Does your crush likes you back?

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Be honest while answering the questions for accurate results!

  • 1
    I know that there's always a question like this at these kind of quizzes but; Does your crush stare at you?
  • 2
    Who always start the conversation?
  • 3
    Are you friends?
  • 4
    Are you friends with your crush's friends?
  • 5
    Have you ever heard of someone said; 'Your crush likes you too!'?
  • 6
    Did ANYONE (friends, teacher, classmates, etc.) ship you and your crush because they think you two would be a perfect couple?
  • 7
    Does your crush's friend said to you that; "(your name), it's your boyfriend/girlfriend (points at your crush), he/she's over there!"
  • 8
    (SAME AS THE SHIP QUESTION BUT...) Did anyone said (not your friend but SOMEONE except them); "You guys look cute together!"?
  • 9
    Did your crush ever touched you once?
  • 10
    Where did your crush touched you?
  • 11
    Did your crush ever touched your things FOR NO REASON?
  • 12
    Did your crush borrowed some of your things?
  • 13
    Did your crush gave you a nickname?
  • 14
    Does your crush tease you?
  • 15
    How many years did you know each other?

Comments (15)


jonah marais (68116)
17 days ago
lmao, my crush likes me.. Like I can feel it actually..
Annie (79346)
109 days ago
I have known my crush for 7 months and liked him for 2.5 months.
Mhj (51276)
140 days ago
I have known my crush for 5 years and have liked him for 2
London Latham (50579)
245 days ago
Almost there
Anabelle (80575)
248 days ago
Someone (44251)
327 days ago

My crush likes me back!
Random (70701)
374 days ago
It says that he does like me!!
Nikki Maxwell (56714)
386 days ago
Apparently hates me but gives all the signs
Still got hope!
Fizybubly (99109)
599 days ago
Does your crush likes you back?


Your crush likes you back! How did it happen? If you're a guy, try to confess your feelings to her... IN THE RIGHT TIME. And if you're a girl, there are two options; confess or give him some hints to know that you like him!
Fuffkin (30467)
656 days ago
It sure is a nice result, but Idk... Maybe I am there allready
Sky (58445)
665 days ago
I went out with him for a day and a half then split up with him 😞 I asked him and he said he still likes me but I just wanted to double check
SweetLonging (46252)
665 days ago
I love my crush so much but I still didn't tell him even after 2 years:-(
babysweetgirllove69 (96827)
668 days ago
i rlly like my crush... i ohpe he likes me baxk. :((((
i love applepie (96827)
668 days ago
poopiepie (96827)
668 days ago
i like how its accurate o3o