Do you like her or are you just curious/interested?

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This quiz is for lesbians, bisexuals or bi-curious girls ONLY

  • 1
    Have you had any sexual fantasies about her?
  • 2
    Have you ever had any romantic fantasies about her?
  • 3
    Does she know how you feel? As in does she know you think you have a crush on her or just interested?
  • 4
    Do you get jealous when she is talking with her crush? (If she has one)
  • 5
    When she is angry or upset with you, do you act like you normally would or do you try your best to make her forgive you because you're upset she is upset?
  • 6
    Do you stare at her often?
  • 7
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 8
    Did you like this quiz and were the questions 'relatable'?
  • 9
    Sorry about this I just dunno what else to ask?
  • 10
    Do you think you like her?

Comments (13)


Why (04567)
62 days ago
I got that I probably like her but I know that she will never like me back. She and my other "friend" are always cuddling and make jokes about how they like each other but I'm not certain if they are just joking or not...
Kat (87483)
83 days ago
I mean...I'm sure I like her...I'm just not sure about *her.* I've given her few hints but she always has crushes on boys...I just wanna cuddle with her at the least ;-;
OOOF (31524)
96 days ago
so I do like her?!?! SHE STRIAGHT OOF
abby is a rat. (04752)
97 days ago
i relly like her but i don't THINK she feels the se way. we are really good friends which makes it weird for me because we are often together and we touch eachother (NOT in that way) anyway i realy like her.


im sorry (NOT)
AaaaaaaaaaAAAA (98005)
100 days ago
Idek if I like her even after this quiz:///// I'm pretty sure I do but I'm also pretty sure she's straight,, buuuut she made a joke with our friend about "liking me" and argggghh idek anymore I also sort of like this other guy but I don't think I like him that much anymore im so confused :///
abbYEE (04752)
103 days ago
she is straight (i think) buy i really like her and if i told her im scared it would ruin our frienship.

(she knkows i'm bi)
Jennifer (94272)
115 days ago
Honestly I still don't know. I don't even know my sexuality and The girl I think I have feelings for or I think I don't, WHO KNOWS!?
She is in our group and whenever I joke around and say 'I'm lesbian' she says 'eww or gross' I don't know anymore.-
Private (69941)
117 days ago
My best friend is younger than me by three years, I have asked her who she would rather marry and she said she dosnt want to marry I have told her I love girls but I don't know of she thinks I have a crush on her she is just to young to understand
AnonymousAirVent (00008)
196 days ago
Oy, the part about making sure they’re okay with LGBTQ+ people is incredibly true. I had a crush on a girl, she was also my friend, and one day she just out-of-the-blue, randomly mentioned that she hates gays and that they should all go to insane asylums. I responded with a choking sound, of course. My other friend tried to convince her that gays weren’t insane, and she just nodded silently and begrudgingly then returned to what she was doing. She still tenses up and shuts up whenever the LGBTQ+ community is mentioned, though. You can be absolutely sure that my heart was shattered in two at that moment. All at once, she transformed from the friend I admired, to the person of which I can only see the faults of. I try to stay away from her now. I don’t want to hurt her for an issue I can’t even tell her about.
Diana. (75542)
225 days ago
I dunno, she's my best friend and telling her will probably stuff up our friendship. She's straight, too, though in think accepting of LGBT+. She still thinks I'm straight because I'm too scared too tell anyone I'm not. No one knows. So I just won tell her, it'll just make things awkward and she doesn't need to know because she's straight so it's not like she likes me too.
me (57345)
229 days ago
She has a boyfriend, and idk how but her boy knows i like her and he wont let me to talk to her, i so sad
Sarah (37074)
230 days ago
Well luckily she's gay, I'm gay, but unluckily, i don't know if she likes me
Theanonymouspoet (01133)
350 days ago
"For her"

Of all the people
I ever knew
Nobody ever was
As wonderful as you

I wonder what you think of me
I don't think I'm good enough
It takes a very special person
To be worthy of your love

I know I'm not special
But for you I want to be
A much better person
A new version of me

And maybe it's not much
The things that I gave
But I would walk through fire
To keep you safe

~the anonymous poet