When will I get my period?

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  • 1
    I know you may not like this question but...it is a necessity...How much do you weigh?
  • 2
    What size are your boobs?
  • 3
    Do you have any discharge (Goop in your underwear...)?
  • 4
    Have you been moody?
  • 5
    Have you been more hungry lately?
  • 6
    Have you gained weight really quickly lately?
  • 7
    Have you had Cramps below the belly button lately?
  • 8
    How is your leg hair?
  • 9
    How much hair do you have down there?
  • 10
    How much armpit hair do you have?

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Bob (49467)
5 days ago
For the ppl scared bc it said any minute now, I took the quiz and got that result months before my period actually came so you might still have some time left, but still be prepared just in case :))
Hello (40459)
10 days ago
colette (00287)
35 days ago
omg it says “40% nearly a year to go”
that’s the MINORITY!
what about the other 60%??
Indie (73510)
120 days ago
Want my period so bad, all my friends have it!!
Abi (Not my real name lolll) (54655)
193 days ago
I got any minute now and I am only ten soo guys any advice
Welp (54655)
195 days ago

Wait a minute

What was that


Omg its here

Jk lol
247 days ago
It says "any minute now" im just hopings it will be,and im just hopings if IS THIS QUIZ EVEN ACCURATEEE???
OK anyways i had cramps for 2 weeks and mood swings like EVERYDAYY
I even cry when nothin even happen :v
Plz help (17897)
337 days ago
Oh ya and mom was thirteen and a half, and i weigh 98 pounds

Plz help (17897)
337 days ago
Age: 13
Pubic hair: some
Armpit hair : bit
Discharge : SO much
Modd swings : 24/7 ( i cry a lot )
Cravings : all the time
Cramps : sometimes

Plz help!
Plz respond name is Lexi (89911)
405 days ago
Whoops meant I have been having cramps for 3 months now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee respond to me!!!!! I want it so bad!!!! And if so tell me things to make it come faster! I'm about to start school and I want it before then!!!
Plz respond name is Lexi (89911)
405 days ago
Hey again, I took this 63 days ago and it said anytime now? Is something wrong with me I'm still 13 turning 14 in apirl, 💗 are full, use painty liners and they get discard in them everyday I have been having cramps since but I haven't spotted and I don't have any armpit hair and I have taken almost all of the quizzes and all of them say 1 month again🙄 And I wanted my period so bad!!!!! Still want it!!!!!
olm (02287)
428 days ago
took this cuz i was bored, i wanted to see how stupid it was... i was right. dont trust these things kids, it comes when it comes and theses test just cant be trusted ok? good cuz ive have mine for years but it says i have "5-8 months." Moral of the story is... everyone is different, some people dont get much discharge others do, its just life, you have to wait and see, if it happens out and about, dont panic toilet paper is a suitable short term alternative, leaks happen to everyone and thats fine (:
PBoss (00420)
433 days ago
Aw man. Just got the results. What's an A or B cup???
PBoss (00420)
433 days ago
Hey everyone. I just took this test and I haven't seen the results but...really, I am not sure how i feel about getting my period.
Trenady (49206)
435 days ago
What?!!!!!!! It is like WHAT????!!!!! It gave me so many
different answers!!!!WHAT????!!!!!! I'm 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How am I supposed to find the right answer ?????!!!!
Sarah (95306)
447 days ago
Sorry i ment it just told* me all the answers andthis quiz didnt help*
Sarah (95306)
447 days ago
It just tild me all the answers, like what? Like i feel its vry close to coming but this quiz didnt halp bc it just told me like 4 different things
Katy (16345)
447 days ago
I might sound crazy but I want my period I'm so excited my test results said 2-3 yrs

I'm so sad
Katy (16345)
447 days ago
Age: 11
Breasts: triangle shaped
Weight: 78 lbs
Mom got hers: 14 yrs old
Discharge: none
Armpit hair: none
Public hair: beginner
Hair on head: red
Emily J (78064)
456 days ago
Someone help:

Age: 11
Breasts: Triangle shaped
Weight:74 lb
Mom got hers: 12
Discharge: None
Armpit hair: Blonde
Pubic hair: Lots
Hair on head: Blonde