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This is what happens

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3 Chapter - 2.702 Words - Developed by: Jess small - Updated on: 2017-01-16 - Developed on: - 616 taken- The story is currently being written

Gray Fullbuster was the kind of person who very rarely got sick, but when he did it was bad. Not just in terms of severity, but also in terms of moodiness. He was never the friendliest of people, but once sickness took hold he quickly became petulant, and demanding towards those around him. Yes, when Gray got sick he reverted back to the behavior of a five year old child.

So it came as quite a surprise when, after getting off the train coughing and sniffling, Erza had told him to head home and that she would stop by later with some things to help him feel better. A small voice in the back of Gray's head told him that he should be worried, but he brushed it aside, too tired and sore to care. Instead he thanked her half-heartedly and headed home to sleep, fully expecting the reequip mage to forget her offer of help.

Of course he quickly figured out what she was up to when, two hours later, he groggily opened the door to find Erza standing on his doorstep, arms loaded with groceries, and the guild's resident water mage standing timidly behind her. The scarlet haired woman simply shoved past Gray and marched into the kitchen to deposit her bags on the counter. Juvia, on the other hand, remained firmly planted in the doorway. Her eyes darted up to meet his gaze before fixing themselves back on the ground, while her fingers fiddled with the hem of the summer dress she was wearing. Gray simply studied her in return, not trusting himself to say anything. He'd need to have a very long talk with Erza once the girl was out of earshot.

"Aren't you going to let her in Gray?" Erza's voice called from behind him. He could hear the underlying edge to her voice and, despite his irritation at her meddling, Gray knew better than to piss her off. Instead he stepped aside allowing the bluenette to slink past him, quietly removing her shoes, before moving into the kitchen. As soon as she was out of sight Gray shot Erza the meanest glare he could muster.

"I thought you said you were bringing things to help?" He hissed. Erza merely met his glare with a frown of her own then shrugged.

"She spent the last week nursing the girls at Fairy Hills back to health. Chances are you caught this from one of us so I figured it would only be polite to offer you some help. She volunteered." Erza explained.

"Yeah, probably because she didn't know what she was signing up for. I think it was you who called me 'the most ungrateful, intolerant, demanding prick I've ever met' the last time I was sick. Somehow I doubt you warned her." Gray countered, attempting to mimic the woman before him as he quoted her previous complaint.

"Oh please. If anyone can handle you when you're sick, it's Juvia. She's been dealing with your mood swings for a while now and has managed just fine." She dismissed him with a huff. "Besides, after everything she's been through I think it would help if she felt like she could be of use to you."

Guilt bubbled in the pit of Gray's stomach. It was a bit of a low blow for Erza to bring that up, but when he peered into the kitchen and saw the water mage diligently preparing food, a part of him couldn't help but agree. The bluenette seemed at peace, a small smile playing on her lips and a faint blush covered her cheeks. He turned back to his dearest friend with a sigh of defeat. She smiled knowingly.

"Tch. Fine."

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