The Fnaf Theory

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Here are some questions that illustrate the truth behind the story fnaf game ( whether it fnaf 1, 2, 3, 4, bite of 87, and the tragedy of the sister location )

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    What is meant by fnaf?

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Zack (01809)
20 days ago
I got a 100 but some of these questions were wrong ( I know everything about Fnaf )
MelanieSong (73557)
33 days ago
I've read all the books and played a few games of not i watched them..... and I got all secrets unlocked....... I GOT AN 8/18. Why make a quiz if you don't know what your doing....And how is it Henry's fault if Afton killed the children and his their bodies!
Fce (76426)
70 days ago
Question 4 ummm Afton and Henry both founded it..
Violet (92481)
106 days ago
It was Fred bear. Have you seen my he Fnaf 4 mini game 0 days till the party?
The Nasa Dragon (45666)
148 days ago
the bite of 87 was foxy
Geeky gamer (00775)
180 days ago
Omg I watch so much YouTube but havn't plays the game and still I'm prety egicated on fnaf;)
Kayne (34581)
190 days ago
Who was killed in the spring lock suit
Balloraandfoxygirl (20501)
194 days ago
Purple guy’s real name is Michael Afton
Balloraandfoxygirl (20501)
194 days ago
Adam mac (84613)
216 days ago
In fnaf 3 there is 1 real animatronic
star gazer (35443)
227 days ago
golden freddy is not a possible ghost he is a halluction
Ziki Pizza (50364)
267 days ago
who ever made this should get their facts checked- I'm a real FNAF fan and some answers to the questions are WWWRRROOONNNGGG!!!((
Loading... (89990)
314 days ago
I disagree with the answers to the quiz. On multiple questions, there were multiple correct answers. The quiz was good, and hard for people who only play the game, but how could Henry be responsible when Purple Guy (William Afton) is the one who lured the children to the back room to kill them? And in sister location, they say right at the beginning that "Mr. Afton" designed the animatronics. So he was still technically responsible for the death of his daughter, who was killed by Baby. Just saying, the quiz could use some work.
Stacia033 (71706)
376 days ago
So far this is good.