Jessie Quiz

Developed by: Crystal Winter

Take the quiz to know if you know a lot about Jessie!

  • 1
    Who has a crush on Jessie?
  • 2
    The name of Ravi's pet lizard is Zuri
  • 3
    Zuri does not like Stuart
  • 4
    Bertram's friends are Kitchen Utensils
  • 5
    The name of Mrs Chesterfield's dog is called Zeus
  • 6
    Morgan is the name of Jessie's boyfriend
  • 7
    Christina is a fashion model
  • 8
    Creepy Connie is in love with Luke
  • 9
    In the episode ' Understudied and overdone', Emma helped Bertram with his cooking video
  • 10
    The name of the doorman is Caleb

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