Does My Crush Like Me Back? ACCURATE

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If you're a living, breathing human being - particularly of the teen variety - you probably have a crush. And if you have a crush, you no doubt wonder, "Does my crush like me?" Did I get that right? If so, take my quiz and find out!

  • 1
    First, explain your relationship with your crush.
    First, explain your relationship with your crush.
  • 2
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 3
    How does he act when he's around you?
  • 4
    Do you two talk?
  • 5
    How do his friends act when you're around?
  • 6
    Is he single? Does he like anyone?
  • 7
    Does he know you like him?
  • 8
    Does he ever try to make you laugh or smile?
  • 9
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 10
    Final question: Do you think think he likes you?

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I dont really like how it says he when their referring to your crush
2 days ago
it kinda sucks because my best friend likes him and he is dating the new girl and she’s sad about it so I can’t really say or tell other people
2 days ago
He might like me, most of his friends are in my class, so is he, I love him so much, his name is Christian and from one of his classmates randomly yelled out to me that Christian likes me and I was like YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Obviously in my head and on the outside I was just blushing.Enter here your text you want to format
3 days ago
Is it me or what but I'll be in class and in the corner if my eye I can see my crush looking at me for awhile then I'll look at him we have eye contact until he realises we have eye contact then he'll do his work or in class he'll stare at me then when I move my head he'll pretend to be doing his work then when I get back to my work he'll continue staring at me????
6 days ago
6 days ago
oops auto correct his name isn’t Bracen it’s *Braden*
6 days ago
I like a kid named Bracen at my wrestling. he’s cute and is really motivated to win at wrestling. I on the other hand am really unmotivated and apparently seem really depressing to all my friends .i don’t think my crush will ever like me back tho. ( I like to call myself realistic and honest to my self, im not really depressed)
8 days ago
I went to this because she said she likes me back so I wanted to test this, it got it right!
10 days ago
ahhh my crush said that he was gonna get me something for my birthday
i feel so special :))
10 days ago
don't you guys hate it when you see your crush looking at you because you don't want them to know that you were looking at them or is that just me
10 days ago
ok so i like this guy but his ex is still super obsessed with him even though they broke up last year. Me and his ex are friends and she's been avoiding me ever since I told her that I liked him, but every time I ask her if she's mad that I like him she just says that its fine even though i know shes lying to me. But everytime I try to talk to him I get really nervous so i just dont say anything. We text each other everyday and we say gn and gm and he trusts me enough to tell me the story of why he hates his ex. tbh i dont know what to do and i guess im dumb but i just wanted to let it all out so dont come at me
11 days ago
I have a crush on this dude in one of my classes his name is Jaun, is in my 2nd-period class he is cute, funny. My friend has told him before that Ziya I likes you (Ziya is my name). He didn't say directly he liked me but, it was somewhere around there so today I was scared of rejection so I didn't sit next to him like I usually do. He was talking to his next class I was about to say something to him but fear got the best of me so I didn't say anything I stayed quiet and I was upset because I really like him....Someone help and tell meh what to do!!!
11 days ago
Haha sooo...I just got over (let's call him M) M and I don't like him anymore I'd just like to be friends with him, and now I've got a crush on (lets call him T) T! T makes me laugh and is super sweet and a real gentlemen. I totally thinks he likes me back, all my friends are telling me "Just ask him out!!" And I might, just not now! and I'm kind of waiting for him to ask me out for Valentines day or something. And the second I stop liking M (He found out just before winter break) M starts to get closer to me, joking with me, talking to me more often?!?! LIKE WTH M?! I just stopped liking him, not to mention I've got at least 5 other boys who have crushes on me! I like T so I hope that relationship will work, wish me LUCK!!!
12 days ago
There is this other girl in this other class who like ps my crush and I’m so sad because I think he likes me. But the girl is spreading mean rumors abt me like I only wanna date him b/c he is popular. But I like him b/c his name is Advik he always tries to make me laugh and I want this to work out. His name is Advik
13 days ago
Wow...I never thought girls also go through the same stuff as we do. I thought confessing would be easier for them as hard to resist a cute and fun girl(which most girls are).

Don't ask me what I am doing at a girls quiz tho. :p
14 days ago
He might like you! Keep doing what you're doing and just be yourself - guys like that a lot. Try getting a little closer with him, but don't go too fast and mess it up. Good luck! Tip: Have a good sense of humor!
16 days ago
I hope he does I mean he liked me before but we had an argument yesterday I said i was sorry once but he didnt say anything i wanted to say sorry more but i thought everyone will understand i like him so i just left he talks to me now but not much as he did back then
20 days ago
He likes you! (Aww!) Maybe he'll make a move ;) Just take it slow, though, and you'll have an amazing relationship. ♡ Good luck! You're very lucky. We'd all like to be you.
20 days ago
I need help! My crush is part of my friend group and is one of my best friends best friend. He’s so adorable and fiesty and we talk a lot but idk if he likes me. I’m probably just over reacting about the signs but I love him to pieces and I don’t want anything to hurt him. 😢 his name is Evan
21 days ago
My mom doesn't know that I have a boyfriend but my sister knows is that weird