Do My Mom/Dad/Siblings Abuse Me?

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So, you're worried a family member or members might be abusing you (this could be physically or emotionally!). Take this quiz to find out! It will tell the truth and ONLY the truth, I promise.

  • 1
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
  • 2
    Do they (or does he or she) blame you for something you didn't do, knowing you didn't do it, and just did it for amusement?
  • 3
    Do they (or does he or she) ignore you even when they're in a good mood?
  • 4
    Do you ever get scared to say "no" to them, and only them?
  • 5
    Do they (or does he or she) ever forget all about you, or not care about your safety, or know you're in trouble but do nothing about it - even laugh?
  • 6
    Do they (or does he or she) ever threaten to hurt you physically, or even do so for no reason?
  • 7
    Do they (or does he or she) ever humiliate you in public?
  • 8
    Do they (or does he or she) ever control your behavior, or try to? And hurt you if you don't do whatever it is?
  • 9
    Do they (or does he or she) they try to manipulate you to forgive them when they did something REALLY bad to you?
  • 10
    Do they expect you to do EVERY LITTLE THING for them? (In other words, for you to be their servant?)

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14 days ago
I'm 14 and live with my Mum, Dad and 4 younger siblings. I know I cant call the police, I don't even have a phone and the police are racist and probably wouldn't care.

My Dad enjoys to yell at me for small things, for example me not getting out of bed early. My mum doesn't let me have friends and doesn't believe what I say.

Its not just me. My Dad hates my youngest brother more than me. My mum favorizes my two younger sisters, but wont say two words to me.

They call me stupid even though I do so well at school, belittle me, tell me to 💗 in public, slap me, don't let me keep in contact with my friends or let me see them. My older sister went through the same thing (she has moved out now) but she says that I should wait it out like she did, or when things get bad I could stay with her for a while. She lives in London so I know it would never happen.

My parents also treat me as a slave, but just me, not my siblings. They say I'm the oldest and its my duty to serve my them. From a young age I also found myself looking after my siblings while my parents leave all day for work.

I dread school holidays. Right now is summer six-weeks, and I hate not bein able to talk to my friends, not allowed out , having nothing to do but read library books. I am quite popular in school and its sooo embarrassing having to tell my friends I don't have a phone so they can contact me.

My plan is to wait it out, bare it, rely on help from my sister. I know my parents expect me to get a good job and support they when they're older (back to the oldest duty stuff). Tats when I'm going to throw it in their face and get revenge. How dare they ask for money when they have never taken a day to even smile or encourage me? I'm sorry, but they've ruined my childhood. I hope this comment is still here when I finish Uni, I going to show it to then when I don't need them, maybe sue them for emotional abuse.
20 days ago
I don’t know what to do I can’t live like this for 6 more years
22 days ago
if i do call someone then the rest of my family will hate me... i'm going to wait till high school ends and i'm out of this hell of a houseEnter here your text you want to format
50 days ago
when your mom is emotionally manipulative/verbally abusive and you've got a year and a half until you can move out... stay strong gang we'll get thru this
82 days ago
I guess abuse my daughter. I took this test in her POV.
99 days ago
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