How Do Guys See You? (GIRLS ONLY)

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    How do you dress?

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Tiffi's strong heart (66261)
31 days ago
This is crazy its like it can read my mind
Anonamous (22510)
192 days ago
This is the stupidest thing Iโ€™ve taken in my entire life. It is so inaccurate
Beyoncé Winterninja (27411)
198 days ago
Accurate . I notice boys look at me but never say anything
Anonymous (69529)
208 days ago
It said I'm tough. I am not tough. This is so not true. ๐Ÿ™„
kisa#7 (04780)
223 days ago
sadly... this is innaccurate,,, lol, i am told i am the least scariest girl out there, and i'm not THAT good at sports hahaha
JMS (31543)
250 days ago
mmmmh,meh,i'm fine with being "tough"
Unique dianna (74587)
253 days ago
Am am not a nerdy girl am The tough one I have 5 brothers no sisters and goody two shoe friends and I LOVE sports and they hate them I HATE homework they love it kind of and I am just saying am a tough sportie friend protector kind of girl that is not socially awkward and gets along with guys super easy
What? (74874)
261 days ago
I am so not nerdy, and I'm not exactly shy either. I not loud either I'm just in the middle. I mean I'm really good in all subjects but I like sports and I'm really social. We don't really have popular people at school but most people know who I am.
Ranae (57069)
288 days ago
The tough one. Really. Whatever. idrc. not a bad thing. maybe I should show off my softer side and just be myself.
Why do you care? (67623)
323 days ago
Nerd? Me? Pffft no way! (Iโ€™m being sarcastic Iโ€™m totally a nerd) but Iโ€™m also very sporty
Eva (55286)
326 days ago
I got tough? How am I in any way tough? I'm the comic relief most of the time!!! I feel like this quiz is horribly inaccurate. :(
Dhelene (72816)
343 days ago
Almost everybody got nerdy or tough.
Like I got nerdy when I'm not that nerdy.๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
Anastasia (09179)
345 days ago
Me a nerd???? Im not a nerd
Bob o mallie (28222)
352 days ago
A tough one seriously? I guess I donโ€™t like being messed with but seriously :/
team travi$ (07636)
355 days ago
This is ... a nerd....i am no nerd...i am as tough as they get....t....its nonsense and too think I wasted ma data on this...๐Ÿ˜’โ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’
Noodlygirl (40279)
372 days ago
I got nerdy!! But if opposites attract, does that mean I get the jocks? YAY!
Mary (28448)
374 days ago says you nerdy whilst uu not..uuurrgh juhs a waste of time..
Ava (48270)
426 days ago
I got nerdy. I ain't nerdy I get C-, C, C+ on my report cards
... (55399)
506 days ago
I'm not nerdy AT ALL! in fact, my grades are pretty low. I actually have a ton of friends r.
Jesse's Girl (78786)
521 days ago
I am not nerdy i have a whole bunch of guy friends and a lot of other friends. there's kids i dont know who know me.