Which Ninjago couple HATES you

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Which couple hates you? This has my Oc Draculaura.

  • 1
    Me: ok I'd hate to do this but-*runs home*
    All the couples: and she's out!
  • 2
    Draculaura & Cole: least favroite food?
  • 3
    Zane & P.I.X.A.L: least favroite game?

  • 4
    Nya & Jay: least favroite film?
  • 5
    Kai & Skylor: do you like Draculaura?
    Cole: ASS HOLES!
  • 6
    Frankie Stien:*bursts in room*DRACULAURA GOT YOUR TEXT!
    Draculaura: ask something.
    Frankie Stien: do you like monster high?

  • 7
    Misako and Garmidon:*walk in room*do you have a crush on Lloyd?
  • 8
    Frankie Stien: who do you like better?
  • 9
    Cole: do you think Skylor's mean.
    Draculaura:*giggles*she is mean.
  • 10
    Me:*bursts in room*BYE!

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