How much of an Atheist are you?

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Atheism is spreading fast across the world... But how atheistic are you? Find out with this quiz!

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    What do you think of religion?

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47 days ago
I'm an average athiest according to this test, who am I to argue. I guess it was written with theist spite to subjegate, convert and conquer. There really is no justifiable degree to thinking or believing, you either except one or the other.
59 days ago
This was just very rude
103 days ago
I have to laugh about this....the stupidly of this is we believe that God is not man made...however when Communitisim started moving across the globe....not only is was it against the world market place andin the government....but also against religion....the birth place of Communitisim began in mother revolution of the government and the church of Russia....from Marxism to Communitisim....this also started the process of Atheistism....when the American Communities Party started up in the United States of was actually a third-party ticket in American politics....although older Russian still held true to the Russian Church and the belief in God....Atheism is a missed used was no more than a political views of individuals who revolved against the Russian Government and the Russian Church.
173 days ago
I think this test is a little rude, they kind of have the whole idea upside down. Athiesm is the lack of a belief in a god, no the belief that there is no god(subtle but inportant difference) and they seem to make out athiests as bad and mean people, they aren’t. And they confuse antithiests with Athiests.
177 days ago
Is bad that I believe god is something like Santa Claus you believed when you are younger but now you’re like really I’m in 8th grade and we’ve been dicussing in American history how in the 1500’s people would just like write the Bible and stuff like that soo basically there was dude making up stuff like this is what I believe don’t come at me
197 days ago
It’s an ok test I kinda liked it
249 days ago
Of cource i want there to be an afterlife, as long as its not the christian one cause then i'm screwed
261 days ago
Pope is a great person. But I don't have other option so "click"
263 days ago
Ok first of all I don’t scream I ANTICHRIST IS AWESOME or whatever and I don’t hate god and I don’t think people who beleive in something are ignorant. Ok that was a lie they r ignorant but if they beleive in somehing then they beleive in it I just want them to know that they can’t shake my belief; there is no god, we go no where when we die unless we were killed or murdered, if we die of a desease then we just die, if we commit suicide then we just die because we are ready to die if we had a disease or if wanted to commit suicide but if u were killed then u weren’t so u become a ghost. What I’m trying to say is that’s what I beleive in and u can’t change it
266 days ago
all of these are pretty rude. Do I hate the Pope? No, I don't hate anyone except god himself because apparently he killed billions of innocent people. But I don't agree with any of them or that tiny middle ground can't express it. It kinda is like HE SHOULD BURN IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL or I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WOULD KILL MILLIONS FOR IT.
Clearly written by a theist. If it was written by an atheist it would A not be so stereotypical and B have more reasonable options.
294 days ago
These options are really rude and disrespectful. I'm atheist but when I see (for example) the answers for question 6 I can't help but think there could have been a better person to write this quiz:

What do you think of the Pope?

He is a fool!

He is a leader of a heathen religion!

He is a leader of the wrong type of Christianity!

He is a holy man!

He would be nice if he didn't follow that religion

How about the option of "I won't hate on his beliefs but I don't necessarily agree with him?"
300 days ago
Obviously written by a non-atheist.
When your options go from something like "not really" to tacking on additional qualifiers like "and you're an 💗 for believing", "but many atheists are rude", and "Those who deny it are ignorant", it illustrates a serious lack of understanding. It's the equivalent of having something like "Yes, I love God and all non-Christians will burn in hell forever!" as the next option after "Yeah I think God exists."
305 days ago
My view to religion : I think religion is wrong, I have strong atheistic beliefs. But religion is your freedom, but I want to persuade everyone to be atheist.And jesys was a cool man
317 days ago
God- X Jesus-O Jesus just a kind man-O Respect oth. religion- not respect, but ok. Wanna into theist-X thunk god doesnt exist -O say that god doesn't exist-sometimes Have christian friend-O have christian in family-O
Atheism>Buddhism>Japan&China religions>Judhaism>Hinduism>Christianity>Islam
Religion is not real, but some people think it is, and it's okay (BUt I want them into Atheist)
323 days ago
I'm just confused about religion.
330 days ago
I don’t believe in god but would never hurt or shame another person for their beliefs. My grandmother was a hardcore Christian and I loved her to pieces. I think it’s ok to be anything as long as you are not hurting other people. I don’t believe in god because I just can’t, I can’t see something like that existing, it does not feel real to me and I cannot believe no matter how hard I try. But those who do believe, that’s perfectly ok, don’t let my post put you off.
352 days ago
Athiests are the master race
368 days ago
Why are all the options rude? Like okay, i am an atheist for sure, but all the options were either too rude or ignorant. Just because i am an atheist doesn’t mean that i am a bad person or i think everyone else who believes in God are dumb. You are only a good person (/atheist) if you respect others beliefs. And if you don’t respect others thinking, then you are simple just rude and ignorant.
372 days ago
I hope there's a scientific proof that god dosen't exist!!!I'm MEGA ATHEIST. (but buddhism and Judaism is OK)
374 days ago
I'm so proud to be an Atheist 😌