Lesbian Test (Girls Only)

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10 Questions - Developed by: Lauren - Developed on: - 103.019 taken - User Rating: 3.29 of 5.0 - 7 Votes - 2 people like it

  • 1
    What gender are you into?
  • 2
    What gender do you have sexual fantasies with?
  • 3
    Who would you like to date?
  • 4
    Who would you get married to, make love, enjoy life with?
  • 5
    Why did you take this quiz?
  • 6
    Who would you want as your side kick/ best friend, that you can talk anything about with them?
  • 7
    If you watch *sexual videos*
    What do you get turned on by most?
  • 8
    You're at a sex party, who would you go straight to first?
  • 9
    How do you feel about this quiz?
  • 10
    (Last question! You're doing great!)

    If you were put in a situation where your parents make you choose your partner to marry for the rest of your life, what are they?

Comments (19)


Ahiru (83327)
214 days ago
how come u cant react on other peopleโ€™s comments on here :/
A person (95444)
214 days ago
Happily straight! Yay :3
phelicphy (50232)
230 days ago
omg is 40% rlly bi? im not even afraid anymore............ok i lie i just feel less insecure i came out to all my friends one time nad only one of my friends exepted it bc she bi to.. i had to tell everyone im straight so im living a lie i wish it was normal to be bi...
Leasbian (35781)
268 days ago
Hey it said don't be sad cuz I got leasbian what the efff ? What is that suppose to mean that I should be ashamed I don't think soo #pissedthattheysaiditsbadtobehomo
Hannah&Ella (14074)
282 days ago
Me and my best friend know that we are lesbians and we did this quiz because we was confused at first I put my name because I'm coming to put them
Lesbian (77206)
299 days ago
I know I'm lesbian. I just take the quizzes so I can look at the comments and know that I'm not the only one. I'm so alone. I wish I had someone to talk to
Confused teen (23091)
360 days ago
It said I was 0% straight......
I guess I do feel that way a lot... but I like boys too....
I think I'm bi.
Whatever the outcome
I'm me and I'm proud !
I have no idea (23091)
360 days ago
I feel bi, but I feel like society and my family won't accept me. But I'm not even sure. I took a lot of these quizzes. They all said I'm bi
But idk.
Kitty (04382)
375 days ago
It said I'm 100% lesbian and so did the other ones. I finally know my sexuality
ningi (54576)
388 days ago
i got bisexual and the other test i got lesbian but i believe i am bisexual
abby (78777)
388 days ago
Avery (57133)
412 days ago
What I thought %100 lesbian ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ˜Š
Elizabeth Simons (79579)
442 days ago
50% lesbian and 50% confused
Abbie (23192)
448 days ago
I'm 100% lesbian as well. ๐Ÿ˜
StarshineSC (44346)
448 days ago
I got 100% Lovely Lesbian!
I knew it I just wanted to take the test for fun lol.
Justin Bieber lover (84737)
478 days ago
I am straight, my friend amorette she is so ugly and she likes me and she tried to kiss me when I was with my boyfriend
drama queen ;) (38305)
483 days ago
i got bisexual, but i kinda already knew that. i got 60% bisexual, 20% lovely lesbian, 10% confused?, and 10% struttin' straight.
sunny21 (65887)
499 days ago
I got ' beautiful bisexual' a 40% and I'm proud of it I know I'm bi and I'm teeny peeny bit more towards the weenies.
โ™กโ˜†โ™กโ˜†โ™ก (88524)
509 days ago
I didnt really enjoy this quiz. Literally all my answers except one was the 'I dont know' option because it was so unrealistic.
Anyway I got 90% 'confused?' and 10% 'lovely lesbian!'