How much of an Atheist are you?

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Atheism is spreading fast across the world... But how atheistic are you? Find out with this quiz!

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    What do you think of religion?

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15 days ago
The author of this quiz has a huge misconception on atheists. My beliefs are based on scientific facts and I don't even think about the afterlife or whatever. However, I don't hate any religion or religious people; I respect their choices. I simply don't understand why some think us as rude and ignorant. Not all of us are rude. I quite agree with Noe. though.
23 days ago
Miley religious or agnostic. seems about right
35 days ago
It’s atheist choices are rude
39 days ago
I am 12 years old and for a very long time I have known I was a athist(dont know how to spell half the time) But all of my belifs are based on science i have been in a church 1 time and that was for a funeral for my G-ma but i could have cared less the food was amazing though! Also my first kiss was with a girl and we are going strong so💗it God.
86 days ago
If you took an online quiz expecting a high-brow analysis of atheism versus religion, you're gonna have a bad time.
Hail Eris. Fnord.
100 days ago
As a Christian who answered honestly and got a score of "agnostic/mildly religious", this quiz seems to have been written by someone trying to make propaganda rather than an actual quiz.
135 days ago
The atheist options are rude and offensive. Not all atheists are rude :/
179 days ago
This was obviously put together by someone who know very little about atheism. How about formulating questions that do not carry emotional charge. Most atheists don't hate the pope, jesus and god, they simply don't believe in them. And most are not emotionally invested with the existence or nonexistence of an afterlife. It's like asking how they feel about the moon, and the answer possibilities would be: I love it, i hate it, I'm not happy about it but I know it's there. Well, none of the above. And for the record: there isn't a gradation to atheism. You either believe in gods, or you don't. If you're on the fence then you're an agnostic. There is no such thing as a mild atheist and heavy atheist.
195 days ago
I am mildly Christian, but I don't hate Atheists, I think they have their reasons to not have certain beliefs. Neither I believe that being Christian makes me a good person. Not because I have religious beliefs I thin I'm dumb. I don't hate other religions. But I just wanted to say some comments are so contradictory to others. It's a shame there is ignorant people who happen to be Atheist. Why? Let me tell you. There are comments of people saying they are Atheist but they do not think Christians are dumb, but just the bottom comment is of another Atheist saying Christian people are dumb, that Atheists are the best...race? I have to tell you one thing, there is no better belief than another. We all have different levels of faith in different things. I think we should respect each other and stop making people that are representing religions with a good, respectful, and understanding mentality look dumb by saying these type of things. Please have a little more respect. I'm not actually mad, but some people here make Atheist look really dumb, when I know they are not.
198 days ago
Gonna say that, I am an atheist but I know jesus was a real man, I just believe it was all a coincidence or something else I can't be be bothered to think of
797 days ago
These options are really rude and disrespectful. I'm atheist but when I see (for example) the answers for question 6 I can't help but think there could have been a better person to write this quiz:

What do you think of the Pope?

He is a fool!

He is a leader of a heathen religion!

He is a leader of the wrong type of Christianity!

He is a holy man!

He would be nice if he didn't follow that religion

How about the option of "I won't hate on his beliefs but I don't necessarily agree with him?"
803 days ago
Obviously written by a non-atheist.
When your options go from something like "not really" to tacking on additional qualifiers like "and you're an 💗 for believing", "but many atheists are rude", and "Those who deny it are ignorant", it illustrates a serious lack of understanding. It's the equivalent of having something like "Yes, I love God and all non-Christians will burn in hell forever!" as the next option after "Yeah I think God exists."
807 days ago
My view to religion : I think religion is wrong, I have strong atheistic beliefs. But religion is your freedom, but I want to persuade everyone to be atheist.And jesys was a cool man
820 days ago
God- X Jesus-O Jesus just a kind man-O Respect oth. religion- not respect, but ok. Wanna into theist-X thunk god doesnt exist -O say that god doesn't exist-sometimes Have christian friend-O have christian in family-O
Atheism>Buddhism>Japan&China religions>Judhaism>Hinduism>Christianity>Islam
Religion is not real, but some people think it is, and it's okay (BUt I want them into Atheist)
826 days ago
I'm just confused about religion.
833 days ago
I don’t believe in god but would never hurt or shame another person for their beliefs. My grandmother was a 💗 Christian and I loved her to pieces. I think it’s ok to be anything as long as you are not hurting other people. I don’t believe in god because I just can’t, I can’t see something like that existing, it does not feel real to me and I cannot believe no matter how hard I try. But those who do believe, that’s perfectly ok, don’t let my post put you off.
855 days ago
Athiests are the master race
871 days ago
Why are all the options rude? Like okay, i am an atheist for sure, but all the options were either too rude or ignorant. Just because i am an atheist doesn’t mean that i am a bad person or i think everyone else who believes in God are dumb. You are only a good person (/atheist) if you respect others beliefs. And if you don’t respect others thinking, then you are simple just rude and ignorant.
875 days ago
I hope there's a scientific proof that god dosen't exist!!!I'm MEGA ATHEIST. (but buddhism and Judaism is OK)
877 days ago
I'm so proud to be an Atheist 😌