What's my sexuality (girls only)

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For all the confused teens.. Finding out only our sexuality could be hard at times

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    Who is your dream partner?

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T'anni (23186)
7 days ago
Okay I have a boyfriend right now and I love him but I feel like he is the only boy i will ever date and I'm a girl by the way and so I feel like when we break up like no other boy will seem attractive to me and after that I feel like I will only date girls
oof (17815)
8 days ago
Most of these have answers I wouldn't choose, and I don't like all the swear words. Kids go on this website!
Nibba idk (89286)
36 days ago
It says I’m pansexual or something lol,idk what that means,but idc who u are as long as u love me and I love u back then we perfect bish
This girl (80990)
39 days ago
Honestly i dont know.. i got pansexual though
Nobody (77760)
51 days ago
I have been unsure of my sexuality for a while.... some of these questions were unhelpful, because I am yet to have💗or sexual feelingso towards someone. It says that I am bi, and I wouldn't be suprised
Ace in your Face (31998)
61 days ago
Hey, don’t be a jerk to aces. Don’t tell us we can’t live like that, that’s how I’ve been living my entire life. Just because I’m not sexually attracted to someone doesn’t mean I don’t experience romantic attraction, I’m panromantic for crying out loud, and even aro aces have just as much fun as everybody else, just in different ways. Being on the ace spectrum doesn’t mean you can’t have relationships, romantic or platonic or if you’re demisexul or grey ace, sexual.
Pansexual Girl (92117)
69 days ago
The questions did not have answers I would normally give. But in the end I got pan. I already knew I was pan I was trying to figure out if I was Asexual or not since I have never had a crush BTW I'm going to be 12 in 3 months so that might be why.
Joshler 4 life (72421)
96 days ago
It gone mine right. Pansexual.
Evelyn (78987)
122 days ago
I'm bisexual, I've only told my mum she was fine with it at the time but then made excuses saying it's just a phase but since feeling a few more people I just want a girlfriend practically forgetting all about the other 💗 I'm 16 and I have no idea how my family is going to take this seen as though I've always known and my family in homophobic 😓
Mariam (92992)
123 days ago
I got bisexual but I’m lesbian🤷🏻‍♀️
Icespirit (23981)
126 days ago
a lot of these question don’t have the answers that i would actually give :/
Hamiltrash (56388)
129 days ago
It got me right-bisexual (I'm twelve btw in case that helps anyone)
Lol (50544)
140 days ago
I got bisexual but im a lesbian 🤷‍♀️
Bender is great (35439)
140 days ago
I still consider myself to be lesbian even though I’m not attracted to a particular girl.
kokobop (53113)
141 days ago
ASEXUAL LMAOOO but i'm having a crush with someone :/
Confused girl (32209)
144 days ago
Anybody gonna help ?
Confused girl (32209)
144 days ago
Help guys! I can't figure out what i am. The only crush I gave had in my life was a boy but I fantasize about girls also nvm I have a crush on a girl. I'm not very old and I'm so young I might not supposed to be on here as I'm 10 years and 9 months so please help guys
A person (32209)
144 days ago
@Shawn Mendes's babe , be yourself. You can't change who you are. Especially not for somebody else. Be you. Also are you saying lgbt is wrong? It's not.
Turtle+boy (77597)
146 days ago
Says I'm pansexual, which I am.
Someone (27284)
154 days ago
Says I'm bi, maybe I shouldn't even be seeing what my sexuality is since I'm between the age 11 and 13 (12), but I'm attracted to girls mostly than guys therefore I think I'm more homosexual instead of bisexual :/