Am I Heartbroken?

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We've all been through breakups that we didn't want to happen. It's so hard to let go sometimes, even if it's ultimately for the best. If this has happened to you in the last little while, take my quiz to see if you're still heartbroken, or if you've progressed toward healing.

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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12 days ago
I've taken the test again and again and I'm starting to heal
14 days ago
she shattered my heart what did I even do to her i protected her I loved her like the hell I'll never get over her at all she just texted me yesterday that she wanted to break up in such a rude way I'll still love her though if you have advice please reply
15 days ago
im completely shattered, guess i have been for 4 months
16 days ago
Im completely shattered ;( somethings never change ig
21 days ago
shattered. we were forced. im never allowed to see her again. or speak to her. its harder everyday
22 days ago
half broken. that's funny.
22 days ago
26 days ago
I got a shaterd heart you see I have had a crush on this guy for 7 years he's just perfect but he is always flirting with my BFF He also has a girlfriend whenme my bff and him hang around they just ignore me. I can't explain the pain.
28 days ago
Have a shattered
well dts guu news😊
41 days ago
I got a shattered heart. Nice
43 days ago
it says that i am healing but i dont know why i steal feel broken
46 days ago
Half-broken 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔
49 days ago
Oh I’m glad I started ‘healing’. I do get over it but when I don’t, I might just um...suicide. It’s kind of all my fault because he treated me like his girlfriend but I only counted him as a best it’s all my fault. I’m still crying while typing this. I don’t blame him, I still like him, but I think he hates me now, I mean ofc he’ll hate me right? He stopped talking to me, I’m really trying my best not to try to kill myself. I really hate myself now, I realized that everyone is right, I’m just useless, a mistake, a failure.

Ah well if you see this, bae, I love you, but if anyone knows, i might be kicked out from my house, I’ll be homeless, I’ll be 😻ing poor, I won’t survive, I’m sorry bae, Tell me if you want me to die, I’ll do anything for you to be happy😄.
53 days ago
I gave this person everything, and accepted all their flaws with love and open arms, just to have my heart ripped out of my chest and tossed into a shredder. I thought to myself that finally things would be different, but again, I am left all alone and completely heartbroken. I am so hurt and lonely. I can't continue in this lonely painful life. As I keep getting shown over and over again, my life isn't worth it.
55 days ago
🚔* i just am help
55 days ago
im a 🍦 for love ofc ill go ack to him even tho he broke me, ik im stupid, im young u might say it want love, but for me to be this heartbroken, i think i was i hate admit this but i love this man
60 days ago
I am shattered. I knew if before I took this test. And this test confirmed it. I'm in love with my soulmate, ex, ex-bestfriend, and aqcuantance. Sadly...all of these things are just one person. I'm in love with him.
63 days ago
I dont like reveling my personal life, but if it meant I'd get the chance to feel better spreading my story with a bunch of people I dont know I'd definitely take the chance. After me and him started dating, a day after our start date it felt like my whole world fell apart and it did, my father got sick and I had to take up much responsibility and because my father got sick my mother went into a depression phase, I guess we all kind of did. He was there and after the whole situation with my father I pushed him away because thats what I do I push people away when I feel things in my life are tough and he promised he'd stay no matter what the circumstances are and so he did. However a month had past my situation got worst I was soo depressed and we broke up and the same day we got back together and after that first break up you could say everything went wrong, we kept arguing and fighting and I was already dealing with so much and still dealt with him and at the time I didnt notice but he was being selfish he wanted me to be the same girl I was when we first started but I couldn't!!!!! I was depressed and finally our last break up was because I was too sad and his exact words was 'i cant deal with a suicidal case, thats not my job' -what a boyfriend heyy. He left me when he promised and I couldn't even bring it up so all I told my friends was because I did something wrong I couldn't tell them the truth because they created an image of him and I believed that image. He broke my heart and I let him, im so depressed and not just because of him but because we planned our future together, everything. And I bought him a ring which he just ended up throwing away in the end. I tried to fix what I broke but he said he never wanted a charity case of a girlfriend. Which is ironic because before myyou situations got tough I was all he wanted. I think seeing him with someone else is more heartbreaking because I havent had the courage to move on because im afraid to get my heart shattered the next time. Broken you can still heal but shattered will never be fixed and thats my fear. I want to move on but I cant and him being ready to kills me inside. I havent been able to tell anyone the truth because he was perfect to everyone in my life and the sad thing is everyone blames me without knowing the truth and I dont bother to correct them because some part of me is kind of hoping he'll return and part of me is hoping he stays away for good. Thank you for listening or reading this is the first time I got to share me story, im not usually open about this but its been getting too much to handle since today I found on instagram its his 1 month anniversary with his new girlfriend..Ouch.xoxo. I wish nobody feels the way I do or goes through what I had to.
79 days ago
Hugs A Pillow And Cries.
79 days ago
I Am Heartbroken. Nobody Wants Me. No One Wants To Talk. Everyone Had Left Me Within The Dust.🥺