How pretty are you (ACCURATE) for girls only!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Ebany - Developed on: - 8.301 taken

Take this very accurate quiz if you are desperate to find out

  • 1
    What colour are your eyes?
  • 2
    What colour is your hair?
  • 3
    How often do you get compliments?
  • 4
    Do you think you are pretty?
  • 5
    Which one of these combinations describe your looks best?
  • 6
    Which one of these best describes your personality?
  • 7
    What do you want your score to be?
  • 8
    What clothes do you wear?
  • 9
    This quiz is nearly over!
  • 10

Comments (8)


GryffindorChaser (90562)
52 days ago
I mean, I do think I'm sort of pretty...and people do give me lots of compliments (I'm in the sixth grade, btw)...and about seven to eight boys I know like me. I have a huge crush on one boy I know, and I think he kind of likes me. SCORE that I am hot because maybe he'll like me!
GryffindorChaser (90562)
52 days ago
OMGOSH! These are my results: Give me a cold water bottle because this girl is HOT! Woah! Supermodel you are! Boys must be all over you! Your burning up the room! Congratulations! You got a great score! You don't need any advice except..... Take more selfies! Why the hell did you even take this quiz? The answer is obviously that you are HOT!

Only thing is...I am not taking any selfies. I am sporty, and I don't need or really want a phone. I am glad that I am hot though. YAY!
Artsy~april (19211)
64 days ago
Wait im absolutely HOT? What?! I literly said from the question i dont remember but really chose that im soooo ugly option i thought that counts.. Well a few boys have been liking me though i dont wear makeup well i wera light red lip gloss i dont wear matt lipstick i hated it cause its like drying mah lips? I wear lip gloss cause it helps not to dry my lips i dont like dry lips bruh hehheheheh and yes i hate foundation i use baby powder 👏😆 i dont like dresess i dont like mascara i do not like that something in my eyes i hve short silky smooth hair if you wanna know bah the way thx for reading!!!!!!!!!!!! Checkout my quiz if you like none accurate quiz 😆😆😆 okie then buh bahy!! 👋👋👋👏👏👏👍👍👐👐👐hug!!!
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
430 days ago
I mean wear, not weat. Oopsy daisy...
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
430 days ago
I cant weat makeup because im only eleven, and btw im not allowed to. :(
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
430 days ago
It said im beautiful. I only would be if I didnt wear glasses, I wore contacts and makeup. Then and only then would I be beautiful.
Alisha (68062)
477 days ago
Most of the people say that I am cute and people stares me lot , but no one said that I am too much beautiful accept this test result .Btw thanks for the compliment
Izzy (14219)
493 days ago
Thanks I luv this quiz Ur beautiful as well xx