What's my sexuality? – For virgins

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This test is created for those who are confused about their sexuality.

  • 1
    A girl in your class comes up to you after school and confesses that she's actually had a huge crush on your ever since you meet you and asks you if you want to go out you say-
  • 2
    You are on a date with the girl at her house and she holds your hand and leans into you. What do you do?
  • 3
    After a while she looks at you and confesses that she thinks she's in love with you. You-
  • 4
    After playing a few games you go down stairs to watch a movie and she asked you what type of movie you want to watch you pick-
  • 5
    You are watching a movie and she leans over to you, tucks your hair behind your ear and whispers do you want to make out?
  • 6
    You guys are making out an she climbs on top of you and you-
  • 7
    Who do you find yourself looking at more?
  • 8
    Why did you take this test?
  • 9
    A family member finally opens up about being lesbian you react by -
  • 10
    What do you think your results will be?

Comments (46)


Maddy (34232)
22 days ago
I am 90% bi I know it
Ace in your Face (31998)
88 days ago
I’m asexual but I got only 20% ace because I’m a hopeless romantic, just not into💗and making out kissing, but I don’t blame the test because it’s hard to account for both sexual and romantic attraction
michaela (96733)
111 days ago
100% lesbian! XD
Hey girl hey (46841)
124 days ago
90% lesbian
10% bi
0% anything else
Eva (90777)
134 days ago
Still have no idea after taking 50 of these tests...I always assumed I was straight but now I think I’m bi.
But really, “Don't worry being bi inset bad it just means you're not sure what💗you like” and “it's not a bad thing to be lesbian it just means that you're a little different from everyone else”? Am I supposed to not be offended that I’m 80% an innacurate definition of bisexual and 10% “different”?
Carly (41720)
139 days ago
60% bi, 40% lesbian, 0% straight. Um...I’m just bi-curious right now.
Me (37761)
153 days ago
Um 50% bi 40% lesbian 10% straight

Where did the straight come in? I gave no straight answers.
Felicia (86191)
157 days ago
Don't worry being bi inset bad it just means you're not sure what💗you like

Ehm, it means you like both...
Panda23 (83088)
176 days ago
Hey Rachelle I’m 100% lesbian as well how old are you
Ari (31903)
182 days ago
Lesbian. I knew...😙
admiralackbar #itsatrap (26827)
183 days ago
I'm out as bi but think I might just be lesbian... but I'm confused
admiralackbar #itsatrap (26827)
183 days ago
%10 straight, ha! so very wrong
No one (41232)
223 days ago
19 y/o 80% bi 20% lesbian, expected 20% straight instead of lesbian tbh but oh well these tests aren't that accurate anyway.
A person (99409)
246 days ago
80% bi and 20% lesbian I'm confused and I'm just about to turn 13
Chantelle (03294)
247 days ago
I am surprised that I got bi🙂
ehh (51186)
263 days ago

i like dogs
Bri (88333)
264 days ago
wow I can't believe this what would people think
Bri (88333)
264 days ago
wow I'm bi I never thought that....I'm bi?
Aarissa (64029)
267 days ago
I'm Bisexual just as I thought.
Jos (15411)
283 days ago
90% bisexual.im 12 and so confused...