What's my sexuality? – For virgins

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This test is created for those who are confused about their sexuality.

  • 1
    A girl in your class comes up to you after school and confesses that she's actually had a huge crush on your ever since you meet you and asks you if you want to go out you say-
  • 2
    You are on a date with the girl at her house and she holds your hand and leans into you. What do you do?
  • 3
    After a while she looks at you and confesses that she thinks she's in love with you. You-
  • 4
    After playing a few games you go down stairs to watch a movie and she asked you what type of movie you want to watch you pick-
  • 5
    You are watching a movie and she leans over to you, tucks your hair behind your ear and whispers do you want to make out?
  • 6
    You guys are making out an she climbs on top of you and you-
  • 7
    Who do you find yourself looking at more?
  • 8
    Why did you take this test?
  • 9
    A family member finally opens up about being lesbian you react by -
  • 10
    What do you think your results will be?

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Comments (55)


155 days ago
I got 80% bi but umm I’m still not sure and if any of my family found out I would be dead coming from a Christian
191 days ago
You are probably like panromantic and asexual. :3
195 days ago
I'm still kinda confused. Like I went out with a girl and she wanted me to like her in a sexual way but I can't fully do that. Even to a guy. I can't really do something in a sexual way. The closest thing I wanted to do was kissing her but nothing else. Side note: I don't like being touched expect the hands or a hug if I gave the person permission. I don't care about looks. So I'm kinda pan but probably mostly Asexual?
209 days ago
The explanation for bi is completely untrue it says, “you’re just not sure what💗you like.” Being bi is you can love men and women even if you don’t like the equally but it is not a state of being indecisive. If you think you could be bi then you might be but that doesn’t mean you don’t know.
212 days ago
50 % lesbian 50 % bi :)
The scenarios in the beginning were so perfect I wish that would happen to me ♥
251 days ago
Lesbian 👍🏻
275 days ago
In my opinion this test was not helpful. The answers were either💗positive or💗repulsive.

I still have no clue...
279 days ago
But apart from that, th test is nice, thanks
279 days ago
O gosh bi doesn’t mean youre confused omg it means you like both. Bisexuals are NOT confused they are just attracted to both guys and girls. How hard is that to understand? No offense
332 days ago
I am 90% bi I know it
398 days ago
I’m asexual but I got only 20% ace because I’m a hopeless romantic, just not into💗and making out kissing, but I don’t blame the test because it’s hard to account for both sexual and romantic attraction
421 days ago
100% lesbian! XD
434 days ago
90% lesbian
10% bi
0% anything else
443 days ago
Still have no idea after taking 50 of these tests...I always assumed I was straight but now I think I’m bi.
But really, “Don't worry being bi inset bad it just means you're not sure what💗you like” and “it's not a bad thing to be lesbian it just means that you're a little different from everyone else”? Am I supposed to not be offended that I’m 80% an innacurate definition of bisexual and 10% “different”?
449 days ago
60% bi, 40% lesbian, 0% straight. Um...I’m just bi-curious right now.
463 days ago
Um 50% bi 40% lesbian 10% straight

Where did the straight come in? I gave no straight answers.
467 days ago
Don't worry being bi inset bad it just means you're not sure what💗you like

Ehm, it means you like both...
486 days ago
Hey Rachelle I’m 100% lesbian as well how old are you
492 days ago
Lesbian. I knew...😙
493 days ago
I'm out as bi but think I might just be lesbian... but I'm confused