Does He Have A Crush On Me? (Teenage Girls!)

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Have A Crush? Wanna Know If He Feels The Same Way? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

  • 1
    On A Scale From 1-10 How Much Do You Like Him?
  • 2
    How Confident Are You That He Likes You?
  • 3
    How Often Do You Two Talk?
  • 4
    Do You Ever Catch Him Staring At You?
  • 5
    Do You Feel Like He Pays Attention To You?
  • 6
    How Long Have You Two Known Each Other?
  • 7
    How Do You Know Each Other?
  • 8
    What Do You Two Normally Talk About?
  • 9
    How Well Do You Know Him?
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    Was This Quiz Helpful? (Doesn't Count Towards Your Score!)

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justagirl (32797)
135 days ago
I have a huge crush , which I’ve had for nearly a year at high school. He smiled at me , we touch feet sometimes and shoulders. I catch looks from him sometimes too. I want to talk to him more but he sits next to other girls and he seems more shy to me? All quizzes say he might/probably/still thinking. I am really tall compared to him so I’m scared he might be intimidated by that? Help please x
janice bottom (47491)
138 days ago
i really like my crush (i think i’m in love) i’m not sure he likes me back we’re really good friends and we’ve known each other for 2-3 years we talk everyday (more than once a day) when my best friend asked if he liked me he said he didn’t know and it was a complicated question but when she asked if he wanted to go to a school dance he said yes. i’m not sure if he thought it was just as friends or not. i ALWAYS catch him staring at me and all my friends say he likes me (and some of his friends). can you help?
Nikki Maxwell (56714)
355 days ago
I think he might know cuz....
My friends asked him a few times
And my BFF teases me in front of him (once she said something about him and I loudly said "be quiet!!" And blushed really hard)
I'm gonna ask him
Wish me luck anyone reading this
Nikki Maxwell (56714)
355 days ago
Stares almost 24/7
I guess sometimes comes a little close to me
Smiles when we talk
Helps me
I dunno if he blushes while talking to me
Nikki Maxwell (56714)
355 days ago
OK, soooo.... According to my friends, my crush HATES me (apparently, he said he'd rather eat an ant than be my friend). Around me, he gives almost all the signs that he likes me.
We r pretty similar in many ways (both of us r Muslim, etc)
So should I ask him if he likes me???
Pls plss plssss reply I need help!!!
M + N (47767)
537 days ago
Never mind, I found out he doesn't like me.
M N = (47767)
549 days ago
Oh, and his friend are always acting weird around me. Not all of them, it's like just some of them know. And this boy from my class, he found out about my crush, and he's an 💗, so he told it to everyone, but no one trusted him. My crush seemed happy though *YAY!*. The class teased us for a while, I was mad (but secretly happy, and my crush seemed to be too!!!) and so was my crush. They stopped really quickly, and then, all the boys started acting weird around me! Like he told them to stop, and had to tell them that he has a crush on me!!! I'm still not sure about all that, it's just me and my crazy theories. Pls help!
M N = (47767)
549 days ago
Oh, and yesterday at school, on a break, I was studying, and I was walking towards the classroom, while I was reading, and he purposely bumped into me. And after that his bff laughed and pushed him into me, and he was all, like, mad at him for doing that. And about a month ago, his bff pushed him into me while saying "Well, there she is, when you li..." I'm not sure what he said, but it seems like he likes me. *Screams YAAAAYYY on the inside* All my friends say we're soulmates and that he totally has a crush on me, but I'm really not sure. What do you think? Any more info you need?
M + N = (47767)
549 days ago
My mom and his mom know each other from high school, and me and my crush know each other since we were kids (i didn't have a crush on him then). We are in all the same classes in school, seriously all the classes. I'm shy, and he's shy, so we don't talk to each other a lot. He always stares at me, and for those two seconds I have to see him before he looks away, his eyes look bigger than usual. We are both too shy to admit it to each other (if he actually has a crush on me), so I don't think that that will happen any time soon. I really like him a lot, and I would like if he would be te one to ask me to go with him to the "little prom" (it's a dance "party" at the end of the ninth grade). When I go out with friends, we go to a place were all the boys from school play football, and I stare at him, and he stares at me. I always thought there might could be a little chance that he has a crush on me, but I was never sure. My test result was "He likes you!". It said you could help in the comments, so what do you think?
Naoamianaleeyahonikeewayiihonannianne (58390)
554 days ago
By the way, Rose, you are SOOOOO brave to tell the guy you like him. I would, like, never tell him. DO NOT HAVE THE NERVE. :)
Naoamianaleeyahonikeewayiihonannianne (58390)
554 days ago
Interesting answer... it says that he might be interested to get to know me more. Huh?
rose (22201)
605 days ago
OK so i like this boy were in the same class and like i keep on staring at him and sometimes he stares at me.He keeps on staring at my hair stuff i told him that i like him but he hasn't told me yet.
We talk sometimes about like stuff like everything But just wanna know if he like me or not!?
Lashae (49970)
610 days ago
Can u please tell me if this boy like me because i am not sure if he likes me cause he is dating my cousin but the thing is he is too too friendly with me and keeps looking at me like he is like always nice to me but can u help me please ...
Maya (24687)
611 days ago
OK so i like this boy ever time I see him he asks for a hug an I hug him so recently we actually had a chance to conversate and he complimented me and we just talked abt like and stuff he layed on my shoulder and rubbed my leg a lil bit an I was actually shocked and happy I had so many butterflies and then later on we went to lunch and he wanted me to sit by him and we talked and all that and he asked my my Facebook and I wrote it down an gave it to him the thing is its Sunday I gave it to him Friday an he hasn't texted me once so I'm a little down
Jazzygal (50201)
613 days ago
I really need help cause I don't know if this guy likes me. Basically i've been doing these tests all day and literally all of them say that there is a possibility we could be together. I've also researched on the internet on how to find out and that said focus on body language - one thing they said was look at his legs. If they are pointing towards you there might be chance he likes you. He also came up to me the other day while I was drawing and he said they looked really cool.
But there's one problem. If he likes me he might ask me out and I will have to dump him (which is REALLY harsh) because I am a Muslim which means I have a boyfriend until I'm going to get married.
Esther (19445)
613 days ago
I told him I like him on snap chat he said he always knew I thought it would be awkward between us but it's not he talks to me mostly on snapchat but sometimes he opens it and doesn't reply I asked him why and he said he was too lazy he also told me to trust him I do but he knows how much I like him but never said anything about how he feels about me but I know he doesn't like me help!!!
Marewa (00879)
613 days ago
Even though he is one year younger than me, we were in the same class for a year and he was very happy around me, I mean he did sit next to me, but he doesn't come to school anymore and the other day he asked me for sex, but I didn't know if he was joking because he is the kind of person to joke about that stuff and on the same day I asked if we could hang out and he mentioned a place but it would have taken me ages to get there so I mentioned another place and he said he was there but he didn't turn up and when I asked him why he didn't come hae just kept on saying he was there but I know he wasn't there, so I don't know waht to think of him anymore.
Iva (68660)
613 days ago
He is one year older than me. The first time I saw him was like a year ago. I kinda liked him, but I thought he was maybe idk about 3 years older. Some time passed, and I realized that I like him. I thought that he likes me back, because he was looking at me all the time, but when I look at him, he is looking at something else. The problem is that we never like met and stuff, but we like know everything about each other because I was always asking my friends do they know something about him and I found out tha he was "researching" about me too. I realized that my best friend and his best friend were actually friends! So when I didn't come to school, my friend would tell me that his best friend asked her where am I, why didn't I come to school etc.. Then something terrible happened! That wassummer break hahaahah I didn't see him for 2.5 months and I was like, did he forgot about me and stuff? I mean, I still kinda see that he is starring at me, but when I look at him, then suddenly, he is looking the other direction. Idk what do you think???
TeenGirlsAdvice&Quizzes (86087)
614 days ago
Olivia, if you want me to determine if he likes you please give me a little more detail cause it's really hard to tell from that small description you gave me! I will say that if you two make eye contact a lot it might be a sign he likes you. Try telling me a bit about him. Every guy is different when it comes to signs of liking a girl but depending on what his personality is like I might be able to figure him out!
TeenGirlsAdvice&Quizzes (86087)
614 days ago
Bella, it's ok! Never believe rumors that might not be true!!!! If u are really concerned about it try asking someone he's close to and see if they know anything! Good luck!