Do you actually like your crush or is the love fake?

Do you want to know if it's real, then take this quiz and find out. Everyone has a crush but nobody really knows why. In this quiz you'll know why and if it's true love.

  • 1
    Why do you like your crush?
  • 2
    Best feature
  • 3
    Do you stare at him/her?

  • 4
    Do you hav pics of him/her?
  • 5
    I .....
  • 6
    What would your emotion be if your crush started dating someone

  • 7
    I like only one person
  • 8
    What would you see in the theater with your crush
  • 9
    I love....
  • 10
    I would say (...)to my crush

  • 11
    Which word describes your crush
  • 12
    If your crush shows up in a bad outfit and takes you to bad place what would you say
  • 13
    I hate...
  • 14
    How's the quiz been so far
  • 15

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