Are you a good friend

Test to see if you and your BFF need to work things out and possibly ask for forgivness

  • 1
    If your friend asked you to got to the mall and you were going on a date instead what would you say
  • 2
    You guys were totally gonna have a mega sleepover party with three of your other best friends and the new calls and wants to hang out you say...
  • 3
    Your bestie asks if you want to hang out and you really are not in the mood

  • 4
    Your best friends needs your help for her older cousins school filming project
    you say...
  • 5
    Your mom says that shes going to drop you off at (best friends name)'s house, you say....
  • 6
    You bestie says:
    why are you always the boss of everything I don't aprreiceate the way you act

  • 7
    Your best friend was in your room while you were going no.#1 then you go to your room and shes reading your diary you flip and she says ... oh were besties we can read each others diaries right.
  • 8
    Your bestie invites you to galaxy land with you and you love that place but have thrown up on one of the rides and you also hear that kids from your school are there you say...
  • 9
    You guys are getting ready for school together and she offers you your favourite color of lipstick and you ...
  • 10
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