Am I Asexual?

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This quiz is for everyone questioning whether or not they might be asexual (ace). Anyone who likes may take this quiz - there are no restrictions or biases.

  • 1
    Have you ever had a crush?
  • 2
    Do you watch porn?
  • 3
    When talking about sex, has someone ever said, "Maybe if you tried it, you'd like it" or something similar?
  • 4
    Have you ever had a sexual dream about someone?

    (Said someone can be friend, cuddle-buddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)
  • 5
    Do you masturbate?
  • 6
    Are you annoyed by random sex in the media you use?

    (Media such as books, movies and TV shows are included. Porn doesn't count.)
  • 7
    Do you ever feel horny?
  • 8
    Which would you most rather do?
    Which would you most rather do?
  • 9
    Do you understand why people have sex?
  • 10
    Does the idea of sex appeal to you?

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3 days ago
My gender and sexuality is confusing even for me... hi im äma and i identify as grey ace omnisexual demigirl
4 days ago
it was correct! thats cool. I always knew I was different
4 days ago
This quiz is actually not bad. I know I'm a Demisexual but I thought that maybe I was just a confused Axexual since I currently feel nothing for others or want sex, etc. I took this quiz and my result was Demisexual. Lol
14 days ago
answer to potato yeah gray aces can still kiss
15 days ago
HOW DID THIS QUIZ KNOW it said I would rather have hot chocolate and cuddle up together not the other thing and I'm asexual to the max who knew (me) by the way I have dislesia so now you know
19 days ago
I've always thought I was asexual, but I have a lingering feeling of wanting to date. So, I guess it makes sense that I'm a gray ace!!
25 days ago
I’ve been questioning my sexuality and I’ve been thing im a grey ace and that’s what I got on the quiz. But I might be bi romantic. I don’t know. But can gray aces kiss still
26 days ago
Yo, I'm Alex! I'm bi, trans ftm and gray ace (???) idk.
36 days ago
Ace to the Max!! Har har
38 days ago
Asexual to the MAX bOi
40 days ago
Max ace and forever will be max ace lol
42 days ago
Im Asexual to the max, and im only 14 lol
57 days ago
IM MAX ACE I kinda already knew but I like taking sexuality tests
67 days ago
i was bored so i started taking are you asexual quizes (i already know im ace) for fun and one question was "What would you most rather do?" and the first answer was "Have sex" but my brain immediately changed it to "Eat cake" and I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE UNTIL I READ THE 3RD ANSWER THAT WAS EAT CAKE AND I LOOKED BACK UP AND I REALIZED I READ HAVE💗AS EAT CAKE I THINK THAT ANSWERS THE FREAKING QUESTION-
81 days ago
I didn’t realize I needed to censor my language even though I was using technical terminology. Sorry for the blanked out parts that are displayed with heart emojis. If you cared to read my long paragraph, hopefully you could figure out what I meant.
81 days ago
After taking the quiz it was found that I am a “Grey-asexual”, which I feel is a fair representation. However, just like anything else, it’s hard to categorize something so clear cut with little to no deviations. I’m not entirely certain if I’m asexual or not. Idk if I need to have💗first in order to understand if I’m asexual or not (20 yr old virgin fem). However, my experiences that have led me to believe that I am, are based on my actions so far. I don’t like physical contact of any kind. I hardly give affection to family members over the age of 4. Even when I was a newborn I hardly let my own parents hold or feed me. I’ve been this way since I can remember. Mind you, I don’t mind giving out hugs when the moment arises/when it’s socially polite/ appropriate to do so (ex. Emotional strife has occurred, greeting gesture, etc). However, outside of that... Do not touch me. Do not touch me without my explicit permission. I don’t like it. Sometimes I physically cringe or gag at the thought of touching. This is where it’ll start to become “grey” from my understanding of what a grey-asexual is. I read. I read tons of novels, but I mostly read romance. I read adult romance. I like the fantasy of a relationship with a man who’s dominant, but sensitive towards the woman’s needs. Where he loves her and is willing at any given moment to die for her. I love the sensuality, the passion, the sexual experimentation that couples go through. The fantasy of💗and relationships is what I enjoy. Sometimes it arouses me. The same way 💗can sometimes arouse me, but then after I experience some sort of physical release through 💗ion, the all consuming reality of how disgusted I am comes sinking in. I’m not ashamed of 💗 I don’t believe it should be considered a “taboo” subject, so long as it’s within reason in terms of (time/place) when discussing. I like the idea of certain kinks such as DD/lg, asphyxiation/breathe play, and much more. What I inwardly cringe about is how disgusting physicality can be. I’m not disgusted by the fluids or natural processes people go through, but at the same time I end up contradicting myself, because that’s what I’m disgusted by and the bottom line is... I’m just not that interested. There’s sometimes when I start to 💗 because I just need that physical release due to my hormones making me 💗. In mid audio💗/💗I just stop, because instead of listening and proactively trying to get off to the scenario being explained/shown by the artist. I find myself just lost in complete thought about something random or something that I intend to do over the course of a few months or so. I lose interest. My body still wants the physical release, but mentally I’m so far removed it doesn’t matter if I have an 💗 or not. Sometimes it’ll be weeks before I try again, just because I’m backed up physically, but I’ve never mentally felt like I needed to 💗. I honestly don’t see myself having a significant other and not entirely because I don’t want one, but because I just don’t see any man wanting to be with a woman like me. By societies standards I would be deemed too “callous” or “cold” when I’m not. I can be very nurturing to infants/toddlers or to people when their sick, but I can’t help my reaction to anything outside of that. Recently, I’ve been trying to make myself more open to hugging my family members, but it’s a very slow and hard process, when everything inside me wants to just run away. However, if I were to have a partnership of some sort it would have to be for the long term. I can’t speak for whatever happens in the moment, but if it was someone I grew to know and trust over the course of a few years, then maybe I would consider sex, but we’d have to be married or something... You take a risk each time you have💗(birth control, condom, or not) every time it’s a risk and I refuse to get knocked up by a man who’s label is “boyfriend”... Boyfriend means there’s more room to change your mind and personally I’ve seen waaaaayyyy too many family members get left high and dry with children to raise on their own by a boyfriend who claimed to love them.
90 days ago
Hi. I’m Ruby. I am 14 years old. I have had crushes in the past, but i never considered having any type of sexual contact with anyone. I like people for looks, personality, and for friendship. Sure, i’d LOVE to have a boyfriend, but only to hug, kiss (peck), cuddle, and talk to! I would want to have boundaries! I don’t want any STD or AIDS 😐😥😅
97 days ago
Replying to Cake like this because idk how to
"I'm confused... I felt like none of the answers applied to how I feel. See, I only feel sexually attracted to people I dont know very well, but my feeling seem to dim/fade after I spend more time with a crush.... Is this weird? Please help me." There is actually a term for this! It's basically the opposite of Demisexual! it's called Fraysexual, the description is basically that.
107 days ago
scuse my language here, but seks has never appealed to me. my friends would always talk about their riverdale stars and celebrities and how they found them hot and all that, but not once have i ever found someone hot or found a specific quality attractive. they vaguely know and have pulled a list of hot guys to see if i found any of them attractive and i just couldn't (and still can't lol) get it. i'm thirteen.
109 days ago
I'm confused... I felt like none of the answers applied to how I feel. See, I only feel sexually attracted to people I dont know very well, but my feeling seem to dim/fade after I spend more time with a crush.... Is this weird? Please help me.