When will I get my first period?

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For all of you young ladies who want to know I have an answer. If you want me to estimate you myself leave your info in the comments section I will probably respond within 10 days max

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got hers?
  • 3
    How much have you grown in the past year?

  • 4
    Do you have pubic hair?
  • 5
    Leg hair?
  • 6
    How big are your boobs?

  • 7
    What breast development stage are you in?
  • 8
    Is your mom's side late early or average?
  • 9
    Is your dad's side late or what?
  • 10
    Not worth any points but you can email me or leave a comment with your info and I'll calculate you myself?

  • 11
    Have you experienced acne or mood swings?
  • 12
    Do you want your period not worth any points?
  • 13
    Wired question but have
    Your feet and hands grown more than usual lately?
  • 14
    What's your bmi you can have it calculated online?

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36 days ago
Age: 11 12 in June
Breasts: UK A32
Discharge: 1-4 times a week white ish yellow
Mood swings every single day
Acne: about 15 on my face rn
Public hair: small/medium amount
Cramps: sides and bellow belly button
Cravings loads
Height around 157 cm
Sweating a lot more
Sis got hers 5 months older than me rn
58 days ago
Guys no one has estimated me and I’m so scaredddd
66 days ago
Age: Can’t say but older than 10
Breasts: This year, 75B in teens section (not a cup)
Discharge: Loads every day, pantyliners check, spotting once for 3 days (blood with discharge)
Mood swings: every day
Acne: Nahh not really but this year I broke out a bit
Sis got hers at my age
Public hair: Now my hair is weird. It’s brunette, had it for 2 years, still growing and it’s becoming even curlier (sides are curly, middle not)
Cravings: loads! I’m hungry every 1 hour
Cramps: My back 2. My lower abdomen it has happened more and more lately (2-3 times a week)
Also: height 1.64m. And 7 stone (44kilos, 95 p.)
I’d apriciciate it if someone could estimate me 🙂
Also I’m so scared
214 days ago
I'd say about 1 - 4 months maybe a little less ( a week or 2) or maybe a little more ( 5 months max)
hope that helped!
218 days ago
sry and I have mood swing really bad and have a lot of bad smelling sweat. I have mood swings 24/7 and I have a ton of hair everywhere.
218 days ago
ooh and I have cravings 24/7.
218 days ago
I took this quiz and got "super close" but can someone estimate me pls

age: 11, 12 in a little over two months
my mom got hers in the 6th grade and I'm in 6th grade I think she was 10 or 11
I have a lot of hair down there its like a forest
I wear a 34a
I have white thick discharge daily
I have cramps and headaches 24/7
I weigh 114.7 lbs
I'm nauseous all the time and have diarrhea sometimes
I'm white

That's all I can think of rn thx so much!,
324 days ago
it has been 21 days not 10:(
345 days ago
i have also been nauseous once. i have sometimes got diarrhea and i have been constipated twice
345 days ago
pls estimate me
i am 10.5yrs old
breasts at very beginning of stage 3
i wear a training bra
deodorant is a MUST
little amount of dark thin short underarm hair
medium/little amount of curly black pubic hair
ALWAYS tired and lazy
ALWAYS an emotional rollercoaster
LOTS of discharge though not enough for pantiliners
little bit of acne
mum got hers at 11
LOTS OF arm and leg hair
no cramps
have grown 4cm in the past 5 months
i weigh 43kg or 93 pounds

pls estimate me
352 days ago
Oops, tried to make it purple
352 days ago
Nay, I'd say any day now (1-3 months). Enjoy the time without it while you can.
357 days ago
Oh and I forgot I have had hair down there since I was 10 but it's so much and it is curly and black
357 days ago
I"m 11
Breast Stage 3/4 cup a or b
discharge quite a lot and for 1 year
I have had acne since I was 9 and it's quite a lot
I have a few black hairs in my armpit
I have a lot of hair on my legs but idk if I am allowed to shave
I get cramps every day and they hurt so much
I get mood swings every day
I have been wearing a bra since 3rd grade
I 've been in puberty for about 2.5 years
I crave food all the time
I am ALWAYS tired and I am So lazy
I grew 4 or 5 cm in the past year
My mom got hers at 13 but she told me I started puberty years before her (She started puberty at 11 and I started at 9)
Plz estimate me
402 days ago
@tia i’ll say 1-3 months, but it could be sooner. stage 3 is when girls most commonly start getting there period, and as you have discharge, quite soon!
402 days ago
I'm 10
Breast stage3/4
Discharge every day quite a lot
Starting to get quite Abit of acne have to use spot remover
I shave once a week
Armpit hair 2/4
Leg hair 2/4
Cramps 3 or 4 times a week very painful
Moodswings every day
I wear size a bra
I've had puberty for 1,5 yrs
Get quite a lot of pimples gotta pop them gross!!
I crave ton of food when in hungry
I get RLLY sleepy sometimes.
My mum got hers at 11 to a yr older than me
I've grown 5cm in the past 2 months
Plz estimate and tell me!
415 days ago
Im 12
breast stage 3/4
thick discharge every day
i have had spotting 3 times
i shave my leg hair and arm hair every second or third day
cramps 3 or 4 times a week
mood swings every day
i wear a aa/aaa bra
i have had puberty for about 3 years
i don't get pimples often because of my family and i have a strict skincare routine
i crave food and i am way hungrier
i get tiredness and headaches
i weigh 37 kg
my mum got hers at 12
i have grown about 6 cm in the past 5 months.
pls estimate!!
442 days ago
I am 11 and half
Breasts stage three
White watery discharge every day
Pubic hair for about 2 years 2/3 way black curly
Leg hair getting more noticeable
No armpit hair
Kind of spotted once
Cramps sometimes
Mood swings nearly every day
Training/sports bra
Been in puberty for 2 years or so
Lots of pimples
Weigh92 pounds
Plz estimate me
444 days ago
I am 12 almost 13
My breasts are stage three
I have discharge every day and it’s like brown 💗
I have pubic hair about half way there black and curly
Leg hair shave every week
Armpit hair shave every week
I have spotted like 7 times 💛😂😂
Do get nauseous sometimes
Cramps a couple times a week had the worst one today
Moody/ mood swings everyday
Wear a A cup
Mom got hers at 12
Been in puberty for 3+ years
Weigh about 130 pounds
457 days ago
does anybody know when I will get it?