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Let' see how much you've been paying attention throughout the years of The Vampire Diaries.. Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    Elena Gilbert was always a vampire.
  • 2
    Elena Gilbert best friend is Bonnie.
  • 3
    Jeremy is Elena's boyfriend.
  • 4
    Damon Salvatore was in one point in love with Caroline Forbes.
  • 5
    Elena parents dies from a car accident.
  • 6
    Damon met Elena first then compelled her to forget that they've met leading Elena to believe she met Stefan first.
  • 7
    Bonnie is a witch from the line of Salem.
  • 8
    Katherine is Elena's birth mother.
  • 9
    Elijah and Rebekah are husband and wife.
  • 10
    Jeremy and Bonnie have once dated.
  • 11
    Damon is in love with Elena.
  • 12
    Klaus wanted Elena's blood to make his own army of hybrids.
  • 13
    Katherine compels Elena's aunt Jenna to stab herself in the stomach.
  • 14
    Elena's feelings for Damon overrode her feelings for his brother Stefan.
  • 15
    Katherine Pierce was Caroline's Doppelgänger.
  • 16
    Katherine loved Stefan more than Damon.
  • 17
    Stefan made Damon complete his transition to vampirism by making him drink blood.
  • 18
    Esther Mikaelson was Bonnie's grandmother.
  • 19
    Jeremy Gilbert was a part of the Brotherhood of 5.
  • 20
    Klaus drowns Tyler Lockwood's mother.
  • 21
    Stefan has a Doppelgänger named Silas.
  • 22
    After Jeremy dies, Elena turns off her humanity and burns down her house with Jeremy in it.
  • 23
    Elena finds out that Alaric Saltzman is her father.
  • 24
    Rose dies from a werewolf bite.
  • 25
    Bonnie was an anchor to the other side before it was destroyed.
  • 26
    Lexie and Stefan were once an item.
  • 27
    Kai and Bonnie were best friends.
  • 28
    Alaric and Jo were engaged to be married while Jo was pregnant with twins.
  • 29
    Damon helped Bonnie return back from the prison worlds.
  • 30
    Kai and Jo had a nice brother/sister relationship.
  • 31
    Caroline had feelings for Elijah.
  • 32
    Elena finally took the cure and managed to make Damon consider taking it as well.
  • 33
    Kai held no magic but was able to siphon magic from others.
  • 34
    Kai killed Elena.
  • 35
    Mary-Louise was in love with Matt.
  • 36
    Valerie comes to town to steal Stefan from Caroline.
  • 37
    The Huntress marks Enzo.
  • 38
    Damon desiccates himself because he doesn't want to go on with life without Elena.
  • 39
    Julian destroys the phoenix stone.
  • 40
    Damon goes inside the vault to severe the link between Bonnie's huntress curse and the last hunter body.

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tvd fan (62344)
486 days ago
Rose did not die of a werewolf bite. Damon freaking killed her (mercy-killed) by staking her so she wouldn't suffer anymore. 💗 it.