Are you asexual?

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Asexuality is one of the most poorly understood sexual orientations. This quiz is meant as a starting point for thinking about if you're on the asexual spectrum. Only you can decide for sure.

  • 1
    Have you ever willingly done something sexual with someone, without being pressured into it?
  • 2
    You pissed off a witch and she curses you to be unable to have sex for the rest of your life. You are still allowed to masturbate. How do you feel about this?
  • 3
    Do you ever see a stranger for the first time and fantasize about having sex with them?
  • 4
    Regardless of whether or not you actually masturbate regularly, what do you (or would you) prefer to think about or look at while masturbating?
  • 5
    Think about a point in your past where you had no sexual experience (if you still have no sexual experience, you don't have to think back very far). How did that feel?
  • 6
    You meet a new friend. The two of you get along well, and you come to care about them a lot. After about six months of close friendship, they suddenly make a sexual advance on you. Both of you are single and you find them attractive (aesthetically, if not sexually). How do you react?
  • 7
    A good friend of yours just had sex with a new partner and wants to tell you all about it. How do you react?
  • 8
    How would you describe your sex drive?
  • 9
    Imagine that you are having sex right now, as vividly as possible. You're in your bed with a partner, both of you are naked, and they are lying on top of you. You feel the weight of their body, and the heat of their groin against yours. How does this fantasy make you feel?
  • 10
    The last question is a simple one. Do you think you're asexual?

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Bluebird (63727)
13 days ago
Sorry for my horrible grammar and spelling... :P
Bluebird (63727)
13 days ago
I‘m a Lesbian and asexual ... my ex girlfriend broke up with me bc of that...😔 I have never loved anyone as much as I loved her ... and although I had💗with her (everytime I fehlt so uncomfotable and scared ) bc it is so important for her she left me ...she told me she wants to be in a sexual realationship with someone sexual ... and she also had this BDSM Fetish ... and she wanted to be with someone who is attracted to this too... I‘m not ! I could never do this Things to her although she really wanted me to do it ... I could never never never spank her to tears , slap her in the face or use a strap on for „punishment“... 😔thinking about hurting her like this makes me want to cry I dont know why I‘m writing this here maybe bc its anonym and I have Nobody to talk to ...😂
Aubrie (68495)
22 days ago
Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m asexual.💗to me doesn’t look fun or pleasurable. It just looks awkward and painful. But kissing looks fun.
Alexa (41034)
38 days ago
I’m maybe demisexual
Violette (56624)
88 days ago
I'm lesbian and maybe demisexual.
Loooool (99404)
96 days ago
In other words Single forever ?😂
:B (35366)
97 days ago
yup! you can be lesbian and asexual. it's called homoromantic :D
Loooool (83882)
123 days ago
Can you be Lesbian and asexual ??? I think i am ... is there anyone else like me?😂😂
Voldemort (70107)
139 days ago
Well I ACEd this test
Meg (44062)
192 days ago
Well this makes sense
Cilla (97751)
213 days ago
I think I might be grey-ace. I'm 97% sure that I can go through my entire life never having💗and be content. I've never dated or thought of anyone in a sexual way. I'd like cuddles tho!
Josie (21980)
237 days ago
lol im 99% sure im at least grey ace.seriously.
Anonymous (97923)
242 days ago
I thought I was gay but turned out I'm actually asexual
august (33611)
242 days ago
So i got asexual and to be honest im not surprised😂 i never thought of someone that i like/love in more than kissing/cuddling/making out type of way =)
Christian (73726)
245 days ago
Me to !! I got the same thing and I am so freaking weerded out !!
Matyu Sniper (71509)
302 days ago
I am asexual and I think💗is disgusting☺
Emma (95396)
520 days ago
Yep, I've got the ace card lol