Ultimate Friends Quiz

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As a die-hard friends fan, I know a lot of stuff. Do you? Test your knowledge of your favorite friends.

  • 1
    What does Phoebe get tattooed?
  • 2
    Where does the cat that has Phoebe's mother's spirit come from?
  • 3
    Who is Joey's child friend?
  • 4
    Who is Nora Bing interviewed by?
  • 5
    What arm is blown off of Phoebe by a grenade?
  • 6
    What is the meteor Ross tells the gang about called?
  • 7
    How many people are said to have gotten married while the show had it's running.
  • 8
    How many categories of towels are there as set by Monica?
  • 9
    What did Monica get in her tea leaves?
  • 10
    Who speaks the first line in The One With The Prom Video?

Comments (9)


No body (44379)
381 days ago
You got the tattoo one wrong it was a dot, cause she chickened out. And for the people asking about getting her arm blown off, there is an episode where she is talking about her in the past life taking care of wounded soldiers...
Carol (23474)
388 days ago
Please refresh my memory on when Phoebe gets her 💗 arm bown off??? The marriage question was horrible bc i wasn't sure if you were talking about the individual people or 2 people as 1 like chandler and monica is one or if monica is one and chandler is 2. THEN Phoebe wanted to get the Lily in honor of her mothers name but then chickened out then went back in and got a small dot. She claims it is "the earth seen from a great distance". You claim to be a "die hard fan" when you clearly dont know a lot lol.
Gabs (60151)
402 days ago
Your questions are pretty dumb... who spoke the first line in a certain episode? What kind of dumb question is that?
Tisha (79435)
523 days ago
THE FIRST QUESTION IS WRONG! She is supposed to get a lily but she chickens out. Rachel gets one. She says "It is the earth as seen from a great, great distance. It is how my mother sees me from heaven." I watch this show toooooooo much to not know that answer. I am so heated about this!!!!
Mathilde (27777)
612 days ago
Sweetie she doesn't get a lily tattoed... she's supposed to
Hazel (75442)
667 days ago
I got 5 right but said only 2💗response & what episode did she get her arm blown off !!!
Mad fan (52484)
695 days ago
Phoebe did not get a Lilly tattooed on her she wanted to but she got scared of the needle so she just got a dot claiming it's the earth from a great distance.
Arkanna (06642)
715 days ago
The one about phoebe's tattoo is vague too. She wanted a lily, but the chickened out and ended up with a dot which she said was the earth as seen by her mother from heaven(or smth similar). Either way, if u want the answer to be lily ask what she intended to get as a tattoo
Sausage McPants (71154)
718 days ago
Your question about marriages is far too vague. If it is strictly how many of the friends got married then the answer should be 6. Phoebe once (to Mike, she was married to Duncan before the show started), Ross twice (Emily and Rachel), Monica once, Chandler once and Rachel once. No idea where 7 comes from. They also attended the wedding of Carol and Susan, Barry and Mindy, Ross and Monicas cousin. Frank and Alice get married although you dont see the wedding. The tattoo question is wrong as well, she wants to get a Lily, ends up with a dot and tries to pass it off as the earth so your choices arent very fair