Lesbian Test

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A quiz made with the hope of creating a more accurate, genuinely helpful online way for girls who are questioning to figure things out, even just a little. Made especially for those struggling with compulsive heternormativity. All wlw welcome.

  • 1
    Who have most of the men you've felt like you had a crush on been?
    Who have most of the men you've felt like you had a crush on been?
  • 2
    When you envision a man you could possibly be with long term, what do you see?
  • 3
    When you think of having sex with or being in a relationship with a man, what do you feel?
  • 4
    Give yourself ten seconds. Think of every man you consider attractive that you can. How many did you get?
  • 5
    Now, think of every attractive woman that you can. How many did you get?
  • 6
    Who, in general, do you focus on in (heterosexual) kissing or sex scenes of movies and TV shows?
  • 7
    Do you struggle to relate to heterosexual romances?
  • 8
    Do you ever interpret platonic fondness for a man as a crush?
  • 9
    Do you feel unexplainably happy when seeing gay couples in public?
  • 10
    Separated from all politics, prejudices, discrimination, etc, does the idea of being with a woman make you feel happy?

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???? (13731)
67 days ago
I have feelings for my best friend and one day I decided to tell her but after the first sentence she walked away and said "nice". All I said was "I'm lesbian" and I already feel rejected. Now that she ACTUALLY forgot I don't know what to do. I'm only 12 but I know my sister and most of my friends will never accept me. My sister actually said " if you married a girl I would pretend you weren't my sister and I would never go to your wedding". What do I do????
ME (64795)
68 days ago
I think I’m gay like I’m pretty sure because I’ve liked women but I’ve never reAlly liked a guy
Anonymous (87817)
69 days ago
I'm 12, and I'm pretty sure I'm head over heals for my best friend ( another girl ), and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I'm so scared and confused. Now my suspicions are confermed. " Pretty Gay "
Someone (10377)
70 days ago
So i am 13 years old and i dont really know if im bi or lesbian.... Two years ago in my class came a girl named Lara and she was super nice to me and so we became good friends almost Bffs... And we both had a big crush on a same guy and after he left the school everything stopped... We were still good friends but she didnt told me that she was on relationship.... When i found out about them i was angry and sad for no reason... Watching them kissing made me feel so depressed... And when they broke up she was Always crying and i was there for her. When she Got better she was falling im love and everything.... I just cant watch that it makes me so angry, sad, depressed..... O kinda think that im im love With her
hella gay (31903)
70 days ago
yay. looks like i'm a lesbian.
Abbi Sullivan (04462)
72 days ago
I'm 11 and I'm not even sure if I'm bi or lesbian, I used to like a guy in my school but then my best friend who I really liked and loved her orange hair, asked me out... I said yes. We haven't figured anything out or kissed yet but I really want to... I don't have any crushes on guys anymore and focusing on her, but if we don't go well... I had another girl I really like, but I don't think she would except me because I don't think she is straight...
Pia (82682)
72 days ago
You're pretty gay, yay.
Someone (37073)
73 days ago
Im 12 and have a huge crush on my bestfriend. She came out to me as bi and I said I was bi but know im not sure. I do find guys attractive but i cant think of having sexual relationships with them while I can with women. Every test I take I get a variation of undecided. I honesly dont know.
No one (61826)
73 days ago
I am 13 and I have a crush on the girl and she likes me back. But I am scared no one will except me...I am scared that I am going to bullied because I am turned on by girls. But here’s the werid part I also like guys. Some guys at my school I would so date. I need help
Milly (01854)
74 days ago
It says I am lesbian but I don’t want to be! Is this a phase? Im only 13
Angelina (53720)
74 days ago
I'M LESBIAN. (I already knew I was)
Sorry Charity that (83442)
77 days ago
1) What scenarios?
2) What's supposed to turn me on?
Charity (34816)
78 days ago
I just broke up with a girl I was with for a year
Liv (78741)
78 days ago
Sophia (31305)
79 days ago
I am a lesben so ya well I like both men and women ok don't judge me k
I am happy I am lesben
jules (38152)
80 days ago
Confused (15673)
81 days ago
It says I'm gay but i have a boyfriend
Happy to be lesbian (46904)
81 days ago
I got pretty gay, so happy! 😁
Turtlelover (87769)
81 days ago
Having Trouble coming out? Ally hills coming out song YouTube
Jazmyn (32978)
83 days ago
I got pretty dam gay