When will I get my first period?

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For all of you young ladies who want to know I have an answer. If you want me to estimate you myself leave your info in the comments section I will probably respond within 10 days max

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got hers?
  • 3
    How much have you grown in the past year?
  • 4
    Do you have pubic hair?
  • 5
    Leg hair?
  • 6
    How big are your boobs?
  • 7
    What breast development stage are you in?
  • 8
    Is your mom's side late early or average?
  • 9
    Is your dad's side late or what?
  • 10
    Not worth any points but you can email me or leave a comment with your info and I'll calculate you myself?
  • 11
    Have you experienced acne or mood swings?
  • 12
    Do you want your period not worth any points?
  • 13
    Wired question but have
    Your feet and hands grown more than usual lately?
  • 14
    What's your bmi you can have it calculated online?

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56 days ago
What is a bmi and even if I know what it is how would I know what mine is?
102 days ago
I have been relay tied recently
102 days ago
Today I had smal pink dots in my pants what are they
102 days ago
Also my hips are getting wider and I grew 3 inches in the last year
102 days ago
I have had šŸ’— for 2 years and discharge for 1
102 days ago
My wait is 4 and a half stone
102 days ago
Hi please estimate me 10 and half mum 12 discharge daily šŸ’— 24a sore to touch had quite a few cramps recently pubic hair dark getting curly mood swings every 2 day had loeds of headache recently last week i had discharge like raw egg thanks
105 days ago
Hey, could you estimate me, really appreciate it!

13 years
Daily discharge
Lots of crying
like 6 zits
shave legs every day
dark, curly pubic hair

Thanks love!
109 days ago
Hi, can you estimate me?

10 years 1 month 5 days
My mom was like 10-12
A lot of discharge, dayily
Breasts are sore to touch, and round but medium not big
Bra size normal bra but small
Cravings all the time. Im like GEVE. ME. CHOCOLATE!!!
Cramps like a bit
Mood swings a LOT im like 'hey lets have art class' and then im like crying because i can't make a perfect cricle.
sometimes im bloated
Have to shave legs once avery week and a half
A lot of dark and crly public hair
A few blond armpit hairs but really nothing
A little acne
No spotting
Weight 110 pounds
Bmi is 20.2
All the PMS symptoms

Thank you! ; )
126 days ago
Hi, can you estimate me?

11 years 10 months 8 days
My mom was 11 years 6 months
A lot of discharge, daily
Breasts are sore to the touch, itchy, and round but not big
Bra size 28B
Cramps a lot
Mood swings every day
Sometimes bloated
Have to shave legs once a week
A lot of dark and curly pubic hair
A few blond wispy armpit hairs
A little acne
Spotting a few times
Weigh 94 pounds
BMI is 16.1
All PMS symptoms

177 days ago
This quiz is correct!!! I just got mine today, and it says Iā€™m super close! I am testing the accuracy of these quizzes
183 days ago
Iā€™m 12
My mom was 10
Bra size 32A
šŸ’— itchy sore and round
So many cravings
Quite a few mood swings
Cramps every now and then
I sometimes feel bloated
Have to shave legs many times a week
Lots of public hair
Very little armpit hair
No acne
Spotting 2 times
Weight 97 pounds
BMI 16.7
All PMS symptoms
Height 5ft4
195 days ago
12 years old
I have a bit of discharge
My bra size for Europe is 75A (America 34A)
I have cravings almost all the time
I have ALOT of mood swings
I have loads of cramps
I am bloated
Leg hair,pubic hair,no armpit hair
A bit of Acne
Tiny bit of spotting
Weight: 70-80 pounds

This is my information
Could you please estimate me please I really want my period
198 days ago
Maddie, I'd say you'll be starting no later than 4 months
198 days ago
hi Maddie can u estimate me plz?

breasts: sore, itchy, round, a/AA cup
age: 10 mom was 11/12
hair: legs thick rough blonde, pubic starting to curl black, armpit blonde and short
PMS: cramps, cravings, acne, bloating, spotting, mood swings, nasaus
discharge: had for 1-3 years, have to wear pantyliners
bmi: 17 (height around 5 feet, weight around 85 pounds)
204 days ago
Hi can u estimate when my period should come i will give u more info in a private email
223 days ago
Also weight: 90-100
Please tell me
223 days ago
please estimate me: (it said kinda soon)
Breast: can fit a cup
Hair: dark,thick,straight pubes
Slightly dark armpit hair
Getting darker leg hair
Round yet triangular breast
Discharge:quite a bit every day (no spotting)
Moms age: 12-13
Sisters age: 10-11
Acne: 4-6 pimples
Every now and then I have mood swings and crampings
Feel nauseas sometimes
Crave some food every now and then
I want my period so bad!!!
228 days ago
Hi, can you please estimate me?
13 years old

Almost 5 feet

85 pounds

Small šŸ’—, nipples are done growing and they are rounding out a bit, but not big enough to wear a real bra

Dark brown, somewhat long pubic hair that is not very thick but has been growing for over a year

šŸ’— have been developings for a little over 6 months

A fair amount of discharge, a thick ish strip in my underwear every day

Have had discharge for over a year, it started when my pubic hair began to grow

Lots of mood swings, some cravings

My breasts were tender when they first started growing but now they are barely tender

Interested in boys

Armpit hair is almost nonexistent, you can only see the tiny tiny blond hairs up close

My hips are getting wider

My skin is oily and I am developings acne

Sorry, that is a lot of information, I just really want to know! Thank you in advance!
231 days ago
Hi could you estimate me?

Cup size A

Lots of discharge recently it has been clear and wet

Tender breasts

I have had discharge for almost a year

Mood swings basically every day

I crave Chinese food šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚

Curly dark hair down there

Armpit hair is growing faster

Always tired

Rounding out

Interested in boys

I get a lot of discharge per day so should I wear a panty liner?

Sometimes I get bloating

Thanks in advance!šŸ’–