When Will I Get My First Period - Tween Quiz

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This is a short quiz to help other girls to understand when they are likely to have their first period. I created this quiz based off my anxiety about my age and when I got my period, but later realised that that was not one of the important factors in having a period at all!

  • 1
    What is your age?
  • 2
    What is your weight?
  • 3
    Do you have a lot of pubic hair (hair down there)?
  • 4
    Do you have much discharge (white creamy goop in your nickers)?
  • 5
    How much under arm hair do you have?
  • 6
    BOOBS - What size bra are you, if you wear a bra?
  • 7
    BOOBS - what are yours like?
  • 8
    What is the hair on your legs like?
  • 9
    Have you been moody recently?
  • 10
    Have you had any cramps (on your lower stomach)?
  • 11
    How old was your mother or any other female relative when she got her first period?
  • 12
    Do you want your period?

Comments (193)


Bad estimator (35323)
21 days ago
i would say about 10-20 years Kayla so not very long
kayla (64818)
26 days ago
someone please estimate me!
*acne all over my face
*started puberty 2 years ago
*my 💗 r round but still growing (34/36 A)
-have to shave everyday (legs and pits)
-never had spotting
-cramps a lot before (they kill)
- down there it is dark brown and wavy/curly
-wear a lot of deodorant
-discharge is bad, i get sooo much every single day
-have a ton of good cravings

someone estimate me please!
Hi (25733)
28 days ago
@Celina 3-7 months probably
Celina (58596)
32 days ago
Hey guys a lot of you say this quiz isn't accurate so can somebody do me?
Acne: A few spots
Breasts: AA
Pubic Hair: Dark and thin, no curls
Underarms: Hairs are now brown, short
Discharge: Started about 2 weeks ago, little-medium flow
Spotting: None
Cramps: 1
Mood Swings: Sometimes
Underarm smell: 8 months

Rebecca (87773)
41 days ago
Same spongebob others say 3 months and this one said 2 years such a lie
spongebob (08976)
43 days ago
2-3 years??? all the other tests I took said at most 4 months
%uD83E%uDD1F (85231)
51 days ago
lol i already got my period and it says from 2 to 4 months?
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 (00238)
53 days ago
Hiiiiiiii thhhhhhhis quuuuuuix iiiiiiiiiiiis notttttt accuraaaaaaaaaate 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Cece (73830)
67 days ago
and i had cramps and my head been hurting, and my lower back has been hurting, and i been rlly hot in cold areas but no sweat @me for estimation
Cece (73830)
67 days ago
okay i have the real stages of my pubic hair and my breasts ok i am stage 4 in my breasts and in my pubic hairs
Ughh (41170)
67 days ago
So I’m 13 almost 14 and I started puberty about like over 3 years ago and I wear a B and C cup bras. I get loads of discharge EVERY SINGLE DAY at least twice. I have had discharge for over 2 years now and it kinda sucks bc I have to wear a panty liner every day now for about a year or else my underwear gets ruined. I get cramps and back pain almost everyday and I’m always hungry. Everyone thinks that I’ve gotten my period even though I’m short but I’ve just been trying to be patient because all my friends have it and I think I should’ve gotten it already..anyone want to estimate me or give advice!!!????
Cece (73830)
67 days ago
stage 3 in pubic hair
Cece (73830)
68 days ago
@me for estimation plz
-my breast are round and small (stage 3)
-pubic hair some are dark and some are curly not fully developed (stage 4)
-mood swings happen only for like 3 days
-been in puberty for 5 years
-idk when my mom/sister got theres and i aint asking
-armpit hair blond and wispy but some are dark
-sweating and my armpit are smelly when i sweat but its been like that for years now
-leg hair are dark but not fully developed
-i am 11 years old
-no discharge
-not spotting
-i been taking tests but they all say 6 months so i am guessing i am going to have it in six months
- i rlly want it
-plz @me for estimation plz
Emma (50664)
77 days ago
This really helped! It is very accurate and thanks!
Izzy (47960)
81 days ago
Hi stina! I am 12 and got my period about a half a year ago, but I totally relate!! Before I got my period, everyone in my friend group had it except one other person and I was scared I would get it after her and then feel left out.
The thing is, though, is that now that I have it and she still doesn't have it, she's opened up about feeling left out herself. Even though you don't want to be the one to feel left out, if that other girl your age gets it before you you should be happy for her. And if she gets it after you, be nice to her. I understand how hard it is to feel left out, not only with my friends but also bc I have 2 older sisters who got it way before me. Just try to feel happy and be supportive no matter what
June (43921)
83 days ago
Dancer4life. Omg same. I’m pretty sure for me the 2-4 months is more relistic bc all the other quizzes said 1-5 months
I need help (63949)
88 days ago
hello... my mood swings have been so bad lately. i just yelled at my best friend for ignoring me and then i started crying. omg help me... ugh
Dancer4life (33697)
97 days ago
I got 33% got 1-2 months, 2-4 months, and 2-3 years

🐶 (23132)
97 days ago
I took this quiz and it said 1-4 months and u got it the next week
Jane (00761)
102 days ago
@shygirl don’t be nervous to tell your parents. It’s natural and they’ll totally understand.