Sword Art Online

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  • 1
    Does Kirito die at the beginning of the show?
  • 2
    Does everyone's avatar in the first episode change due to an update in the game?
  • 3
    Would Kirito-Kun propose to Asuna-San in the hand of marriage?

  • 4
    When walking with Kirito, Asuna spots 2 unknown level monsters in the plain grass area?
  • 5
    Was the game going to literally ruin the lives of the players if family members attempted to take off the Nerve-Gear?
  • 6
    In the year 2029, Asuna is pregnant with a child?

  • 7
    (So far does this quiz suck? *So out of question XD)
  • 8
    Kirito meets a new friend named, "Sinon" in the new N-G game, "Gun Gale Online"?
  • 9
    The novel, Sword Art Online, was written in 2009?
  • 10
    Ok! You're last one, will you ever watch SAO again?

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