Am I Heartbroken?

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We've all been through breakups that we didn't want to happen. It's so hard to let go sometimes, even if it's ultimately for the best. If this has happened to you in the last little while, take my quiz to see if you're still heartbroken, or if you've progressed toward healing.

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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10 days ago
It's been around 8 months since that guy broke up with me...he was my first one. .but I wasn't. .he broke up saying that I was too possessive. .the past six months were so hard and then I rediscovered myself lately and. .I'm over it and I feel disgusted for being with him for around a year. ..I'm completely over that @#$^ and test till says I'm broken lmfaoooo
10 days ago
Me and this girl...we were in what I thought was love. I thought that we were a great couple and that we were going to have a future together. Then she dumped me. She ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. She refuses to talk to me and I just want closure on what happened. I still love her and she won't let me plea my case. Now a year later I still feel the same. I just want her to understand where I am at and for her to come back to me...
29 days ago
my girl friend think that i have crush somewhere, she does not trust me,i am afraid to divorce with her i love her soo much, bt she does not understand that.
33 days ago
my girlfriend break up with me for another girl i did really loved her and she was my best friend i really miss her yes im girl .Enter here your text you want to format
36 days ago
I just broke up today and my crush thought I liked this other guy in my class and today in class he sent a note to me saying that it’s over and an hour ago he texted me saying I still like u but I’m just rly rly rly rly rly ly mad at u then I told he yea right I know u hate me like anything and I now feel suicidal
38 days ago
I love how mine says I should give it time to heal but it's already been a year since he's left
46 days ago
)It’s crazy the about of heart breaks we have, this got me through all the heart aches, I hope it helps es/MISTAKES-e40l3f
53 days ago
After two years she closed the door on us forever, I can truly say for once I feel completely heart broken
62 days ago
I lost him. He's the ghost of what he was.There is never a smile out of him. I miss him and Dom was my everything and i asked him "where is my old dom?" and Dom said "he was never real"
and i started to lose my mind right there.He's gone. So am I. I ried to talk to him and remind him everything we used to do, the places we went, the things we would talk about and he just stood there. And I yelled "lisen to me please, I want him back please" but, he just walked away.💔💔💔
71 days ago
Take your heart to God? What a waste of time.
89 days ago
in the middle of healing process
it's been almost two years
ahhh :))
94 days ago
I'm done. 8yrs and I'm done. I'll go drown myself in the bathtub now.
97 days ago
its been weeks since we decided to be best friends only (Dom and I). Then I went on my 6th grade trip and we hung out a lot. Went to campfires together and the santa cruz beach together among other things and he said he still loved me. We returned to school and everything was amazing for a few more weeks then, suddenly he didn't talk to me anymore and started talking to a girl Ariana that was my friend. And people talked. Rumors started until I saw it with my own eyes that he looked at her the same way he looked at me.What is going on? I can't lose him💔.
100 days ago
We started dating the before Valentine’s day in 2017 then broke up a year and 6 months later cause i moved. we still talk an she still calls me baby and shi an she jus gets me in mah feels. an i really ain’t tryna do long distance so i was like aye lemme alone buh nah she won’t she keeps tryna get with me an every time i say no it hurts more an more.
103 days ago
I had a crush on a boy (were both 8th grade) he broke up with me over text once and two days later we got back together he usually had said "I love you " before saying good night and I never said it back but I finally opened up and accepted that I do and I said I loved him too , but
.. a two days later he breaks up with me.... over text ... AGAIN. It was during class and I was trying so hard not to cry. He said he thinks that I (me writing this) needs a break and were better as friends. I try talking to him but he keeps walking ,there was no closure why we broke up. People tell me this and that. Saying "he broke up with you because people are telling him you're a hoe" , "you 💗 around with Jay too much" , (jay is my bestfriend and has a girlfriend of his own) , I'm confused on why we broke up , If it was rumors , if I did something wrong, if he never really liked me , butI miss him I really do 💔
106 days ago
I broke up with my boyfriend around 5:00 pm and it is currently 10:30 pm and I am crying myself to sleep. He told me he doesn’t love me anymore and then I said it’s over. I’ve been crying all day and tomorrow I have to go to school to see him again. Worst part is that he treated me like he loved me. He gave me 3 gifts earlier today. And right after the breakup he texted me “ hi best friend.” 💗!! Who does that. Thank god my best friend was there because I was sobbing. I have issues with depression so I would’ve cut myself if I was alone. I’m still dying inside. Help.
110 days ago
well i have a crush on this guy. lets call him draco (malfoy hehe). he was one of the 'popular' kids, the playing-football-at-recess-bc im too cool to eat lunch kind of popular kid. he was tall and good looking and rich, so everyone sort of liked him. dracos best friend (lets call him harry) dated my bestie, (lets call her hermione) and harry acts like he hates her but rlly cant forget her. so me, hermione and my other bestie (lets call her ginny) have this sort of love-hate relationship. we cant stand each other and always talk 💗e about each other but if cant live without each other. they basically integrated themselves into our daily routines. so i never knew draco before, and only knew him through his best friend harry and his other bestie (lets call him ron). ron i was close with, and he was my genuine friend. my friends claimed that draco was my soulmate, and i was completely off guard. i started looking into it, and realised that maybe i might have a crush on him? i told my friends when i confirmed it, but despite their claims that he def liked me, i doubted it. he probably likes this girl (lets call her pansy) who was rlly energetic and hyper, who almost certainly likes him. it makes me sad bc she always gets the boy she wants, and every boy she likes likes her back. hermione and ginny all tell me that draco likes me but i dont believe it. we arent close and too stubborn to admit our feelings to each other, and act like we dont like each other. he probably doesnt anyway.
114 days ago
Well I’m in 8th grade and this guy kept looking at me ever since the first day of school. He never stopped and I starting to fall for him thinking that he liked me and he did because he acted different in a nice way to me than he did to the other girls. Thinking that he liked me I started to dress nicer around him and I also acted like I was energetic. I even gave up my free time when i could have been talking to my friends just to look to see if he was ok. I didn’t eat lunch when I knew that he would be watching me. I didn’t want to look to fat in front of him so I didn’t eat as much. One day he was hanging out with this girl and I got jelous over it. But I’m not the type of person that acts solely on my feelings so I just sa at there looking at them. I was mad and a fat shamed her and later I saw that it wasnt nice of me to call her a sack of potato behind her back so I copped with it and left them I knew that he didn’t like her so that was all good. But then things started to go downhill. He called me annoying behind my back I didn’t cry about it. But I asked god if he wasn’t for me to give a sign that he wasn’t. And I was guessing that this was one of the signs. Then he called me his girlfriend and I thought that he didn’t mean it when he said I was annoying or it was jut in the heat of the moment. Only to find out that he was dating someone else. He didn’t know what he wanted and I could see that. At one point I figured that I was just hurting myself if I allow myself to like him but I didn’t care. Only to be heartbroken the next day when he literally said to my face”you know I’m dating somebody right” at the moment desparation filled inside of me a whole lot of saddess. The only thing I’m regretting is not snapping out of it sooner to play it cool and just say “congratulations “
127 days ago
I thought I got over the boy who was a year older and I'm currently in a relationship( let's call him:Dominic)but, Dom is a newbie at dating and is always shy around me but, I help him out with that and for a moment I forget about (let's call him Liam) Liam but, the day Dom didn't come to school his friends said he was probably cheating on a sl*t like me and he is normally there to protect me from them and then one of his friends that is nice to me said that he was sorry about them.And I start to 2 question and panic thinking "did I lose Liam for something fake?!'' and Liam hasn't come to my school or texted me since I started dating dom. He was always there for me and I think I lost him for good and I'm heartbroken.It's all falling apart without him
128 days ago
I was recently getting over a relationship so I was still very devastated. I went out skating with my friend and saw this amazingly cute boy there. I got his Snapchat and we immediately started likeing each other. I thought about him every day. I stayed with him for the 2 months he was grounded to find out what would happen after is heart breaking. He broke up with me because he wasn’t ready for commitment I understood but, he then said I’ll be back to you no funny business with anyone else and we promised each other that. We both had feelings for each other then one day he went skating with my one friend Miya. He started to cuddle with her and he cuddled with his ex. This had me heartbroken. It still does I cry myself to sleep all night. He says he loves me while he loves her I can’t take it anymore I just want to go back to when we were happy guess happily ever after is always happy 😭💔🤙🏻😽