When Will I Get My Period Quiz - 100% Accurate!

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So you're here looking for a quiz to answer the question, "When will I get my first period?" You've arrived at the definitive one - it's 100% accurate! Take it now and plan your future with extreme confidence!

  • 1
    So first of all, how old are you?
    So first of all, how old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    What are your boobs like?
  • 4
    Another boobs question: What bra size (If you have one) are you?
  • 5
    Have you noticed any clear goop (discharge) down there?
  • 6
    How old was your mother when she got her period?
  • 7
    Have you been getting any stomach cramps lately?
  • 8
    Are your underarms getting hairy?
  • 9
    Here it comes...do you have pubic hair (hair DOWN THERE)?
  • 10
    How noticeable is your leg hair?
  • 11
    Do you have a boyfriend? (Sorry, I had to ask.)
  • 12
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (400)


Jess (08490)
14 days ago
Oh no.. I'm worried but excited.. Half a year may seem like a lot to some people but.. 4 - 8 MONTHS!?!? I've taken A LOT of these when will I get my first period sort of quizzes and they're all saying 4-8 months!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Me (18251)
15 days ago
Mine said 2-5 months but I took a bunch of other tests and 3/5 say 4-6 weeks
To (72418)
16 days ago
Mine said 4-8 months and I’m 9 so
Estimate (22982)
16 days ago
Also the test said 2-5 months but i Did aload of other tests and 5/7 said one month
Estimate (22982)
16 days ago
Me again also i get cramps pretty much everyday xx
Estimate (22982)
16 days ago
Guys please estimate me

12 Year old going on 13 my mum got hers at 12
Bra size: 32a

Breasts: round and have been driving for2-3 years

Mood: ive had a few mood swings for about 2 months but lately ive been getting them quite alot

Discharge: i get alot of discharge evryday and Tbh i should probs Wear komers ive had discharge for about 3 Year

Pubic hair: ive had Pubic hair for about 1 Year

Armpit hair: ive had Armpit hair for about 2 months

Please estimate guys i rlly want my period coś all of my friends have it and i feel left out when they talk about it xx
Allison (72984)
16 days ago
@vi I think you are not to far away I’d say the latest you might get your period is a year and a half
Dancer4life (33697)
16 days ago
@Tiny Little Kid
I’m sorry to say it will be a minimum of 2 years away. Good luck!!
6th grader (81743)
16 days ago
Tiny little kid- you still need more symptoms probably 1-2 years
Tiny Little Kid (63066)
17 days ago
Help Predict Me

I am 12
No leg hair
No armpit hair
No cramps
No hair done there
No mood swings
No cravings
No nothing
How many years do I have to go
Oh and I weigh 60-70 pounds
4 10’
Vi (37647)
18 days ago

4ft 7in
84 lbs
Vi (37647)
18 days ago

11, will be twelve in 5 months
Mom got hers at twelve
Discharge almost every day
Breasts are small, but roundish
Occasional mood swings
A few cramps
HiGuys (71104)
19 days ago
Four to eight months!! Is that too soon to be wearing a pad or liner out and at school?!?
I am not owner of test, my bad (03842)
19 days ago
whoops, my name says "owner of test" I am not I set that for the ones I made. SORRY!!
Owner Of Test (03842)
19 days ago
This can't be 100% accurate if it asks about having a boyfriend. You can have a boyfriend at 2 months old that doesn't mean you are starting your period soon. Or you can be 16 and have still no interest in boys at all, but you started your period already! I hope it does not affect your scores because it has nothing to do with this topic. But the quiz is okay otherwise.
London (33015)
19 days ago
Omg,it said twice that it should come in 4 to 8 months
London (33015)
19 days ago
Whats up with the boy question?I'm only 11 and i broke up with him.
no nameee (49389)
20 days ago
also forgot to say my mom got hers at 9
no nameee (49389)
20 days ago
Somebody estimate for me?
I’m 12 turning 13 in a couple months
I have had Pubic hair for about two and a half years and at this point I would say it almost fully developed
My breasts are past the triangle stage been developings for about two years and I would say around an a cup
I’m only 5,2 almost 5,3 and I weigh 43-45 kg
I don’t have much underarm hair maybe like around ten long black per pit only been getting pit hair for half a year
for like a year and a half maybe two years I’ve been having discharge but the past 6 months it’s been unstoppable literally ruining every underwear I own
my armpits have been smelling super bad for like a year now
I don’t feel like the boys question really applies to me I’m not into anybody at the moment but I really want to know when I’m gonna start
Sarina (75492)
20 days ago
Ok, the other result I got from the other quiz I took was similure I am so scared to get my period, I could just be on the loo and I see blood, I wish my mum hadn't told me about my period because than I wouldn't be scared, I could be free

NOTE TO CREATER: Hi I'm Sarina, I have a problem with this quiz, I am lesbian, I don't love boys, so could you please add a answer in for other lesbians? Thanks, also the rest of this quiz
Is great!