Does She Like Me? (By A Girl - 100% accurate)

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You think she's cute. But the question is, does SHE think the same of YOU? As a girl myself, I can tell you what she's probably thinking from the answers you give to my quiz. Take it now and find out!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught her staring at you?
  • 2
    Are you friends?
    Are you friends?
  • 3
    How often do you talk?
  • 4
    Has she ever tried to sit by you, or made an effort to be near you? (Hey, girls TOTALLY do this!)
  • 5
    Does she ever act a little shy around you?
  • 6
    Have you ever flirted?
  • 7
    Have you ever noticed her flipping her hair, crossing her legs or straightening up when you enter a room? (Who can blame her? She wants to look good for you!)
  • 8
    Have you ever hugged/kissed or had any physical contact at all?
  • 9
    Does it ever seem like she places herself where she'll have a clear view of what you're doing?
  • 10
    OK, we girls can be jealous creatures. Does she ever seem angry if you're flirting with someone else? Or does she 100% ignore you?
  • 11
    How does she react when you start flirting?
  • 12
    Have you ever complimented her? And if so, how did she respond?
  • 13
    Do you ever try to get her to notice you and it seems like she's purposely trying NOT to? (Hey, this is sometimes because she's nervous and she wants you to come up to HER.)
  • 14
    We're getting close to the end! Have you ever entered a room and noticed her friends giggling a lot more than usual?
  • 15
    Has she ever blushed or pretended she didn't notice you when you walked into a room?
  • 16
    Has she ever stumbled over her words or said something silly as soon as she sees you?
  • 17
    Does she ever start playing with her hair a lot when you're around her?
  • 18
    Does she face you whenever you're talking?
  • 19
    Does she ever act super girly, or super tough, around you? Either of these could mean she's trying to get you to like/notice her.
  • 20
    OK, last question - do YOU think she likes you? Because intuition is usually right.

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Cormac cnutface (29337)
7 hours ago
Hi. My name is Cormac. This might be, shall we say, a little bit off-topic. My friend (let's just call him T) and I were having a discourse. Seeing as there are many girls in this comment section, I'd like to ask... Do girls like guys who can c*m into their belly buttons? Thanks for the quick response.
wish u liked me back k (30897)
22 hours ago
im a girl and i just took this to make sure im not droppin any signs to the guy i really really like
I like her. Im a girl. I dont think she likes me. The quiz said she does. But its just I quiz. I dont know why im talking like this.
mabel (79642)
3 days ago
im a girl. i like a girl. the girl likes me back. #lesbo
Hella shy but tom boy (49550)
3 days ago
I just took this quiz to make sure I’m not showing signs for the guy I like
Elana (64320)
4 days ago
I'm so going to tell her tomorrow
Kendra here to hive advice (97424)
4 days ago
Ok boys. Lesson time. Girls like it when youre nice. So be nice. Compliment them but not too much. Be there for them. And if they like you their friends will know. If you talk to her and she smiles and go's mhm. And starts talking to her friends she probs doesnt like you. If you guys are going somewhere together dress comfortable and nice. And dont act mean or gross when ur with ur friends to her. Girls hate that. Dont call her nasty or gross. But dont be a creep and say she smells nice. I know we r confusing. But sorry!
Piper (89527)
5 days ago
I’m a girl. Okay so there’s this dude I like is name is emm uh I’ll just call him s. so s littarly never notices me. But I still always get the feeling he likes me back but it’s kind of hard to tell. my friend I’m just going to call Ashley said she’s seen him look at me but that was last year so I’m not really sure I’m just really confused. also another thing I get SUPER nervous around him and I can literally never even say hi I usually just walk past him acting like I don’t like him at all and I’m kind of just annoyed at my self for being really shy and it’s hard to explain but I always have the feeling he likes me back and we never really talk the only time I actually remember decently talking to him was at a field trip so ya... any advice?
ImAGirlHereToHelp (52721)
5 days ago
Why would I tell you my name,
Hey, if you purposely try not to look at her, people kinda think you either despise her, or that you like her so much that you;re embarrassed to look at her. If she sits in your sightline, thats great news! It would obviously mean that she's trying to see you all the time, your reactions, and the times you actually LOOK at her. Thanks for askin'
Why would I tell you my name (75586)
5 days ago
I sort of think she likes me, but no one would guess in a million years that I like her. I just act normally as if I DIDN'T like her. I purposely try NOT to look at her. But she does sit right wher she can see me, all the time.
ImAGirlHereToHelp (37892)
6 days ago
Anonymous Echidna,
She could just be confused at to whereas you like her or not. If she smiles at you or makes an effort to be at least near you, she wants to see your reaction to what she was doing. Try showing her that you like her, and don't wait too long, she could just think you're not interested and stick you in the friend-zone. Be bold!
ImAGirlHereToHelp (37892)
6 days ago
guys act like they absolutely despise you, when the actually like you, ALOT. And the fact that he actually talks to you is awesomeeee. You have the upper hand there, but he may just be a player, trying to get girls. Choose carefully! (hope that helps)
ImAGirlHereToHelp (37892)
6 days ago
i'm a girl, here to help all ya dudes wit dem problems with girls. just ask or smthin....
any tips (28817)
7 days ago
so I took this and I answered how I thought my crush would answer and I think I need to act more like I like him
Anonomous Echidna (88828)
9 days ago
Would it hurt of help my chances if I spend ≈ 3hrs with her each day (ski team) Also, the test seemed more geared towards more flirty girls, but what would my chances be if she smiles at me whenever we see each other, and it seems like she makes an effort to sit next to me/across from me whenever we are alone or she is not with her friends.
gameBoii__ (95756)
9 days ago
Just took this for fun. My "subject" was my girlfriend lol. Good news! She actually does love me :D
bailey (53431)
12 days ago
hi , im a girl and theres this guy, tyler. He acts like he absolutely hates me but he can't go a whole class without making conversation. He always smiles when I talk to him but when I ask him if he likes me as a friend he says "i tolerate you" with a flirty smile. I don't know tho. whenever we see each other, we pretend we don't see each other but like in a flirty way, i guess. I dont know, i really like him.
Lele (89527)
13 days ago
Huh? what are you talking about?
13 days ago
So how does girl stuff work...THEIR FEELINGS YOU DIRTY MINDED PEOPLE
Lele (89527)
14 days ago
Thanks for the advice cutie locks!