What if you woke up a boy?

Developed by:

Your in 7th-9th grade (you chose)
and your a girl. you go to sleep and you wake up a boy. what happens?

  • 1
    You wake you what happens?
  • 2
    You go to the bath room what do you do?
  • 3
    Your still in the bathroom what do you do?
    (you kinda have to pee)

  • 4
    You go back to your room to put your clothes on.
  • 5
    You go to school. everyone thinks your a new kid. What do you do?
  • 6
    Your old friend (whos a guy) asks if you want to play soccer?
    Do you?

  • 7
    You have to pee at school. what do you do?
  • 8
    Your in health class (SexEd) and their talking about "stuff". then your crotch area feels weird? Do you know why, How do you react?
  • 9
    You walk out of health class. A friend (guy) tells a joke- "Do you know what matters, size."
    do you get it?
    (If you don't. try not to ask someone)
  • 10
    You go home. what do you do.

  • 11
    You eventually go to the clothes store what do you buy.
  • 12
    You go to sleep, how?
  • 13
    You go back to school, You find a hot/cute girl, whst do you do?
  • 14
    No mater what you just said she liked you and you two agreed to be in a relationship. what is you first date.
  • 15
    The next day you go to the doctor. what will happen
  • 16
    Now how do you feel you are a guy.

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