What if you woke up a boy?

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You're a 13-year old girl. You always argue with your brother (who's about the same age as you) about stuff and just don't understand each other.
But one night you two are arguing and say "you just don't understand because you're a boy/girl".

So you two are going to sleep and wish that they'd understand what it was like to be the other gender.

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    You wake up, how do you feel?

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11 hours ago
Just saying, there were wayyyyy to many spelling errors, and I FEEL like punching my laptop out of existence
11 hours ago
I really wouldn't mind being a boy cuz I am bi, and wouldn't mind doing something with a girl(; But it would still be weird
3 days ago
Dear Hi, you aren't the only one. Know what I mean ;)
50 days ago
I wanna stay a boy but I wanna be a girl so I can switch myself to a boy but have the same friends and stuff ADD THIS PART!!!Please!!!
74 days ago
Why is there no option to hang out with boys in a flirty way?
89 days ago
I want to be a boy not a girl :(
136 days ago
My sexy b.o.o.b.s are so sexy you would love to kiss them
136 days ago
I'm a girl so I'm lucky my boyfriend loves kissing my 💗
160 days ago
I wouldn't mind am tomboy anyway but still I LOVE MAH BUUBS

198 days ago
Yello people
231 days ago
Im staying a girl. I dont want to be a boy.
238 days ago
Hi, it would be weird to be a boy... I mean u just wake up that way? Suddenly u have a d*ck and then what? U just act normal? And u can’t just walk in to a school if they don’t recognize u. There would b questions. Also, y did u say “for all the 💗 that don’t know” , if u ask meh, that’s offensive. You should work on dat.
Hewo I’m a hooman and I am 13 yr old
Bye girl, bye
241 days ago
Im a girl but I could handle being a boy. I'm a pretty big tomboy.
245 days ago
I am a girl yayyyyy good I have a bf XD
251 days ago
K Raz Z people I got never would want to be a guy
376 days ago
If i were a guy id smash all the boys.... cause yaoi ya know what i mean? LMAO IM SOS
397 days ago
I so much want this to happen. Would be a lot easier than the therapy way.
548 days ago
Biologically, I'm a female, but identify as non-binary. I think it would be easier for me to get the look I feel I'd be the most comfortable with if I was a guy
666 days ago
I’m a girl but wouldn’t mind being a guy or flirting and kissing girls or going on dates with them if I woke up a guy. And hello GALZ!!! And gay dude...
676 days ago
Hey guys,what's up??