Which stereotype are you?

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Are you a Girly Girl, Emo, Jock, Wallflower, or Nerd?

  • 1
    What would you wear to a party or dance?
  • 2
    What music style is your favorite?
  • 3
    What do you do outside of school/work or as a leisure activity?

  • 4
    On a scale of 1-5, how social are you? (5 being the most social)
  • 5
    Which type of YouTuber are you most likely to watch?
  • 6
    Which school subject/class is your favorite?

  • 7
    Which of these stores is your favorite?
  • 8
    Where would you be during a party?
  • 9
    Which of these colors do you prefer?(I apologise for asking =[)
  • 10
    LAST QUESTION: Let fate decide >=]

Comments (25)


936 days ago
i got 60% girly, 30% wallflower, 10% nerd. its true, im pretty shy, but i like wearing makeup and shopping too. i also kind of care about my grades.
1244 days ago
For 100% you are: YOU GOT GIRLY GIRL! You always look yiur best and have a lot of confidence. You are liked by everyone and love being in large groups.

Yay I'm liek so happy and I'm glad I'm not a LBR=Loser Beyond Repair! But none of you are you are all beautiful even if your not GIS= Girls Like Us! xoxo
1325 days ago
I got wallflower but on other tests I got nerd or geek
1338 days ago
I got 40 percent girly girl which is pretty true I wear makeup and care about my hair but the other 60 percent is emo which is true I listen to a lot of music and like dark clothes and stuff
1344 days ago
Im 30% emo and 30% wallflower but. I never say myself as emo but i guess you could say that 🤔😂🤦
1362 days ago
thank god i got jock 😂
1381 days ago
I only got emo, which I mean I am not going to deny but I am not going to say I am like the most eno person ever.
1417 days ago
80% girly girl x c’mon my gs
1445 days ago
So I'm 50% nerd 30% wallflower and 20% girly girl which sounds about right
1446 days ago
Lol I got nerd and emo (not saying it's wrong) my friends describe me as that
1469 days ago
I got nerd and emo... makes sense haha
1495 days ago
im a nerd and an emo apparently. not saying thats incorrect
1502 days ago
Oh i got emo shockeryeah
1504 days ago
lol i got girly girl... haha that aint me
1508 days ago
Lmao i got 30% girly girl and also 30% emo
1519 days ago
I'm emo.I thought I was gonna be a nerd.
1525 days ago
Lmao i got 40% emo and im guessing the other percent is Wallflower because thats literally me
1549 days ago
hmmm. How interesting. A nerd and wallflower, plainly. I expected a simple 'queer', maybe an 'emo'...
almost a definite 'possible school shooter.'
1636 days ago
I got 20 percent of everything!!! HAHA!!! I'm..... all of them?
1665 days ago
Idk why I even take these quizzes... I take one after the next for hours and they all say the same thing lol... I knew I’m emo for literally a month and I just don’t want it to happen 😭