Does My Crush Like Me Back? ACCURATE

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If you're a living, breathing human being - particularly of the teen variety - you probably have a crush. And if you have a crush, you no doubt wonder, "Does my crush like me?" Did I get that right? If so, take my quiz and find out!

  • 1
    First, explain your relationship with your crush.
    First, explain your relationship with your crush.
  • 2
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 3
    How does he act when he's around you?
  • 4
    Do you two talk?
  • 5
    How do his friends act when you're around?
  • 6
    Is he single? Does he like anyone?
  • 7
    Does he know you like him?
  • 8
    Does he ever try to make you laugh or smile?
  • 9
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 10
    Final question: Do you think think he likes you?

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the test said he likes me, but....I don't think that's quite right. Not that I'm complaining
2 days ago
Erick: that girl sounds.....interesting. Try asking for space, and if that doesn't work, make her give u space. And don't be afraid to say "get away from me." But, nicer
2 days ago
sooo there's this creepy girl in my first and 7th period that ids always staring at me. she asks me for help and i just help her bc she looks desperate. yeah but anyways today during 7th she was talking to me and i was like 💗 not again. so i lend her my homework and then she 💗 spAT on my 💗 paper man. i had to throw it away... i think she has mme
2 days ago
so me and this guy , lets call him b , me and b are really close like i can go to him for everything and hes kinda my bestfriend but at school our friends are always telling us we should just get together already and that we like each other bc apparently we're always staring at each other and talking , but the thing is , he has mentioned to me so many times that he doesnt want a relationship but then he flirts with me , so idk what to do or think bc ik he has to like me bc no boy would act like he does if he didnt like me yk ? and both of us havent told each other we like each other but i think you could tell . i just dont know what to do bc hes clearly stated that he doesnt want a girlfriend ... so if someone could dm me and tell me what to do , that would be much appreciated . @d4n1c4._
3 days ago
so me and my crush are pretty good friends yknow. but a little while back i said something super nice or smth and he was like thanks! i would hug you but that woupd be weird. what is that supposed to mean? i just need some help (btw i got he likes me) if anyone wanna give me advice, my insta is @xxnotcoolkenziexx
7 days ago
Idk what to comment rlly 🤗
7 days ago
Yayy He Likes Me🙃But I Still Dont Know But When I Eat Lunch. Across The Saide Of The Room He Just Stare At Me Even sometimes with a smile..Cute
7 days ago
Ahh It's good to have another "Star" friend, Starrynight. (Long story about my nickname XD people really call me this... Well my friends do.. LONG STORY!!! Welp Ima lesbian and I didn't take the quiz because I think it's for straight people. But hey I can still help out ask me a question I'M AN EXPERIENCED PERSON (I've never been in a relationship, but plenty of my friends have.) Ask away :)
8 days ago
Plot twist: My crush is my bf lmoaoaosj
11 days ago
I told my crush I like him and he just stood around for a sec and went back to being his weird, funny self. He´s so fun!
12 days ago
I fell like maybe he might like me like doesn’t everybody at least catch their crush looking at them like 😳 or something it’s just kind of weird I fell like he might have a crush on me but if he does like me I’m only ten and I can’t be in a relashionship
14 days ago
im 13 and i got 80 percent he definitely likes u 20 percent friend zoned and 5 percent he doesn't like u
15 days ago
I have a crush on one of the ‘popular guys’ of the class (let’s call him Z). Everytime he gets close I get a warm feeling in my chest, sometimes even blush a little. One of my best friends (let’s call her X) was taking pictures of the class so that we could look at the faces of our classmates and burst out in laughing if one of them looks weird or smth like that (it’s really fun xD). And while we were looking back the photo’s, we saw that X accidentally had taken a picture of Z, who was sitting behind us. You could clearly see him staring at me. So X wiggles her eyebrows at me and then turns around to confront Z with the photo. He said smth along the lines of: “I didn’t even know where I was looking.” For the first time in ever, I had seen him a bit nervous. Since then, I caught him staring at me sometimes in class. Sometimes he would even smile at me, aaahhh!! Only.. recentlt that stopped. Not long after that stopped, he litterally told me he ‘worried about me’ (it’s a long story). Does he care about me or was it all one big act? Still not sure...
17 days ago
So I met my crush last August and I know nobody will want to read this but I want to put this out there- every test I've taken has said he's my soulmate, but idk whether to believe so or not because every crush I've had before this ive said the same thing. Well lots of times people have said my crush likes me, and sooo many people say we like eachother. We've even talked about these rumors, and he agreed how many people think so but we never truly said "but we don't" so idk what to think. This test says that he likes me but I cant be sure. His sister is my friend and she's always saying that we flirt whenever we can. But when she says this, my crush walks away from me with some excuse and is silent for a bit. Shes even said "Look guys, it's so obvious you like eachother, just idk ask eachother out, go to dinner or something, or hang out at the park" and my crush ignored her... Thank you so much if you're still reading, sorry for any grammar mistakes or anything. And I'll be here looking if anyone responds for a bit. Thanks😊😅
17 days ago
The last time I saw my crush was three weeks ago! And he hit me in the face with a snowball. Since then, I catch him looking at me, but...he never talks to me. Well, he kinda does, but mostly walks away with this look in his face like, "Nope." My friends tell me he likes me, then they tell me he doesn't. Which is it!? The reason they say he like me is cause, at one point, I fell off like three small stairs backwards, and he tried to catch me. Didn't exactly work, but it was sweet. Afterwards, his friends asked him why he reacted like he did, and he said he "didn't want me to break my back." What does that even mean? I wouldn't have broken my back falling down three stairs. Is he just being protective, or something else?
18 days ago
hey single pringle!
i hope you read this, i think he could be catching feelings! also there is no such thing as ugly, if he liked you he wouldn’t care about looks, he would go for more your personality :) by the sounds of it you must have a really beautiful personality ❤️
20 days ago
Few days ago I went somewhere with my crush cuz our dads are friends and we spent the whole time together. Same thing sort of happened last year but my friend who came with us knew him more so it didn’t do much for me, except we talked a little. However this year it was just us and we sort of got friends a little. Hopefully when I see him next week I can talk to him again so we can get a little closer.

In a race him and his friends were talking and he was staring at me and nodding towards me like he was pointing out me. In another race he would keep staring at me :-/

Last time I checked, he was going out with someone, but he stares at me, he chooses to sit next to me, he tells his friends about me... and I can’t help but hope they split up 😂

Thing is... I’m SUPER ugly. People sometimes make fun of me cuz my teeth. But I’m still hopeful. Plus someone thought we were siblings cuz we both have same sort of teeth but... idk really

Any advice???
22 days ago
I like a guy who’s in grade 10, and I’m in grade 7. I don’t know if he likes me, he sometimes acts like he does but sometimes he acts like I don’t exist. He’s in my course that I’ve been taking since January and our last class is this weekend. I think I’m going to give him my number...
25 days ago
I'm ten so I can't be in a relationship but 40% yes 30% maybe 20% almost friend zone and 10% friendszone is good!
26 days ago
Im only 11. i cant be in a relationship right now!