, but failed.
My mother said "it's just a phase".
But it isn't.
Can I have advice?
Should I tell my crush that I really like her?

- A really confused lesbian.
380 days ago
I m major crushing on my BFF
434 days ago
My second-closest friend came out to me the other day, and I’ve been crushing on her ever since I met her... I think I might have a chance, and this quiz agrees pretty confidently. Thank you 😊
438 days ago
i’ve been crushing on my best friend for two years and i really want to tell her. i want a relationship with her, and i really see a future with us together but i’m afraid that she might just accept me out of pity/ fake liking. like you know when you mix up friend love and romantic love? i’m afraid of that. i care about her so much, she’s beautiful and wonderful and deserves everything good in this world and i’ve been there for her through her pain and past relationships and she’s been there with mine. i don’t want anything to change. i want to preserve our friendship, but that’s selfish. i have to choose which one matters more to me and it might really be the hardest decision of my life. i don’t know what to do
439 days ago
So don’t trust this quiz
439 days ago
Ok I told her a few days ago and got rejected even tho the quiz said she loves me. It’s awkward and she doesn’t talk to me anymore
443 days ago
I'm a small person and I get cold really often so when I'm cold she lets me use her sweatshirt and I love it and I love her. If I tell her and she rejects me it'll completely ruin our friendship and I have no other close friends besides her bc were best friends. If I tell her and she feels the same it probably most likely won't last for that long. But there's still hope right??? My quiz says 58% she loves me but these things aren't real. Idk... Ill still tell her tho
443 days ago
Ima tell her on June 14 through a note but yeah so she'll have 11 days till school is out

God I'm so scared
443 days ago
Hey so I have what I thought was a little crush on my bi best friend that'd just go away but I'm completely in love with her. She's all I think about in the morning and at night and I never felt this way about anyone else. She is so perfect, beautiful, sweet, and I love her no doubt. Whenever I have a panic attack or just feel like breaking down she lets me cry on her shoulder. Our other friends always ship us and it's really awkward bc they mean it as a joke but they don't know how much I love her. She has a crush on another girl tho and I'm jealous bc I want to be that girl. I'm thinking of giving her a note on the last day of school and tell her not to read it until she's on the bus but that's what a coward would do. I should tell her soon but I'm so scared.

Sorry for the rant

450 days ago
The heart is the word frigging but slightly ruder. Gotta love the cencoring algorithm!
450 days ago
Cause I like you but it’s not enough so if you would please fall in love with me (miss, if you’re here as well, you better ask me out)
451 days ago
I'm still kinda conflicted tbh because she's always telling me that she wants a relationship, specifically with a girl, whenever the topic comes up. Like 2 days ago, I was with her and another classmate/friend of ours and the conversation of dating came up and within our class, we have this playful dating thing that was going on and it involved every girl in the class and at some point I ended up "dating" the girl I like. Ofc, I went along and we would play around how I cheated on someone just to be with the girl I actually like.

Anyway, the friend of ours, she said, "I thought you guys were dating?" My crush didn't say anything and I said, "" and so my crush said yikes. But then I cleared up my statement saying "well I don't know her expectations so.." Our friend asked again about us dating and this time, my crush said "idk are we?" And I kinda just shrugged it off.

A little bit before that tho, she personally asked me how she should tell her "very straight friend" that she likes her...since that question, i've been questioning if it's me who she's talking about bc I've never told her that I'm bi

Overall, I'm a whole mess and sorry if this was long )):
463 days ago
BIG OOF. She loves me apparently but she has said she is straight but I think she a gay boi and we are best friends lol
465 days ago
So I have this good friend of mine, who is also bi, but she already has a girlfriend. She just doesn’t want to tell anyone who that is. What should I do? It hurts so much :(
481 days ago
So.. I just out im Bi bc I have dis crush on a girl. She likes me, and I like her. But for some reason while she still likes me she is now dating this other girl and im like.. 💗. Sooo she's been down lately an I asked her whats wrong and she said "idek about (her gf) anymore, It doesn't feel like we are dating." God I just wish she would just ask ME out. Also sorry if Im sounding kinda selfish but fr tho) we have kissed before ;p but that.
Thats a long story
508 days ago
I have a little crush on my childhood best friend and she’s bi and I’m lesbian but she always says she will never date anyone and be a loner but always in front of me I don’t know what to do it’s like she’s trying to make it hard for me
514 days ago
I just wanna say i made a boy on the bus cry because i rejected him because im lesbian. Sorryyyyy
520 days ago
I thought we were just friends
528 days ago
I've known her since the start of school, and we're both in the 7th grade. She sent me a message that asked me if I wanted to go out with her, and now I'm avoiding it because I don't know what to do or say! I feel really bad, but all I want to do is cuddle, hug, and giver her attention. Please help me. What do I do...?
547 days ago
I have a crush on a girl at school, and I told her I liked her, and she told me she liked me. Does anybody know what to do now? I’m in middle school btw so nothing extreme. On the quiz I got that she did like me, (50%)