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What Mythical Pokemon Are You!

  • 1
    What Will You Do When You Grow Up?
  • 2
    What Did You Do At School When Your 10 Years Old?
  • 3
    Your Dad Warned That You Wrecked Their Car If You Don't Mow The Front Lawn And The Front Lawn Is 30 Big Books On The Ground. How Will You Respond?

  • 4
    Your BFF(Best Friend Forever) Is Having Trouble Trying To Babysit A Newborn That Can't Calm Down Unless You Give It It's Dummy/Pacifier And The Mother Took It With Her For Her Next Baby's Birth. What Will You Do?
  • 5
    YOU Are The Only Judge For Hell Or Heaven. You Have 100 Died People. What Do You Do?
  • 6
    What Is Your Favorite Colour

  • 7
    Wild Jigglypuffs Sing. How Long You Would Stay Awake?
  • 8
    A Wild Pikachu Appeared. What Will You Do?
  • 9
    Meow Meow Meow Meow Wolf Meow
  • 10
    How Is The Quiz?

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