Is my first kiss on its way?

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Are you down because it feels like that one kiss you have been waiting for your whole life is never coming? Well this test will help you see!

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    Do you want your kiss really badly?

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80 days ago
Guess what?! ITS ON ITS WAY you?I’m so happy yayayyyyy
107 days ago
So um yeah my result IS AMAZING!! I hope this is true, I love this website man. But Idk where to like meet hot guys cuz like my grade boys are kinda just all not my type but there’s one boy I like but I don’t think he likes me really idk
124 days ago
Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh BOI!!! ON THE Wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy yy!!!!!!!!!
146 days ago
My crush lives in NY and i’m In Ohio but he is coming next year to see me😂
419 days ago
So I like always have this dream where me and this random guy kiss. He is in like all my dreams. plz help
430 days ago
I'm 12 and rlly wanna get my first bf or kiss but I'm that weird shy kid who only talks to their friends. I'm pretty hopeless so I guess I'll never get a bf 🤷‍♀️
442 days ago
Wth does HOLY FLYING PIGS mean?
455 days ago
My crush is older than me by like 2 years and that kiss is going to come though (I hope). He pressed me up against a wall yesterday and we where like 5 inches away from kissing. So now I am freaking out about that and I like him a lot and...yea. We never actually kissed because there was other people (his friends and my friends) there and we were at a dance performance about to perform but that does not matter and BAH! I don’t know what to think
467 days ago
I honestly think that people shouldn't like, you know, kiss and all that until you're like, a senior in high school or even in collage. And ik this is rly off topic but i hate how people pronounce my name wrong. It's pronounced "Ah Li Ah Nah" but anyway yah.
471 days ago
I like how many comments are like "I am 6 and i got my first kiss w/ my bf like 5 years ago"(i am exaggerating no hate) and i am here being 16 with no bf whatsoever and still haven't been kissed...

Anyways it says that it should happen soon
I dunno..i hope so

Even though i don't even have a crush
480 days ago
im very happy its gonna come soon earlier for lunch we swated my ponytail and well umm I wanna kiss him so bad and im only 10 years old so ya and hes blonde like me hes the class clown slash troublemaker and I really like him
528 days ago
So this guy likes me. I sorta have feelings for him, but it would be wired if I asked him out cuz I already told him I wanted to be friends. We are SUPER close.
559 days ago
Allie, did that actually happen?
560 days ago
Yyyyeeeeeeehhhhh it’s on its way 😘🙃😂
660 days ago
yasssssssss it is on its way yasssssssssssssssss
696 days ago
Omggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It said my it is going to be anytime now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
714 days ago
mine said it would happen anytime now
714 days ago
I just had my first kiss today (as of 2/3/18). It was with my boyfriend. We were watching cars 3 and we kept looking at each other. He told me he was nervous. After like the hundredth time, it just happened. We looked at each other, I moved in and he saw me, he just kissed me. I’m only 11 so this is a huge accomplishment in my book.
Know if he likes me: check
Hug: check
Hold hands: check
Watch movies together: check
Have a tickle fight: check
First kiss: CHECK
733 days ago
NOP not me it not happening it said it on my test and i dono think enyone it intrested
736 days ago
OMG I can't believe that it says my 1st kiss is on the way I'm freaking out