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  • 1
    - a rheobase is an intensity of electrical stimulus at double duration of the stimulus that
    induces a threshold response
  • 2
    - a chronaxy is the shortest time during which the stimulus with intensity of rheobase
    induces the response
  • 3
    - a chronaxy is used for qualitative expression of the tissue excitability
  • 4
    - a membrane resistance to low frequency electric current is negligible
  • 5
    - in the living body the bone and fat tissues have the highest electric resistance
  • 6
    - a membrane resistance to an effect of direct current (DC) is negligible
  • 7
    - an electric current passes the tissue through the structures with the lowest resistance
  • 8
    - effects of alternating current (AC) on tissue do not depend on its frequency
  • 9
    - the intensity of alternating current (AC) is expressed in volts
  • 10
    - an impedance of a tissue has a character of capacity (capacitance)
  • 11
    - an impedance of a tissue has a character of induction (inductance)
  • 12
    - a tissue impedance does not depend on frequency
  • 13
    - a tissue impedance increases with frequency
  • 14
    - a skin resistance is measured in ohms
  • 15
    - a tissue impedance is measured in ohms
  • 16
    - the whole body impedance is a quantity that characterizes the body resistance to AC current
  • 17
    - a tissue impedance equals to the sum of capacitance's of the cell membranes
  • 18
    - the lower is the frequency of AC the higher is a thermal (heating) effect
  • 19
    - an electric current stimulates both the muscle and nerve tissues
  • 20
    - cells within the electric field behave as electric dipols
  • 21
    - an electric resistance of a dry skin is lower than the resistance of the wet skin
  • 22
    - during the measurement of the whole body impedance the examined person has to be
  • 23
    - a multipotential (e.g. electromyogram – EMG) consists of many action potentials
  • 24
    - an electroneurogram (ENG) of the only one nerve fiber is characteristic by an equal
    amplitude of action potentials
  • 25
    - an electrical resistance of a dry skin is 10-fold higher than the resistance of other soft
  • 26
    - an impedance of the tissues has a resistance and capacity components, a capacitance is
    the highest at low frequencies of an electric current
  • 27
    - a conduction of an electric current in the tissues depends only very little on the tissue
    molecular structure
  • 28
    - an upper limit of hearing can be determinated by a gradual increase of sound intensity at a frequency 1 kHz
  • 29
    - during the audiometry a doctor must decrease an intensity of sound and to change a
    frequency of an applied sound
  • 30
    - a sound intensity expressed in dB is a logarithm of absolute intensity (expressed in SI
    units W/m2)
  • 31
    - a „zero isophon“ is a straight line (when expressed in units phons), which represents the course of hearing threshold for different frequencies of sound
  • 32
    - frequency is a physical quantity expressed in Hz-1

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