Should We Date, Or Stay Friends?

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You have this friend you care about a lot - so much so, you sometimes wonder if there might be more to your relationship than meets the eye. Find out whether you should date, or if you should just treasure what you have. Take my quiz!

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    How much do you guys talk to each other?
    How much do you guys talk to each other?

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42 days ago
I got 'YOU GUYS ARE MEANT TO BE LIKE GET TOGETHER ALREADY? Soul mates *sniff sniff* Well if you're not gonna get together straight away at least slowly progress your chemistry with each other ;)
44 days ago
The dude(Caspian) I like is also my best friend. All of our other friends say that we are always flirting in class. At the end of the day, he waits for me by the buses and walks me to my bus and gives me a hug goodbye. A few days ago I had forgotten to give him a hug so he said: " Josie can I have my hug?". And just Friday we were standing together and my friend comes running by and he slows down to say “ Hi Josephine…. And hi Josephine's boyfriend. “ Caspian looks at me and turns red. In class, we are always making eye contact and then he smiles at me. Our computers are right next to each other and he always lets me put my legs in his lap. There was this one time when we had went to this dodgeball game together and he sat right next to me. And my friend said he would look over at me and smile when I wasn't paying attention. He’s suggested that we should go to Texas together to visit his grandparents and get tacos. Honestly, I have no idea if he likes me or not. Please someone help me!!!!!
55 days ago
So umm... I dont even know we talk everday he called me cute after I said I was trash and every test I take says that we were ment for each other so I dont even know, plus even if he did ask me out I would panic and say no when I want to
My love life sucks, but no one really knows who I am so I guess that is my fault because I am the girl who never talks and sits in the while people say I am emo and depressed.
67 days ago
i am going to ask him out tomorrow
148 days ago
I'm so happy I can finally be with my senpai!!!❤❤❤😄😄😄
172 days ago
Hey Roka - just saw your comment today - and if this is still relevant, I would suggest that you stay a strong "friend" (as in friend that could be girlfriend) to him. What I mean by this is to try to make yourself available (basically being there), trustable, and show him through your actions that you're dependable. All of these qualities are not only some of a good friend but a good girlfriend (same for boyfriends as well). Additionally, be ready to share your feelings when the time is right. If you know you're in the friend zone, then don't say anything. Additionally, don't feel pressured to share how you feel, because if you're sharing out of pressure, it's usually not the best time. Use your gut, and just approach this whole thing with respect and courtesy. I'm sorry if the response is too late, but I hope it can help.
Best wishes!
P.S. This is solely advice from a peer. I am NOT a love expert. My thoughts on this subject should NOT be taken as the end-all do-all.
200 days ago
U should tell him your feelings and ask him how he feels
205 days ago
Alright guys, listen up! Need advice
Me and my close friend, who is two grades ahead of me, talk a lot. We talk in person, and text all the time. The whole school thinks we look cute as a couple, and ships us. I recently developed feelings for him, i dont know if he likes me back. What to do
218 days ago
Ok so apparently we’re like meant to be according to this so idk I mean I have a strong feeling about him
232 days ago
Ewww why u make me choose names two of them are names of ppl I hate gross
271 days ago
this is hard and not fun
309 days ago
Aweee I love my results ! I’m hanging out with him tomorrow so wish me luck guys
309 days ago
ha i fag and gaaaaaaaaaa
323 days ago
i have a strong feeling that this test was written by a teen girl haha
383 days ago
I don't even know his name and he doesn't know mine we just saw each other in the hallway. I see him everyday now because I kinda know his schedule but we are meant for each other and another thing is he is in 8th grade and I'm in 6th so idk what to do
389 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend and we are talking about dating this helped me get rid of any seconed thoughts. Thanks.
418 days ago
This is the best i just need you to hope he confesses he likes me back:/ he still hasn't:( he's got too much pride if i would say.. it gets boring to wait.. it hurts too
1033 days ago
Thank you! I love this so much!