Am I Heartbroken?

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We've all been through breakups that we didn't want to happen. It's so hard to let go sometimes, even if it's ultimately for the best. If this has happened to you in the last little while, take my quiz to see if you're still heartbroken, or if you've progressed toward healing.

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8 days ago
There was this annoying guy who I liked who followed me around the school and meet my parents. He told me all this crazy 💗 like he has a finance and a
3 childern he said he got in this school bc he actidentally slepted with cousin. I told myself I ain't gonna date him bc he dates everyone. story is kinda stupid but I fell in love with this guy.. he treated me like a princess. He gave me a neckless on my birthday that was a half of a heart and he had the other half... The neckless was partners in crime..He kissed me on Halloween... Than broke my heart and told me he was leaving the next day... He wanted to go home.. after a few days of being gone I cut my wrist 17 times... He kepted saying long distance but I wasn't sure if I wanted to.. on the last day I ignored him. After weeks of heart break and searching I got in contact with him..we talked and I found out he was dating someone else my heart shattered I cried over the phone asking why her? He said I still love you... We cried together. We talked all night. He dumped her long story short. She gave me his hoodie I wore it home. I texted him I threw my whole life away for this guy. I told him i needed space to do my own thing. We ended up exchanging gross pictures bc he begged me and stuff.. Our phone ringtone was partners in crime... He moved on so quickly and it hurt a lot.. he stabbed me in the back a lot. He harassed me and admitted his lies. He said he lied about it to see if I could pass the test to see if he should ask.. He said will you marry me when we see each other again... I said yes I love you! We continued dating but we fought bc I wanted space so I could get back into church. We dumped me five times... On the third I became unhappy and couldn't cry anymore... Than he came up with this story and told my bff bc they were friends. She claimed I was being jealous. Her and I fought and stopped talking. But than soon after he started hitting on me and a bunch of random things she realized I was right.... He lied about how he felt and about having cancer... I haven't dated in months .. I'm half healed...if you made it through this congrats and thanks for reading my hour long special.
27 days ago
I had a boyfriend once. We met on this school trip to upstate New York. And thats where we became friends. Over time, after the trip, the more i got closer to him as a friend, I finally realized I liked him. I confessed to him a week before Valentines Day and he confessed to me the day before Valentine's Day. He broke it off with me throught text for a reason I wasn't sure about. Then a month later he asks me out again. I was skeptical and so was my friend but I did end up going back to him. As the more days and the longer time I spent with him, it wasn't just 'liking him' I was starting to fall in love with him. But then what I didn't know, was that he was bullying my friends behind my bacm whenever he got the chance to. They told me about it but I didn't want to believe it. They warned me that he wasn't a good boyfriend and not a good friend to them either. But I still didn't believe it. I loved him. The next day, they all didn't speak to me because they wanted me to make a decision. The same day,he called me and he broke up with me again. I sat down next to my other friend (who is now my boyfriend) and I tried to hold in the tears and listen to my music but...tears were already rolling down my cheeks. My friend (Lets call him John) called my other friend over because he told her I was crying. She came over and comforted me and apologized. I wasn't mad at her and everyone else, I was so mad at myself. There's more to this story so I'll continue next time.
Remember, if you are going through a heartbreak, say this to yourself:
"I lost someone who didn't care about me
But he/she lost someone who would have done anything for you"
41 days ago
I have a crush. His name is john edwin.almost i have crush with him for 3 years.after three years i talk to him for 4 hour non-stop.but another he was told old. Im 15 he 23.he told me that we cant chat all the time.but very friendly.he look so naughty nice.but one day it make me sad news he scold me bcoz i chat with him over the way this is my first time i chatting with a guy so i dont know how to talk to a guy. I know is ny fault . Im sorry .but i believe god that one day i ge him.
43 days ago
I loved this boy named Alex the first time I saw him in one of my classes in elementary I had a crush on him. Then in 5th gtade it grew even more and I knew that I was in love with him. And then in 6th grade we went to a lot of classes together and especially art. In The middle of Art he told me that he had a crush on me! And when we went to are original class together he sat in the same table as me and he told me that he loved me everyday. Then he asked who I had a crush. And I was just to nervous to tell him and so I didnt. After when he really wanted to know I told him that I had a crush on him and he looked surprised and happy. But then a couple weeks after that he stopped. He started paying more attention to my two friends from another school I went to before with them. And with this other girl to and I thought it was fine but then he started telling them that he loves them. And thats when i started feeling upset and started crying everyday at home. And he stopped paying attention to me but he still barely talks to me but says that im his bestfriend . but we barely talk and I just hate it and now im a little more over him . But im still heart broken 💔😭
58 days ago
As much as I would love to date them again with a fresh start I know that can’t happen
63 days ago
im still broken over this boy but i hope he asks me out again
79 days ago
I hate breakups I still miss my ex' boyfriend so much. I was the one who mess up because my old best friend hated him and he was always good to me and nice to my old best friend but when to her house to hangout she took my phone and was downstairs in her house because we have a sleepover and when I came back up to the room and she kept saying sorry and I was asking why you saying sorry for then she said I broke you and your boyfriend relationship and was mad and sad and I lose a part me that day because I didn't why my only best friend would do that to me and I to think she felt jealousy in her and she have depression and I always help her but the reason why she would go behind my back and just to hurt me for no reason because her jealousy because she not in a relationship. And I cry the whole night that day and when coming home the next day I never want to tell to her or see her because she never apologized to me about it. And how I went to depression and she just left me and she know I hate people left because so many people leave me in my life and it hurt knowing that someone I used to know hurt me and know I can't do but just stay there and never had anyone I just talk about my feels with anymore. Because all the people I talk to you personally about my feelings I loved them with everything I have beause it amazing having that care so much about what your going through. And I'm still finding a way to get over my heart break and a little depression of myself because I try killing myself 3 month ago. I felt I lose
myself. And I just want it to be gone my heart break and a the little depression I have.
83 days ago
“A few hundred pieces broken
Your healing process has begun, yet you still feel very sad. Talk to someone, have fun, hang with friends and try to avoid the person as much as you can. Don't stay alone for a long time - try apps or video games.” I’m trying this exact protocol, but no matter what, those memories are fresh in my mind. (And The pathetic thing is we weren’t even boyfriend and girlfriend. I just had a crush on her, and as far as I know, she was just friends with me.) She was my Queen, but I denied that I liked her. I might see her from time to time, but she’s become distant, and we never talk. I’m gonna try to change that Thursday. 💔
87 days ago
Not possible
I m in love with him still and don't know what he thinks about me
I love him and still want to trust him again
147 days ago
I was with this amazing guy and we ended when he turned 18 because his parents thought it was the best thing and we respected that. And he’s been with another girl for like a month but they ended because of lack of attention which is interesting because we never had that problem at all. And now he’s a marine and he’s happy and that means more to me than anything
150 days ago
I was best friendship with this guy and he was 17 and I’m 15 and we feel in love. We’d dated for nearly 3 months. I have depression and he was there through it all. I stopped cutting because of him but one night I was really ready end my life so instead I ran away but he but he got worried and come to find me he took his mothers old car. He had no license but he couldn’t let me go alone. We were gone for nearly a week I’d been reported missing. BUt when my parents found me that put a restraining order on him it’s been 3 months and I cut every day. I starve myself daily. I Miss Him so much💔😭
169 days ago
We had promised each other we would wait for me until I turned 18 but the next day we got kinda hot making out and other stuff and he is 17 and I'm 14 but I texted him on Instagram and he blocked me and the same day I wanted to ask him something but he was like nope 💔🔫😭
210 days ago
I can’t be without her I love her more than anything in this world I keep telling myself she’ll come back but who am I kidding she’s moved on.... WITH HER EX😶😭💔
210 days ago
241 days ago
I'm a few hundred pieces broken. I feel like I can't take the pain anymore, but I'll push through, and, its ok if he doesn't like me, my heart does shatter every time i see him, but, its ok, I'll be fine.
250 days ago
Im completely heart broken but the sad part is I have two classes with him
713 days ago
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713 days ago
Thanks for the advice